First Night With A French Bulldog Puppy

For you, the puppy, and your family, bringing your new French Bulldog puppy home is a significant and joyous event. However, you must now face your first test: how to deal with your new Frenchie puppy on the first night.

Note that it will be difficult for a French Bulldog puppy to spend their first night away from its mother and the only home they have ever known. Therefore, be prepared to devote your complete attention to them on this first night. It’s also critical that you begin toilet training them right away.

Continue reading to learn more about what to expect on your first night with a new French Bulldog puppy, whether you should crate your pup from the first night, first-night potty training tips and more.

First Night With A French Bulldog Puppy

What to Expect on Your First Night with A French Bulldog Puppy

Let’s face it, your new French Bulldog puppy’s first 24 hours might be difficult. After all, puppies and human newborns have a lot in common. Your French Bulldog puppy will require companionship, exercise, and a high level of engagement from your first night forward. 

They will also cry and cause mishaps as they learn how to navigate the world. However, if you’ve made it through the first day, you and your puppy will eventually begin to develop a routine together.

Will My French Bulldog Puppy Whine or Cry on the First Night?

When you initially bring your new French Bulldog puppy home, expect that they will whimper at night. After all, when a young puppy is removed from its pack for the first time, its natural instinct is to make as much noise as possible.

For the first couple of nights after you bring your French Bulldog puppy home, they will most likely cry, yelp, and whine. Since your puppy is anxious to sleep so far away from home, the behaviour is, unfortunately, likely to persist for the next several days or weeks.

Similar to the experience of bringing a newborn baby home, you may expect numerous restless nights spent consoling the new, essentially baby dog at this time. Expect the first night in your home to be the most fearful period for the young puppy and the most difficult time for a new dog owner.

Will My French Bulldog Puppy Be Able to Hold its Bladder on the First Night?

The bladders of young puppies are tiny. As a result, most Frenchie puppies can’t hold it all night. Since most pups, including French Bulldogs, instinctively don’t want to dirty where they sleep, your Frenchie may give you an indicator when they need to urinate. 

In any case, you should wake your Frenchie puppy up at night to go potty. Unfortunately, this will have to occur every night for a few months. However, by the time a French Bulldog puppy reaches the age of 4-6 months, it should have a full-sized bladder and will, therefore, be able to retain pee for more extended periods of time.

Should I Crate My French Bulldog Puppy on The First Night?

The first night in your home is an overwhelming one for any new puppy, so they’ll need their own small sanctuary where they may feel safe and enjoy some solitude. Therefore, letting your French Bulldog puppy sleep in a crate from the first night is a great way to begin your dog’s training.  

After all, crate training your Frenchie puppy will most likely be necessary at some stage. While crates aren’t for every dog, they can be wonderful for travel, outdoor activities, and confinement, among other things. So, when you bring your new pup home, why not start allowing them to get used to this safe space on the first night?

Tip on How to Make Your French Bulldog Puppy’s First Night at Home Easier for Both Them and You.

Arranging Their Bed

During the first few nights at home, your French Bulldog puppy will moan and cry. This is understandable because it is their first time away from the mother dog. Be prepared for this circumstance when you obtain a French Bulldog puppy and recognize that it will pass.

For the first few nights, cover their crate with a warm blanket and place it near your bed or in another nearby room. Also, request that the breeder supply a soft blanket or toy that smells similar to the puppy’s mom and siblings and place this toy or blanket in the dog’s kennel at night to help the puppy feel safe and secure. 

Settling Your Frenchie Before Bed

While the first night may be difficult, establishing a pattern can help your puppy understand what to anticipate when the rest of the family goes to bed.

Make sure your dog has enough mental and physical stimulation during the evening and before bedtime. Before going to bed, owners should spend 10–20 minutes playing with their French Bulldog pups. This will not only exhaust them, but it will also provide them with the crucial stimulation they need to keep them asleep.

Spending Time with Your French Bulldog

Your French Bulldog puppy was originally attached to its mother, siblings, and breeder, but now you and your puppy are attempting to form a relationship. If you want to bond with your puppy, spend as much quality time with them as possible, especially when you first bring them home.

For example, if you work long hours, attempt to pick up your puppy during the holiday weekend or take a few days off when you bring a new puppy home. The key goal is to spend as much time as possible with the puppy so that you can get to know one other and form a bond.

When your new French Bulldog puppy bonds with you, it can make bedtime routines easier and lessen whimpers overnight.

How to Stop Your New Frenchie Puppy from Whining Overnight?

Ignoring your whiny Frenchie is the most effective approach to get it to stop crying overnight. However, you should first check to see whether your French Bulldog puppy is attempting to communicate with you for any other reason. As a result, if you know your new puppy has been fed, watered, and eliminated before night, they are begging for your attention.

Once you’ve established that your Frenchie puppy has no need to cry in the kennel, you may ignore their regular protest whimpering. Eventually, your pup will realize they are safe, quiet down and fall asleep.

Should You Start Potty Training Your French Bulldog Puppy on the First Night?

It’s never too early to develop a toilet routine with your French Bulldog puppy, even when they’re still young. Puppies have a small bladder and will, therefore, need to excrete regularly during the day and night, so anticipate on taking your puppy out to the yard on a regular basis.

Remember that a puppy may roam around and eliminate multiple times before being finished, so make sure their tank is empty before bringing them back into your home.

Why Is My French Bulldog Puppy Peeing in Its Crate at Night?

Keep in mind, that an anxious puppy will frequently “fear tinkle,” which means that when they are scared, they will urinate. If this occurs, do not reprimand your Frenchie puppy, since this will just make the puppy more fearful. Simply catch the dog in the act and lead them outside to their allocated yard spot.

How to Avoid Night-Time Accidents on the First Night with Your New Frenchie Puppy?

Make sure to take your French Bulldog puppy out to do their business before settling in for the night to avoid accidents. As previously said, pups have tiny bladders, so expect to be awakened at least once throughout the night to take the puppy out to pee or poop.

These first few nights are also a great time and opportunity to distinguish separation whimpering from “need to go” whining in your new puppy. For example, if your Frenchie puppy was previously calm and has suddenly begun making noise, it will most likely have to go to the toilet.

Final Thoughts

The first 24 hours with your new French Bulldog puppy will be challenging. Puppies and human babies, after all, have a lot in common. As your Frenchie puppy learns to navigate the world, expect them to cry and cause accidents. However, if you and your French Bulldog puppy make it through the first day, you and your dog will ultimately form a routine. So don’t stress!

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