When Will My French Bulldog Fill Out?

French bulldogs are a great breed to own for a companion. They are cute, affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. Besides, they are small, perfect to be kept at home. Frenchie Owners are often looking for How big their Frenchie will grow? How long will it take to get to its full size? How do I know if the present height and weight of my Frenchie are acceptable? And when will my French bulldog fill out?

This article is here to clear all your doubts about your very dear Frenchie. This offers you weight and height charts against age and information about a full-grown Frenchie so that you have something to compare your Frenchie to.

When Will My French Bulldog Fill Out?

On average you’re french bulldog pup should fill out and be fully grown by nine months of age and that’s about 20lbs-28lbs for a male and a female is usually fully grown by 10 months of age weighing 17lbs – 24 lbs. If you do have any concerns about weight whether your Frenchie is over or underweight there could be a digestion problem or lacking a vitamin. We recommend ALLER IMMUNE BITES to help with digestion and overall health.

French Bulldog Growth and Weight Chart

The weight of an animal can only be roughly estimated. Weight is affected by several factors such as gender, breed, and most importantly, immediate parents. However, for French Bulldogs, the growth rate is almost the same unless your French Bulldog is a mini-French Bulldog or a mixed breed such as the Frenchton.

Female French Bulldogs weigh less than male ones. This is because they have smaller heads and less muscle mass. Consequently, we have two different growth and weight charts for females and males below.

Male French Bulldog Growth and Weight Chart



1 month

4 – 7 lbs

2 months

9 – 12 lbs

3 months

10 – 14 lbs

4 months

12 – 16 lbs

5 months

15 – 20 lbs

6 months

17 – 22 lbs

7 months

18 – 25 lbs

8 months

19 – 27 lbs

9 months

20 – 28 lbs

10 months

20 – 28 lbs

11 months

20 – 28 lbs

1 year

20 – 28 lbs

Female French Bulldog Growth and Weight Chart

Age         Weight

1 month      3 – 6 lbs

2 months     7 – 10 lbs

3 months     8 – 12 lbs

4 months     10 – 15 lbs

5 months     11 – 17 lbs

6 months     13 – 20 lbs

7 months     14 – 21 lbs

8 months     15 – 22 lbs

9 months     16 – 22 lbs

10 months    17 – 24 lbs

11 months    17 – 24 lbs

1 year       17 – 24 lbs

As you can see that the growth of your French puppy will be slowed down after 5 to 6 months and it will stop growing at the age of roughly one year.

For instance, if you have a French dog of age three months, it will grow rather rapidly till age six months and then slow down until it gets to the age of one year. And finally, after one year, it stops completely.

French Bulldog Height and Growth Chart

 If you like tall dogs, Frenchie is not a good option. They do not get that tall. They can barely double their height from the age of 3 months to a year. Nothing more than that! And we all know how small and cute they are, so doubling the height takes them almost nowhere.

Here I have a typical growth and height chart of a French puppy but remember, the growth of all puppies is not alike.

Puppy’s Age                                               Puppy’s Average Height

12 weeks (3 mo)                                           5 to 6 inches

24 weeks (6 mo)                                           7 to 9 inches

36 weeks (9 mo)                                           10 to 11 inches

1 year (12 mo)                                             11 to 12 inches

 Unlike growth and weight ratio, female and male French Bulldogs do not differ much concerning growth and height ratios. As the chart shows, your French Bulldog is done with its height at the age of about 10 to 12 months.

French Bulldog Growth FAQs

The weight and height of a French puppy with respect to its age is given above. Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked answers about French Bulldog puppies.

What are the factors involved in my Frenchie’s Size?


The first and foremost is genetics. Especially the weight of a Frenchie Bulldog is decided by its parents. Besides, the quality of the diet of his mother before breeding is equally important. Try to get all this information from the breeder to have a close idea.

If you got your Frenchie from a friend or street, you might not be able to get this information. In that case, the diet is the one that would matter.


What a growing puppy needs the most to stay on the chart is a nutritious food. Take it as a red sign if, despite quality food, your Frenchie is underweight.


If everything else is fine, it is the physical activity of your Frenchie that’s lacking. This is extremely important for every dog breed that they exercise daily, even if a little bit. With this particular breed, rigorous exercise is not recommended since they have a common problem with breathing. You can incorporate their physical activity in their playtime.

Mental Health

One thing that French Bulldogs are known for is that they get attached to the owner. It is crucial for their well-being that you spend considerable time with them. When left alone, they suffer from anxiety and mental health problems. This could also be a reason for your Frenchie being underweight.

When Will My French Bulldog Fill Out?

When is a French Bulldog full grown?

From the chart, you can easily see that a Frenchie is full-grown when it strikes the age of 12 to 15 months. He will weigh close to 28 pounds at this age, and he will be 11 to 13 inches tall and can be called fully grown.

Is my French Bulldog overweight?

A vet’s visit will clear your doubts better. But here’s a short account of how you can have an idea beforehand if your Frenchie is getting overweight.

Make sure their ribs are palpable. They should be preferably not visible.

A healthy Frenchie has an hour-glass shape. The oval shape suggests overweight.

A healthy dog should be able to endure a certain level of exercise without exhaustion. Do not exert too much because Frenchie is a breed which can develop difficult breathing with too much exercise.

Can I help my French Bulldog lose weight?

Regular exercise and a balanced diet can be used to help your pup not gain weight ever in the first place. His balanced diet should contain protein, fat, fiber, and water.

If, due to some reason, there is a need for weight reduction, consider the following:

Increase the ratio of raw vegetables in his meals.

Slowly increase the time of exercise daily.

You should follow the 10% rule while entertaining your pup with food. Treats should account for only 10% of your pup’s daily calories. And make him earn that too!

Cut his portion by 25 percent.

Feed him multiple small portions instead of two grand meals a day!

Make him move playfully around the house for treats. Or take him to new places where he could move around. But do not overexert.

How do I know if my Frenchie is Underweight?

To look for underweight, reverse the signs for an overweight dog.

For instance, if your Frenchie’s ribs are visible, he may be underweight.

The most significant number of chances of getting underweight is when your dog refuses to eat a nutritious diet. He may develop signs such as losing hair, and being lethargic for most of the time.

Weight varies considerably over different stages of the life cycle of French Bulldogs, and it’s completely normal. But sometimes, some foods can cause flatulence due to indigestion. This results in abdominal pain and loss of appetite. And your Frenchie ends up showing his ribs.

Before you take any step, do consider a visit to the vet.

How do I help my Frenchie Gain Weight?

If you think of overfeeding your little Frenchie to make him healthy, drop this thought right now!

Do not overfeed your dog only because you think it will help him develop good health. A good average portion per meal of a balanced diet is enough to make your Frenchie healthy, wealthy, and wise!

If it is to make up for his malnourishment, even then, contact the vet first. He might be avoiding food due to other reasons such as anxiety or some physical illness. Unless you treat these, nothing will help.

What is the size of a Full-grown Frenchie?

“Four-fold” and “double-up” formulas can be used to determine the once full-grown weight. These two formulas are based on a ratio.

Your puppy’s weight at 8 weeks is a quarter of what its adult weight will be. This is called four-fold.

An adult dog will weigh twice as much as it did when it was four months old. This may vary. This is called double-up.

Double the height of your 16-week or four-month puppy to get the height of the full-grown one.

The other way is to compare the height to his father’s. But remember only when your puppy is a male.

 In case your puppy is a female, then compare it with her mother.

Summed Up

Frenchie Bulldogs can mislead some into believing that they are not growing enough or that they may be underweight or overweight. With the bit of information mentioned above, you can make sure you are not suspicious for no reason. Besides, I hope you are not avoiding the weekly or monthly visits to your Frenchie’s vet.

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