What Color Should A French Bulldogs Ear Wax Be?

What Color Should A French Bulldogs Ear Wax Be

A French Bulldog’s perky bat-like ears are one of its most-loved features. But unless you own a Frenchie then you may not know what such open ears can actually entail. Since French Bulldog ears are wide open and exposed they are more exposed and collect more allergens, plant matter, dust, and dirt. Meaning they need regular cleaning and are more prone to abnormal ear wax and ear infections. So, what color should a French Bulldogs ear wax be?

In this article, we will go over healthy and unhealthy earwax, signs of potential ear infections, and how to clean your Frenchie’s cute ears!

What Color Should A French Bulldogs Ear Wax Be?

A healthy French Bulldog should have earwax that is a pale yellow in color.

In addition to this muted color, your Frenchie’s earwax should have no smell.

Earwax that varies in color or has a significant smell may be an indication of potential infection of the ear. Earwax should be at a minimal rate also, excessive earwax itself can cause an issue.

Excessive earwax can be a result of allergies. Many French Bulldogs are more prone to these environmental allergies due to defects over years of selective breeding include weak immune systems and odd-shaped skulls.

Unhealthy Ear Wax In French Bulldogs

Your Frenchie’s ears can tell you a lot about their health. Take a peek inside, feel the texture of the wax, and even give it a good smell. It may seem gross, but it’s part of the fun of being a dog owner! These things can help you identify if something is wrong with your Frenchie’s ears and what may be the cause.

Signs of unhealthy ear wax and what it may mean:

· Excessive earwax – too much earwax can block the ear canal and cause an ear infection

· Yellow/red/brown in color – these colors can indicate a range of ear infections

· Dark brown in color – this color mixed with a musty odor usually indicates a fungal infection, often caused by excessive moisture in the ears.

· Black/brown build-up – this color coupled with a texture that resembles coffee grounds is a sign of ear mites.

Signs Of Ear Infections in French Bulldogs

So we’ve outlined above what color a French Bulldogs earwax should be and what signals unhealthy earwax. But what are the other signs of an ear infection? In addition to discolored wax and wax build-up, you should be on the lookout for:

· Discharge

· Swelling

· Excessive scratching

· Rubbing ears on furniture

· Scabs or flaking

· Strong smell

· Loss of balance

· Poor hearing

· Head shaking

· Hair loss around the air

If you suspect your French Bulldog has an ear infection you should take them to the vet ASAP. A vet can help you determine the kind of infection, the cause and determine the best course of treatment to get your pooch feeling better quickly.

Infections left untreated can cause lifelong problems and potentially cause permanent deafness. And you think your dog doesn’t listen to you now!

How To Clean French Bulldogs Ears

If you see something wrong with your Frenchies ear you may want to clean their ears out with a Q-tip but you should definitely not do that!

Q-tips aren’t even healthy to put in our ears so poking them in your pup’s ears can cause you to push the wax deeper into their ear canal and has the risk of even rupturing their eardrum.

If you are at all concerned about your French Bulldogs earwax then you should see a vet who can help you identify the cause and come up with a suitable treatment plan.

Due to the nature of Frenchie’s ears to collect everything in their paths you may need to put some time apart every couple of weeks to clean out your dog’s ears to reduce the risk of a developing ear infection.

Here is our easy routine for cleaning your French Bulldogs ears:

1. Keep your dog calm. Lots of love, praise and treats should be used to positively reinforce your dog when they behave well.

2. Tilt your dogs head downwards to keep ear cleaner from going too deep in the ear canal and help it drain easily.

3. Squirt some vet-approved ear cleaner into the ear.

4. Hold the ear closed and massage the surrounding area to get the cleanser to reach as much wax and debris as possible. The cleanser will soften the wax and remove it from the ear canal.

5. Let your dogs ear reopen and let your dog shake it out.

6. Dry out any excess cleanser with a soft dry towel, not going any deeper than an inch into the ear.

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Keeping French Bulldogs Ears Clean

Cleaning the ears of your French Bulldog is one challenge, but keeping them clean is another! Especially with those satellite dishes, they call ears.

Here are some of our top tips to keep ears in tip-top shape:

· Regular maintenance cleanings every fortnight to clear any excess debris

· Pay attention to fold and bends in the ear, taking extra care with them when cleaning. These spots is where hidden bacteria loves to hideaway.

· Inspect your dog’s ears daily

· Train your dog to sit calmly for cleanings – lots of positive reinforcement!

· If allergies are causing the excess wax then you should consider changing your pups diets or utilizing allergy medications to keep wax under control

What Color Should A French Bulldogs Ear Wax Be


Ears and all the things inside them can definitely be gross but unfortunately, due to the shape and size of French Bulldogs’ ears, they are much more exposed to getting problems.

If you know what is normal and what is unhealthy then you can keep a close eye on the health of your Frenchies’ ears and ensure they do not have any issues such as ear infections.

Touch and play with your puppy’s ears from day one to get them used to all the times you will have to touch and investigate their ears as they get older. It will also help you remember they aren’t actually painted on, even if mischievous Frenchies make it seem that way sometimes!

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