How do you know if your french bulldog is happy?

How do you know if your french bulldog is happy?

A friend of mine recently became the proud owner of the chocolate Labrador. When I first met him, he greeted me with parts of his life with a wagging tail and I’m looking at his face. I could only describe the smile. This smile is something I’m all too familiar with, as it’s how my French bulldog greets me every time I come home. It’s one way I know he is happy and healthy.

As Frenchies are becoming increasingly popular, planning new owners, I’ve asked them how they can tell if their French bulldog is healthy and happy.

So I’ve put together a quick guide for French bulldog owners to help them understand their dogs’ behavior and provide them with some advice and insight into raising a well-behaved and happy bulldog.

So the question remains, how can you tell if your French bulldog is truly happy? There are some telltale signs, such as the bottom wiggle, the puppy dog eyes, a playful smile, and relaxed ears.

if you don’t regularly see your dog exhibiting movies signs and others will list later in the article you may deal with not happier depressed French bulldog but don’t worry we’ll offer some advice later in the article to help you deal with this problem.

Signs that your French Bulldog is happy

I’ve had my Frenchie for nearly 8 years and some things never change. Every time I come home Charlie is there waiting for me, his bum wagging with the hint of a smile on his face. If you want to know for telltale signs of happy French bulldogs, here are some things you need to keep an eye out for.

#1 Happy French Bulldogs like to smile

Some dog breeds can greet you with huge toothy greens however French bulldogs don’t have a disability instead they tend to just curl their lips up and give you a hint of a smile. However, this is a clear sign your dog is happy and they’re just looking to have a bit of fun. I have 100’s photos of Charlie smiling and occasionally he may even look like he’s laughing,

#2 Your Frenchie is wagging their bum

That French bulldogs have short stubby tails doesn’t prevent them from trying to wag them however instead of wagging their tail ends up wagging their bum. So I need time you see your Frenchie the bum wiggle you can relax knowing that they are happy.

#3 Flashing puppy dog eyes

Everyone’s heard of “puppy dog eyes”, but until you have a Frenchie stare up with you with their enormous eyes, you’ll never truly understand the meaning of the saying. French bulldogs can relax their eyelids and eyes, unlike many other breeds. So if you’re wondering if your Frenchie is happy or not, just try to make eye contact just so quickly tell you.

#4. Their mouth is relaxed

Outside of the occasional smile, a happy French bulldog finds it nearly impossible to hide as their mouth will appear to be completely relaxed. It’s rare that you’ll see a cheerful dog with their ears pinned back, growling at you with a snarl on their face.

#5. Ears are relaxed

Another clear sign your Frenchie is happy isn’t that their ears will appear to be completely relaxed. When French bulldogs are scared or unhappy, their ears will be rigid. Occasionally, they may even be stuck to their head, but if they’re hanging loose, this is a sign that your Frenchie is relaxed and happy.

#6. Their bodies are relaxed

When your French bulldog appears to be completely relaxed, this is a sign of happiness as they’re unable to hide it. They may dance around or their complete body will wiggle, but if you see them rigid or tense, this is usually a sign of fear or stress.

#7. They look for any excuse to play

Happy French bulldogs love nothing more than playing. If you’re Frenchy is playful, then you rarely have to worry about whether they’re healthy or happy.

However, any time to appear lethargic or have lost interest in playing. It’s probably time for a veterinarian visit. French bulldogs are among the most playful breeds, any sign they don’t want to play is not a good one.

#8. Not chewing up the house

Unhappy and bored dogs exhibit a lot of destructive behavior. This regularly ends up with the corner of every piece of furniture in your home being chewed.

Once they are finished with the furniture they will move on from there, targeting your couch pillows, slippers, and brand new jeans. Other destructive behavior might include scratching, digging, or barking. The first thing you should do if your dog is being destructive in the house is to exercise them a little more all they need is a 20-minute walk every day.

#9 A healthy appetite

Frenchies love their food, and I have to maintain their wrinkles after all. If your French bulldog lies around not wanting to play and stops eating, they might be sick. An adult Frenchie will look for at least two meals a day.

#10. They stick their tongue out.

It’s probably inevitable that your Frenchie will either have an underbite her and overbite some even have missing teeth but whatever the reason French bulldogs let their tongues hang out when they’re completely happy and relaxed

#11 Coat is healthy

In the vast majority of cases, a French bulldog’s happiness is directly linked to its health. One of the first signs that your dog may not be in good health is that their coat will stop being shiny. Feeding your dog a healthy, well-balanced diet is vital to maintain their physical and emotional health.

#12. They crave human contact.

Happy French bulldogs with constantly be looking to lean into you. This is a clear sign they are healthy and happy and whatever you’re doing is good with them. Any time your dog avoids you or other people it may be a sign they’re just uncomfortable with a specific person or they may need some space, but if this behavior continues take them to the vet.

How do you know if your french bulldog is happy?

Signs that your French bulldog may be depressed or unhappy

No true dog lover wants their pet to be badly behaved or unhappy. Despite her best efforts, even the most experienced among us can stress our pets by accident.

Occasionally unhappiness and depression may be outside of our control. But most of us want to raise healthy, happy Frenchies who are well behaved, despite their distaste for bathing.

  • Regular growling or aggressive behavior.
  • Their eyes no longer look happy.
  • They’re not eating the same as they used to.
  • The pant and yawn a lot.
  • Your Frenchie is howling and whining more often.
  • They spend a lot of time hiding in fear or cowering.
  • They urinate inside.
  • They exhibit more destructive behavior.
  • They stop being obedient to your commands.
  • They no longer enjoy playing.
  • They’re not sleeping, probably.
  • You would see them licking themselves far more often.
  • Your Frenchies stops looking for affection or attention.

Tips on how to raise a happy and healthy French Bulldog

Unfortunately, despite having the best intentions, many people buy dogs without ever truly considering the commitment that they’re making.

French bulldogs need a significant amount of attention to ensure that they remain healthy, happy, and well behaved. Having raised several content and happy Frenchies, here are some tips to help you do the same.

  •  French bulldogs don’t need a tremendous amount of exercise, you need to play with them and take them for a short regular walk.
  • Ensure that they have a high quality nutritional and complete diet.
  • Schedule a regular veterinary physician regardless of their health.
  • Always clean their skin folds and ears.
  • One left on their own make sure they have an abundance of toys and other distractions.
  • Groom them at least once a week.
  • Although they hate bathing, get them used to an occasional bath.
  • Frenchies are always happier in pairs, so if you have the space and you can afford a second one it’s always advisable.
  • They’re not an outdoor dog, keep them indoors.
  • They’re not huge fans of warm weather, so if you’re away from the house, try and keep the temperature normal.

Why do French Bulldogs need to play to be happy?

Unfortunately, I have not encountered a scientific study that explains why French bulldogs need to play in order to remain happy.

However, being part of a French bulldog community and having raised the number of them in my lifetime, I can tell you that our Frenchies are happiest when they are looking to play at least three to four times every day. I need to walk for at least 15 minutes to remain healthy and happy.

Thankfully, my better half is Kate has been working from home for several years, much to our Frenchies delight. From time to time does she leave and have puppy parties or different friends will come over with their Frenchies to chill for the day. With French Bulldogs, the more the merrier.

For more characteristics and temperament on French bulldogs check out our latest post here.

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