How Can I Stop My French Bulldog From Snoring?

You probably find nearly everything your Frenchie does adorable but their nighttime noises can sometimes get a bit much! Have you ever found yourself up in the middle of the night wondering: “How can I stop my French Bulldog from snoring?”

As brachycephalic dogs, Frenchies do naturally make a lot of breathing noises and you may not be able to stop them from snoring completely. You can help to relieve some of their snoring, however, by adjusting their sleeping position and giving them a different, more comfortable bed. Humidity and air purity can also affect how bad your dog’s snoring is, as can their overall health.

Read ahead to find out more about why French Bulldogs often have such a big snoring problem and what things you can try to give yourself a better chance at a good night’s sleep!

Why Do French Bulldogs Snore So Much?

Most dogs are relatively quiet sleepers, but Frenchies are well known for making a lot of noise throughout the night. Why are they such loud snorers?

Well, it’s to do with the shape of their face and the way that they breathe. French Bulldogs are known as “brachycephalic” dogs, which basically means that they have very short snouts. Because of this, their airways are always quite restricted, and they can easily become blocked or congested.

This is why Frenchies make so much noise when they’re breathing and panting, even during the day, and it is the main reason why they snore so often and so loudly at night.

Should I Be Worried About My French Bulldog Snoring?

Although it can cause quite a disturbance in your house, snoring is not usually a reason to be worried. It is pretty common among Frenchies and doesn’t necessarily mean that they are struggling to breathe.

It is possible, however, for particularly heavy snoring to be a sign that something is wrong. Airway blockages, internal swelling, or infections can all lead to more snoring. Low fitness levels can also contribute to a snoring problem, especially if your dog becomes overweight.

If your Frenchie’s breathing seems to be labored quite often, or you are generally concerned about their health, you should get in touch with your vet to see if something’s wrong.

Can You Completely Stop A French Bulldog From Snoring?

If you’ve ever shared a bedroom with a human who snores loudly, you’re probably already aware that it’s not a problem that has a quick fix. In fact, there is no sure-fire way to completely stop a Frenchie from snoring – it’s often just a little quirk that these adorable animals have.

Don’t despair, though! There are a lot of different things that you can do to reduce how often and how loudly your dog snores.

How Can I Stop My French Bulldog From Snoring?

How To Reduce A French Bulldog’s Snoring:

1.  Raise Up Their Head While Sleeping

Often, a Frenchie’s snoring is worse when they are lying flat out, with their head resting on their paws. They find this position comfortable, but it puts extra pressure on their airways and can make their snoring worse.

If your French Bulldog can sleep with their head raised up slightly, it opens up their airways and usually reduces how loud their snoring is. A little pillow to sleep on may be all that you need, or get them a bed that has raised sides.

2.  Encourage Them to Curl Up

If they are curled up in a ball, a Frenchie often snores a lot less. They may not choose this position naturally, but you can encourage them by choosing a rounded bed for them to curl up in.

3.  Ensure The Air is Clean and Fresh

The fresher and cleaner the air is, the less congestion your dog will suffer from. You can use an air purifier to help improve the air quality in the room, and you should definitely avoid smoking around your dog. Dust and other particles are also likely to cause irritation, which always makes a snoring problem worse.

Cool air is better than hot air, as long as your dog is still warm throughout the night. If they are getting too hot, your Frenchie’s airway is more likely to swell up, making it harder for them to breathe comfortably.

4.  Monitor the Humidity

Depending on where you are in the world, the humidity in the air might be worsening your dog’s snoring. Dry air can be irritating to your dog’s throat and nose, and air that is too humid can also be a problem. You can buy either a humidifier or a dehumidifier, depending on your needs!

5.  Check For Allergens

One of the most common allergic reactions is swelling, which inhibits breathing. If your dog is struggling to breathe at night and making lots of noise, they may be allergic to something in their environment, or even something that they’re eating.

Keeping their bedding and the room they sleep in as clean as possible will help to get rid of many common allergens, like dust or pollen. You may also want to consult with a vet in case they are reacting to something else. Medications, for example, can cause an adverse reaction, or worsen a snoring problem.

6.  Keep Them Active

An overweight Frenchie is always going to have more breathing problems, besides the other health issues that come with packing on the pounds. French Bulldogs need more exercise than most people think, and they should be getting a couple of good walks a day, alongside other physical activities.

More exercise will reduce fat build-up and take pressure off your dog’s airways, and it will also improve their cardiovascular health and the strength of their lungs.

7.  Watch Their Health

Health problems could be the root cause of your dog’s snoring and it’s important that you’re always looking out for their wellbeing. Tumors can block airways and infections often cause significant swelling. Even a bad cold or a dental abscess can make your dog’s snoring worse.

If you see any signs of swelling, frequent sneezing, unusual discharge, or general breathing problems, then you should get your pup to the vet so they can be checked out.

8.  Change Their Sleeping Position

If nothing else is wrong and your Frenchie is still snoring, then there’s always one last thing to try: re-position them in their bed. Frenchies snore a lot less when they’re on their sides, so shifting them around can immediately stop the snoring.

Unfortunately, it’s often just a temporary solution, as they tend to roll right back over in a couple of minutes!

Can Surgery Solve a Snoring Problem?

Surgery always carries a risk, and you should never consider it just for the sake of a good night’s sleep, but if your dog has more serious breathing problems then there are procedures that can help.

There is a relatively common surgery for brachycephalic breeds which removes excess tissue around their nostrils to allow them to breathe more easily. It is called a “stenotic nares” surgery and it may have the additional benefit of reducing your dog’s snoring, but it should only be an option if recommended by a vet for the overall health of your pup.

If your Frenchie is otherwise healthy and well then surgery is far too drastic a solution. Just move their bed into another room!

Recap: How Can I Stop My French Bulldog From Snoring?

So, how can you stop a French Bulldog from snoring? The short answer is that you might not be able to. Snoring is very common among Frenchies because of the shape of their heads, but you can often reduce how bad their snoring is.

Make sure your dog is in good health and their environment is clean. They should be sleeping in a room with fresh air and few allergens, so their airways don’t become irritated overnight. Changing the position that your dog sleeps in can also help, whether that’s with a different bed or a nice comfy pillow.

Some surgeries might help your dog if they have more serious breathing problems, but only if it is necessary for their wellbeing, and you should always check with your vet if you are worried. At the end of the day, though, it may just be one of those little annoyances you just learn to live with!

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