Can French Bulldogs Sleep in Your Bed?

can french bulldogs sleep in your bed?

It’s difficult to refuse a French Bulldog when they use their cute face to get whatever they want. They manage to be both obstinate and cute at the same time, which means you’ll be in for a fight, especially if your Frenchie wants to sleep on your bed with you. So can french bulldogs sleep in your bed? Let’s dive into this.

Overall, allowing your French Bulldog to sleep in your bed with you comes down to personal preference. If you tend to be a deep sleeper, you may not be concerned about your Frenchie’s snoring keeping you up all night. It’s important to remember, though, that not only are Frenchie’s loud when they snore but are also notorious for farting in their sleep among other concerns.

Continue reading to learn more about making a decision regarding whether you should let your French Bulldog sleep in your bed with you or not.

Can French Bulldogs Sleep in Your Bed?

Should my Frenchie sleep on my bed or not is a topic that is frequently posed with a sense of doubt and dread of being judged. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sleep with your Frenchie in the same bed. If you want your French Bulldog to sleep on your bed, it’s probable that your pup feels the same way since French Bulldogs crave human attention and company.

After all, cuddling up with your Frenchie feels amazing, especially because they are more than willing to oblige when it comes to cuddles. There are, however, a few disadvantages to sleeping with your Frenchie that you should also be aware of.

Should I Let My French Bulldog Sleep in My Bed?

It’s undeniably difficult to decide whether or not to allow your Frenchie to sleep with you at night. This is especially true if your dog is a young puppy that simply wants to be with you.

It’s important to remember, though, that behavior problems are easier to manage if they aren’t allowed to become problems in the first place. This is especially important if you want to travel with your French Bulldog in the future, as accommodations may not always be constant. In the end, the decision is yours to make.

Owners should be aware, however, that sleeping with their French Bulldog can lead to restless nights due to their Frenchie’s snoring and farting.

Reasons Why You Should Not Let Your French Bulldog Sleep in Bed with You

French Bulldogs are Notorious for Snoring

Frenchies are notorious for their snoring tendencies, and once they start, the noise may become terrible. Snoring will keep you up all night unless you are entirely deaf.

Frenchie parents are well aware of how loud certain Frenchies may snore while they are fast asleep. While it’s completely normal for some individuals, who can sleep through it or even be comforted by it, loud snoring may quickly wake up others. So, before making a decision, you should assess the severity of your Frenchie’s snoring and consider whether it is going to be a problem.

French Bulldogs Fart in their Sleep

All dogs fart, but Frenchies are particularly infamous for it, with some being far worse than others. If you decide to make your small pal your sleeping fellow, be aware that some smells might wake the dead.

Nobody wants to sleep with a snorer, but a farting dog may be much more unpleasant. When you have a French Bulldog resting on your bed, it’s almost as if you have a ticking time bomb.


The hair that French Bulldogs shed is one of the worst things about having them sleep on your bed. Frenchies do shed a lot, and contrary to popular belief, they are not hypoallergenic.

Consequently, allergy patients may find them highly bothersome. Hair gets all over the place, especially when your Frenchie wants to burrow under the blankets. When two French Bulldogs want to sleep on your bed with you, hair becomes an even greater issue.

As a result, unless you plan to wash your linens every day to keep up with the ‘hairy’ condition, it may be better to keep your Frenchie out of your bed.

Frenchie’s Love to Take Up Space

Although French Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs, they may stretch out and take up more room than you might believe. If you have a single bed, a Frenchie sleeping with you will compromise your comfort if they are squirmy or want to stretch out.

Whether you want to know how much space your dog will take up during the day, conduct some trial and error to check if there is enough room for everyone. They may have a favorite location on the bed and want to sleep there the majority of the time.

Sanitary Reasons

Since Frenchies are unable to wipe their own bums, there will occasionally be little nuggets left behind on their rear end. As a result, you can find an unexpected surprise on your bed. This fecal residue might fall off and be discovered when you least expect it in your bed, or worst case, your Frenchie could drag its buttocks over the white linens.

The reality of the matter is that your French Bulldog can also bring other microorganisms into your clean bed. Nonetheless, the hazardous germs that your French Bulldog could potentially introduce into your bed, such as hazardous germs, viruses, and parasites, put you at risk for disease and illness when you sleep with them.

Overall, these hygiene concerns should be enough to keep you from letting your Frenchie sleep in your bed.

Reasons Why You Should Let Your French Bulldog Sleep in Bed with You

Sleeping With You May Relieve Separation Anxiety in Your French Bulldog

Separation anxiety is a common affliction among Frenchies. Separation anxiety can, unfortunately, manifest itself for a variety of reasons. Therefore, if your Frenchie’s anxiety becomes bad, you may have to give in and offer them the affection and security they need by snuggling up close to you at night.

Can Sleeping with Your French Bulldog Relieve Anxiety?

Recent research has begun to focus on the benefits that dogs may provide to people who are depressed. Overall, those who participated in activities or received treatment from dogs had fewer depressive symptoms, according to this study. If that’s the case, consider how much better sleeping next to a Frenchie may do for your depression if merely associating with a dog can help.

A French Bulldog’s presence, therefore, calms owners and increases the flow of oxytocin, the love chemical. As a result, your dog transforms into a living antidepressant.

Sleeping With Your French Bulldog Can Also Increase Your Sense of Security

How well you sleep can be influenced by how safe you feel. Recent studies looked at how having a pet in bed affected women’s sleep quality and discovered that having a pet in bed helped them feel more safe and comfortable.

After all, your dog’s natural impulse is to defend you. While this can be an issue for dogs that are too protective or sensitive, such as the French Bulldog, many people find that knowing their dog is guarding them allows them to sleep better.

Final Thoughts

Should my Frenchie sleep on my bed or not is a question that is commonly asked with trepidation and apprehension of being judged.

Overall, whether or not you allow your French Bulldog to sleep on your bed is a matter of personal preference. You may not be concerned about your Frenchie’s snoring keeping you up all night if you are a deep sleeper. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to realize, though, that not only can Frenchies snore loudly, but they’re also known for farting in their sleep.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sleep in the same bed as your Frenchie. If you want your French Bulldog to sleep on your bed, it’s likely that your dog feels the same way, since French Bulldogs thrive on human interaction and companionship.

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