Is it worth getting a french bulldog?

Is it worth getting a french bulldog?

It may be easy for others to buy any dog they like without thinking about the responsibility that comes with them. Sometimes, most people would buy a dog, and then after the cute and cuddly phase, they will suddenly realize that looking after a dog requires a bit of work. So is it worth getting a French bulldog?

Frenchies are considered one of the popular dogs to own nowadays so surely they have to be worth owning.

Here are a few insights in to a life of a frenchie.

A great temperament that suits a family or a single person

If you have kids and you worry about a Frenchie getting aggressive while your kids are playing with them – don’t!

 Frenchies love kids and are as mischievous as them. They can play with your kids for a long time, and there will surely be laughter to fill your house. French Bulldogs are clown dogs because of their easygoing personality and their goofy character.

Frenchies are highly affectionate and loving, they love to show their family how wonderful they are, and this is their edge over other dog breeds.

Their temperament makes them suitable for adults or children alike. They are also easy to handle and can be around other dog breeds.

They can also stay inside the house and sleep the whole day if you are a single person who wants to lounge and watch TV – Frenchies can be your great companion!

Less Grooming Required

Although they have their shedding season, you wouldn’t have to worry much about loose hair filling every corner of your house the rest of the year. You also need to comb their coat once in a while so you can quickly catch any loose hair present.

They are small, so it is easy to bathe them, and they are easy to handle while you are doing the task.

Their facial folds require cleaning, though, since they cannot clean it themselves and sometimes harbor bacteria. It is important to clean it as much as you can if you don’t want a stinky Frenchie sitting with you on the couch.

Requires Less Exercise

This is the dog breed that most couch potatoes would like to have because of their laid-back personality. They also do not require daily and highly energetic exercise since they only demand half an hour or so of brisk walking around the yard or a few minutes of running to chase balls in your garden.

You must be aware, at all times, when you are exercising your Frenchie because they tend to overheat easily, and need rest in between exercise. You should notice when they’ve had enough and let them have their rest.

Another activity they like is to chase the kids around for a few minutes, and that is it for them. however, take you up on a few lazy hours in front of the TV cause that is what they love doing.

Frenchies will not bother you with too much barking

French bulldogs don’t yap all the time, like most small dog breeds. They would rather look at you and wonder what is happening around them and observe than bark incessantly.

Frenchies will bark at times when they sense some danger, and when they are also scared.

You can say that Frenchies are a polite breed that is nice and friendly. They can be considered level-headed dogs that will match someone who doesn’t just like the noise.

Can get along with other dog breeds

You need not worry when you leave your Frenchie with other dog breeds at home because he will not instigate anything because Frenchies would rather be buddies with other dogs than waste their energy fighting with them. You can also introduce a new dog, and they will take it to them with not much issue.

There is early socialization as well where your Frenchie will benefit from. This is also important for them to have a pleasant personality and will help them be sociable, not just to other dogs but to other people as well.

Much as we would like to discuss just the positive aspect of owning a Frenchie, we must also tackle the negatives of owning them.

Frenchies Drool a Lot

Known as big droolers and is because of their short snout and flat face. This makes them have some difficulty cooling themselves, which leads to excessive drooling, and this is also their way of cooling their body temperature.

This is also true when they drink water, and there are drips and drools all over the place after.

You will find drool on your couch and your floor, and it can be messy if not wiped clean every time. But this goes with owning a Frenchie. It is not just cuteness you’re going to live with.

Just like some dog breeds that also drool, Frenchies are no exception, so if you don’t like them soiling the carpet or your bed (if they sleep beside you, that is), then better get another dog breed that keeps their drool to themselves.


It is a known fact that getting a French Bulldog can be expensive. Prices can range up to thousands of dollars, and the expenses don’t stop there because you need to have money set aside for their needs, including food, supplies, and veterinary care.

Expenses can also pile up if your Frenchie has some health issues that must be treated by the vet.

This breed is expensive because of the difficulty of natural conception, and breeding may require artificial insemination. Plus, taking care of the pups and the mom itself will require some effort, time, and a lot of money.

Is it worth getting a french bulldog?

Health Problems

French Bulldogs like other breeds with a short snout and flat-face are prone to breathing problems. They have difficulty cooling themselves during extremely hot temperatures.

This is also the reason we do not require them extensive exercise and must avoid any activities that are too exhausting for them.

Their health problems include skin allergies that involve food allergies, so a professional must treat them, and at the same time, they need a specific type of dog food, preferably for dogs with food allergies.

This breed is also prone to suffer from the cherry eye that may involve both eyes, as well as, juvenile cataracts that can start as early as 6-months. There is also entropion that makes the Frenchie live in discomfort if not treated sooner.

Autoimmune disorders also happen to this breed, and early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to keeping them with you for long.

Stubborn Personality

During training, a Frenchie usually will give their trainers a headache because of their stubborn streak. They will make it hard for the person teaching them cause they don’t want to follow the basic commands, leash training, and worse – potty training.

A professional can better handle them if the owner doesn’t want to bother with the gritty details of having their Frenchie in line. The key is patience and persistence to have a well-behaved French Bulldog.

They can also bring their stubbornness up to a certain age where you can’t let them leave the sofa or they may do some naughty things that for some may be taken as part of the Frenchie funny personality but to others, it may be stubbornness for this breed.

Heavy Clingers

We cannot leave them alone for a long time because they may show separation anxiety. They need an owner they can see most of the day and not for just an hour daily. Frenchies need human companionship, and they cannot sit still by themselves.

If you notice your Frenchie suddenly follows you anywhere and wouldn’t leave you alone, you must not be spending enough time with your Frenchie. Another sign that he’s having separation anxiety includes digging, eating their poop, urinating, and defecating where they are not supposed to do so.

Snores Loudly

It is not any types of machinery that you left running, don’t mistake your Frenchie’s snoring with it. They are loud snorers, and you need to get used to their snores, it is because of their anatomy.

If you want to sleep peacefully with no hint of noise around you, then you better place them far away from your bedroom because there is just no stopping them from doing their snore-fest the soonest they close their eyes.


If you ask whether getting a French Bulldog is worth it? You can consider the cons of getting this dog breed as it outweighs the pros.

You may, however, remember that with any other dog breed being aware of their health and well-being is always the best approach, being mindful is the key. Even if the cons outweigh the pros, you cannot pass the chance of owning a Frenchie – just make sure that you are one step ahead.

Dan James

Dan James is the founder and editor of FrenchBulldogio, a canine enthusiast who writes about what he's learned on the way of being a French Bulldog owner and sharing his advice, tips, and research.

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