Can French Bulldogs Eat Tomatoes?

If you own a French Bulldog, on occasion you can give them a little bit of what you’re eating. As dog owners soon come to realize, it’s not just meat their dog will beg for. French Bulldogs are also known to enjoy fruits and veggies. Some fruits and vegetables are safe for your furry friend to eat, while others can be toxic. 

When you’re enjoying a BLT for lunch, you may notice your French Bulldog put on a sweet face in order to schmooze you for a bite. This could have you wondering “Can French Bulldogs eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are safe for most French Bulldogs to digest. However, if you grow your own tomatoes, you will need to be cautious when allowing your pooch to snack on them. While the tomato is safe, the stem and other parts of the plant can be toxic to French Bulldogs.

On this page, we’re going to discuss how safe it is to allow your French Bulldog to eat tomatoes. We will also talk about what you need to be aware of when allowing your furry friend to taste tomatoes.

can French bulldogs eat tomatoes?

Can French Bulldogs Eat Tomotes?

Tomatoes are safe for a French Bulldog to eat. However, tomatoes are to be considered a treat for your dog. While eating a diet full of tomatoes is very healthy for a human, our digestive systems are much different than our canine friends. In order to keep your French Bulldog healthy and happy, tomatoes need to be given in moderation.

There’s a very good rule of thumb that needs to be followed with a French Bulldog’s diet. This is the rule of 90/10, meaning you need to focus on your dog’s diet in percentages. Ninety percent of the dog’s diet should contain high-quality dog food. The other 10 percent is for treats. 

Tomatoes are not part of a dog’s recommended diet, so you likely won’t find them on the ingredients list to your French Bulldog’s food. However, the dog can still digest tomatoes without issue (unless it has allergies) so your French Bulldog is allowed to enjoy the occasional bite from your BLT sandwich.

Is Feeding Tomatoes to a French Bulldog Risky?

Not all parts of the tomato are safe for the French Bulldog to consume. For this reason, you should only allow the dog to eat the parts that you eat. When you are cutting up tomatoes for a sandwich or salad, you probably only eat the red parts, aka the meat of the tomato. This is the only part of the tomato you should allow your French Bulldog to eat. 

Never allow your French Bulldog to eat the leaves or stems of the tomato plant because they contain tomatine, which is fatal to dogs. Tomatine is a toxic alkaloid that contains a very harmful element known as solanine. 

Luckily, a ripened tomato will not have any traces of tomatine, making it safe to consume. This is why it’s crucial that you pay attention to the color. If the tomato is still slightly green, it’s not a good idea to allow your dog to eat it. Tomatoes that are still green have not lost their toxicity yet. 

Should I Be Worried If My French Bulldog ate a Tomato?

As French Bulldog owners, we know how alarming it sounds if your furry friend ate anything that could have had a trace of toxicity to it. If you brought home some fresh tomatoes from the grocery store and allow your dog to eat a piece of one, there’s no need to be worried.

However, if you grow your own tomatoes, then you need to keep an eye on your dog when it’s playing outdoors. Some dogs like to bite at plants in the garden or are just curious about what’s around. If your dog bites the tomato plant or the leaves, then you may need to contact a vet asap.

Are All Tomatoes Safe For Dogs?

If you’re a tomatoes connoisseur, then you know not all tomatoes are the same. Even in your own garden, you may have a selection that ranges from small cherry tomatoes to larger beefsteak tomatoes. When it comes down to it, a French Bulldog can eat a small serving (aka a bite or two) of fresh ripened tomatoes of any variety.

Keep in mind, while a tomato itself is okay to give your dog, tomato products are not. It’s not recommended to allow your dog to eat canned tomatoes, tomato sauces, or any other prepackaged food containing tomatoes. This is because the tomatoes will contain additives that aren’t safe for your dog to eat, such as salt, spices, garlic, or onions. 

While your French Bulldog can enjoy a piece of your egg and tomato wrap without worry because you’ve used all natural ingredients, you shouldn’t allow it to eat a bite of your pepperoni and tomato sauce pizza because there are too many additives to the sauce.

Do French Bulldogs Need to Eat Tomatoes?

There’s a very wise rule when it comes to keeping your dog on a healthy diet. As long as you are feeding the dog good quality food with the right ingredients, you won’t have to add anything else to your French Bulldog’s diet.

A good quality dog food with contains lean protein as the main ingredient. It will also contain a healthy carbohydrate (such as brown rice or oats) and a non-toxic vegetable (such as sweet potato or green beans). If the food you are giving to your dog on a daily basis contains what they need, you won’t need to add supplement proteins or vegetables to keep the dog healthy.

French Bulldogs don’t need tomatoes to have a balanced and nutritious diet. While humans benefit from eating different foods daily to experience different fruits and vegetables in our meals, dogs need to be consistent with what they are being fed. If you’re feeding your dog good food with carrots, you don’t need to add tomato or green beans to ensure its nutritional needs are met.

When Do Tomatoes Present a Health Concern To French Bulldogs?

Tomatoes are high in fiber and rich in nutrients, so on occasion, they can be a good treat for your French Bulldog. Yet, the keyword there is “occasion”, meaning your French Bulldog shouldn’t be eating tomatoes every time you do. If your dog were to eat too many tomatoes or even part of the tomato plant that’s toxic to them, it could get sick.

There is a possibility that your French Bulldog could get tomato poisoning if it was unattended around tomato plants. If this happens to your dog, there are symptoms you may notice:

  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Abnormal heart rate

If your French Bulldog experiences acid reflux or gastrointestinal issues, tomatoes should be avoided. This is because the acid in tomatoes could aggravate the dog’s condition, making them very uncomfortable.

It’s also important to mention that some dogs may have tomato allergies. This can lead to a condition called anaphylaxis if the dog experiences an allergic reaction to tomatoes, which could be fatal. If your French Bulldog is having an allergic reaction to tomatoes, you may notice the following symptoms: 

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Hives
  • Swelling

Always contact your vet immediately if you believe your French Bulldog may be having an allergic reaction to tomatoes.

How Should I Give Tomatoes to My French Bulldog?

If your dog has food sensitivities we strongly recommended speaking to your vet before allowing the dog to try tomatoes. 

Before allowing your dog to eat tomatoes, you will need to ensure the tomato is right for them.

  • Never allow your French Bulldog to eat a tomato that isn’t fully ripe. Basically, so a full inspection of the tomato and make sure it is red all the way around. 
  • Choose a homegrown or an organic tomato to ensure it hasn’t come in contact with pesticides. If you are unsure of the growing conditions, always make sure the tomato has been thoroughly washed
  • Remove all unwanted pieces of the tomato. The French Bulldog can’t consume the stem, vines, leaves, or the green bit on top where the tomato was attached to the stem. 
  • Don’t add any salt, pepper, spices, or sauces to the tomato. Only allow the dog to eat the fruit as is.
  • Cut the tomato into small portions so your dog doesn’t exceed the recommended amount.

Final Thoughts

Can French Bulldogs eat tomatoes? French Bulldogs may safely eat tomatoes as a treat. While a bite or two every now and again won’t hurt the dog, making it a part of their daily diet isn’t recommended.

While a ripe tomato is perfectly safe for a French Bulldog, other parts of the tomato aren’t so kind. Never allow your French Bulldog to eat the leaves, vines, or stem of a tomato plant. These sections contain toxicity known as tomatine, which can make your dog very sick. Luckily, there aren’t traces of tomatine in tomatoes that are fully ripe.

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