Are French Bulldogs Hyper? Reason’s Why

All dogs are different so I can’t say that all French Bulldogs are hyper, but from my experience, My buster can be a little hyper sometimes. He most definitely had a lot more energy and was hyper as a pup, he’s seemed to have calmed down a bit now he’s maturing.

In this post, I’m going to go through the possibilities of what could make your french bulldog hyper.

My Hyper French Bulldog

In my personal experience with buster, well over the years he has definitely calmed down but he still has his mad five minutes where’s he runs round in circles and goes absolutely mad, which I still find hysterical even after 7 years of having him, such a character and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

When Buster was a pup I would say yes he was hyper as he used to jump up all the time and just found everything you did to be a game, but with some training put in place and buster learning, we soon had him under control. 

You can’t blame him really, everything being new to him, new home, new toys, and a happy excitable owner probably didn’t help. I think I like throwing a ball down the garden more than him these days.

As of now, I would say he’s most hyper when I’m arriving back from work, which is a completely normal ritual with most dogs. They’re just super happy to see you and looking forward to a walk and maybe some food. Apart from that, he’s a cool calm companion these days. 

Anyway, that’s not the case for some people, so let’s explore a bit and see what might be taking place and making a french bulldog hyper.

Are French Bulldog Puppies Hyper?

French bulldogs may be small, but that doesn’t mean they’re not hyper. In fact, the breed is one of the most energetic in its young stages! And who can blame them?

They don’t need much exercise so their puppy energy never gets stagnant or low-key like it does for larger breeds such as goldens and Labradors. This means you’ll find these little guys running around excitedly playing games all day long while others are taking naps under furniture – what fun!!

How Long Are French Bulldogs Hyper?

French Bulldogs are known for being hyper and energetic, but how long they stay that way can vary. This is due to genetic variation in temperament as well as environmental factors like diet or exercise which may cause them to get more excited than others at different rates overtime periods of 2-3 years old for instance.

However, it will still probably feel like an eternity before you ever catch your little pup calm enough again after all that running around!

French bulldogs are usually hyper for about 2 to 3 years, but it can take until 4 or 5 before their excitement fades.

Are All French Bulldogs Hyper?

No, not all French Bulldogs are hyper. Some have the energy level of a pinata on freedom night!
A lot can be said about dogs and their personality traits but one thing is for certain: some just seem more…enthusiastic than others when it comes to life in general (and certainly whenever they’re around food).

Whether you call these guys “hyper” or not really matters because there’s no way anyone could ever maintain that level forever- eventually even your most ardent booster will calm down once enough time has passed since last eating something delicious like chicken leg meatloaf made from scratch by mommy dearest herself!.

Why Is my Frenchie So Hyper? Possible reason’s

More Exercise may be needed 

Just like humans, dogs need exercise. I know I do, I play a lot of football and walk on a daily basis, If it’s the closed season of football or I haven’t managed to do much walking I do get that urge to go for a run or some kind of exercise, it might be some kind of frustration and this could be the same for your dog why they might be going a bit hyper.

Also, think about introducing some more toys into your dogs like here’s a list to help you out. Click here

It could also be a release of pent-up energy and maybe boredom might bring on hyperactivity, so I think to look into your Frenchies exercise routine and maybe introduce more exercise if they’re still hyper, a tired dog is usually a good sign. It may mean they are stimulated from the exercise and mentally it will have an effect.

Which also goes into boredom, if your dog is mentally stimulated through play and exercise this might also have an effect on hyperactivity and also destruction, if your dog is bored or not stimulated then you could be in for a hyper dog and one that’s going to rip up your furniture and destroy things.

Keep in mind every individual dog is different and will have different needs, so if you have an older dog compared to a pup, then the older dog will probably want a little less exercise than the pup.

Destructive Behavior  

Could destructive Behaviour be classed as hyper activate, I would say so. I have heard of dogs destroying pillows, ripping up bins, and just obliterating the household when being left alone.

These are signs that you need to take action on. This behavior could be from what I mentioned above, possibly down to lack of exercise leading to frustration and pent up energy that needs to be released.

Although this behavior could be down to lack of exercise it could be something else that is causing this. There might be the possibility that your dog is suffering mentally from a problem called separation anxiety or fear, these can both trigger destructive behavior. This might be the case and I would recommend seeing a vet to determine the issues.

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Think About Increasing Your Dogs Daily Activity

If your dog is hyper then I would take this step and think about increasing your dog’s daily exercise and activity.

When increasing your dog’s daily activity there’re a few things to consider like age and how much exercise they use at this moment in time, because like humans if you go from doing no exercise to ramping it up you will cause stress to the body, which may cause pulled muscles and aching joints. 

Also when referring to a French bulldog you have to consider that they are part of the brachycephalic breed which means they have a shorter muzzle resulting in more strained breathing and they will find it harder to pant and cool down.

So take into consideration not to overexert your Frenchie when introducing more exercise, with each day and introducing the extra exercise you will find the sweet spot, and not only will you have a fitter, healthier dog but this may help you calm down your hyper dog.

Your Frenchie Might Want Attention 

Another possibility for a hyper-French bulldog is not having enough attention. French bulldogs are very social dogs and do love fuss and attention.

If your Frenchie is hyper think about how much time you give them each day, they might feel lonely or not stimulated so maybe a bit of interaction will calm your hyper companion.

Consider how much time and direct attention you’re giving your dog each day, from getting up in the mornings feeding them, giving them stroke, walking, and playtime. 

Direct attention means stopping absolutely everything your doing and putting your pure focus into your Frenchie, turn off all distractions like your phone and tv and have a play together and have a chat, you might sound mad having a conversation with your Frenchie but they are inquisitive little dogs and will take it all in and might even have a little bark back.

All of this helps with mental stimulation with your dog and also building a better bond, more understanding, and maybe a better-behaved dog. I would try and give your dog at least 20 to 30 minutes of direct attention each day.

A Hyper French Bulldog Might Mean They Need Training 

Training is such a big factor in your dog’s life and a hyper dog might just be that they need an extra bit of discipline and training. If you have guests over or people visiting you don’t want your Frenchie jumping all over them and going mad, people will think you have a hyper breed but it’s just down to conditioning and training.

If you have an untrained Frenchie they’re going to do what they want, act hyper and weird, if you want to stop this behavior you’re going to have to train them up to how you want them to be and show them who’s boss.

In the situation of unwanted behavior, the best solution I have found is to ignore them and give them no attention, Most dogs find that any engagement is a reward to their behavior.

When your dog is being hyper, ignore this behavior, wait and monitor until they are calm, as soon as they are, reward with a treat and good praise. If you keep doing this and reward your dog for calm behavior they will soon learn and catch on, but if they don’t you may want to consider taking them to a professional trainer to address these problems.

Your French Bulldog needs stimulation

Another factor if you have a hyper French bulldog is that they are not stimulated. French Bulldogs are inquisitive, intelligent, playful, and sociable dogs so they need stimulation to avoid depression, becoming withdrawn, and possible hyperactivity.

You can do this by having plenty of playtime and lots of toys, it might be worth looking into getting some toys that challenge your dog like the puzzle or toys that have treats and food stuffed in the middle, not only does this keep them occupied for a while, they will also use a lot of energy and tire them out so a good bit of exercise.

Toys that you can interact with your dog are also great for stimulation like playing fetch with a ball and a tug of war rope, these are great activities for releasing a bit of energy while providing good exercise and some quality interaction and attention.

Chewy rubber toys and even rawhide chews are a great way for stimulation and can keep your dog occupied for a long time, they will play with these and hide them in the garden, and pretend they’ve gone back to their primitive wolf days chomping on bones.

Another great toy option is the interactive range these are a great stimulation and will keep your dog happy for hours, you can fill them with treats and your dog will have to work out how to get the food out they might have to bite, chew, flip, throw in the air or shake the toy to get some food out these are a great source of entertainment for your pooch.

Toys will help stimulate and keep your dog very happy, this may result in a less hyper dog and once playtime is over they may calm down and be relaxed for the rest of the day.

The more toys you introduce the happier the pooch, maybe replace old toys and freshen it up if they don’t seem playful. A new toy might reignite that fire.

Your Frenchie Might Want Some Extra Company 

Going through every possibility of what might be causing hyperactivity, being lonely, and not getting the desired attention that’s needed could be the problem. If you’re at work for long periods of time this could cause stress and possible separation anxiety.

To combat this you may want to consider getting your Frenchie a friend for some extra company, this may help the situation and calm your hyper dog down. It will also take the worry off you leaving your dog knowing that they are at home with their new best mate and also a new companion and family member to you, So there are two positives to this solution and twice the fun.


From my personal experience and research, not all French bulldogs are hyper, some are lazy and dislike going for walks or even exercising, but the majority of Frenchies are energetic, playful, and very social dogs.

With that in mind, you will have to be watchful and monitor your dog’s needs because a hyper dog might be a signal that your dog is in need.

So if you know your dog you should be able to work out these signals and take action to help your dog’s needs. It could be anything from introducing more exercise, more playtime and maybe introducing some more quality time and interaction.

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