Are Brindle French Bulldogs Rare?

A Brindle French Bulldog is quite rare, meaning that you would have to find a specific breeder that has two French Bulldogs with brindle genetics. Brindle French Bulldogs can be in demand because of this. 

Furthermore, a Brindle French Bulldog is a beautiful puppy, and they carry all the same traits that make French Bulldogs so loveable and adorable. 

are brindle french bulldogs rare?

What Is A Brindle French Bulldog?

A Brindle French Bulldog is one with a unique striped and/or speckled color pattern. Commonly found Brindle Frenchies are usually a very dark brown or black. They also have areas of white or light-colored fur, usually in speckles or stripes all over their coat. They are often referred to as tiger stripes. However, their light strands of fur don’t always appear in a consistent pattern.

Some Brindle Bulldogs will only have dark colorings, such as black stripes and dark brown fur. The striping and coloring are striking and are still similar to tiger stripes. Sometimes, this darker coloring will be more prominent, while with some Frenchies, the coloring is so muted that you would have to examine them closely to see the striping. 

These beautiful French Bulldogs are not the rarest coloring for French Bulldogs, but they can still be hard to find. There are also some different color variations that Brindle Bulldogs can be found in. 

How Many Kinds Of Brindle French Bulldogs Are There?

There are many different variations of Brindle French Bulldogs, which are all equally beautiful and striking. Some of these brindles include: 

  • Chocolate Brindle: These Frenchies are typically dark brown with white or light striping
  • Blue Brindle: These Frenchies have a mixture of blue and gray coloring with brindle patterns
  • Seal Brindle: These Frenchies have very muted brindling, and are often dark or black
  • Pied Brindle: These Frenchies are light colored, usually white, with dark patches of fur
  • Reverse Brindle: These Frenchies are typically light colored with dark brindles 

How Did Brindle French Bulldogs Come About?

Brindle French Bulldogs are the result of very selective breeding. Depending on the type of brindle, two dogs will be selected with two different types of genes and will be bred together to try and come out with a brindle pup. 

Are Brindle French Bulldogs Expensive?

A Brindle French Bulldog can be very expensive to purchase. They are not the most expensive French Bulldog color you can find, but you can still expect to spend thousands of dollars on one if you go to a breeder. You will have a very slim chance of finding one at a shelter. 

You also want to avoid purchasing a Brindle Frenchie from a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. These breeders are very unethical, are more focused on profit than the care of the animal, and they don’t breed responsibly. Their dogs might be cheaper, but they can only stay in business if people pay them. 

Do Brindle French Bulldogs Get Bred For Aesthetics Or For Other Reasons?

Unlike some other dog breeds, cross-breeding of Frenchies to get rare colors such as Brindle French Bulldogs is only done for aesthetic purposes. Their coloring does not determine their behavior or performance. In fact, the rarer the color, the higher the potential for that Frenchie to experience health problems. 

This is because the unique coloring in Brindle Frenchies and other rare Frenchies is the result of a recessive gene. These genes are harder to find in Frenchies because they are not the genes that tend to dominate through continuous breeding. 

Can Brindle French Bulldogs Have Specific Health Issues?

Brindle French Bulldogs are not more or less likely to have specific health issues. They can have the same health issues that most rare Frenchies can have, such as genetic defects. They are also at risk for common Frenchie health issues, such as small airways that can lead to breathing issues such as sleep apnea and Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. 

BOAS is common in French Bulldogs because of their facial structure. Since they have narrow nostrils and smaller snouts, they can have some difficulty breathing. This is why many Frenchies snore, as well as snort and wheeze. 

Are Brindle French Bulldogs Ever Used As Show Dogs?

Many rare breeds of dogs are often shown off in dog shows, and the Brindle French Bulldog is no exception. However, there are only certain types of Brindle Frenchies that will be allowed to compete in such shows. 

A white, cream or fawn Brindle Frenchie will be allowed to compete, while other colors won’t. There are specific rules in reputable dog shows regarding what kinds of dogs can compete, and they are strict. 

Why Are Most French Bulldogs So Expensive?

French Bulldogs can be expensive because they are not the easiest dogs to breed. A French Bulldog has narrow hips that can make natural childbirth very difficult. Thus, most breeders will have to pay for c-sections for their pregnant pups, and some will even have to use artificial insemination to get the pups pregnant. 

In a sense, it’s good to find a breeder who charges a lot, because there is a better chance that they are using ethical, proper methods for breeding and raising their French Bulldogs. A breeder who does not put in the proper care and investment into their Frenchies could potentially cause them many uncomfortable health problems in the future. 

How Do I Find A Responsible French Bulldog Breeder?

Finding a responsible and reputable French Bulldog breeder in the hopes to purchase a Brindle French Bulldog or any other rare Frenchie will take a lot of time and research. It’s important to read reviews of breeders when you can find them to note others’ experiences with their own pups. 

Irresponsible breeders are not only potentially harming and mistreating their animals, but they are breeding dogs that are already predisposed to health issues. Thus, a puppy from an irresponsible breeder could potentially have multiple health issues that will cost a lot of money to manage. 

You also want to make sure you ask the breeder a lot of questions. Ask them about their breeding process, how often they breed, how long they have been breeding, and how the dogs’ health is. You also want to ask about the dog’s bloodline and whether or not they are prone to certain health issues. 

Some other questions worth asking are about their parents and if you can meet them, how social they are, and what kinds of tests they have had.

A responsible breeder should be willing to answer all of your questions with the truth, so you know what you can expect down the line. 

Why Are Rare French Bulldogs More Prone To Health Issues?

Rare French Bulldogs have undergone a lot of cross-breeding in order to find the “magic formula” to continue breeding these sought-after colors. This can lead to a lot of genetic defects that can affect a Frenchie’s coat, eyes, breathing, muscular structure, and more. 

Final Thoughts

While Brindle French Bulldogs are not the rarest kind of French Bulldogs you will find, they are still pretty rare. If you are interested in giving a beautiful Brindle Frenchie a home, ensure you do the most thorough research possible, and only give your money to a breeder that treats their pups ethically and responsibly.

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