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playpen for a french bulldog

One way to help your french bulldog stay fit and healthy, but also have fun doing so, is by purchasing a playpen. In this blog post, we will cover what you should look for in a French bulldog playpen as well as some of the best ones on the market.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a playpen for your French Bulldog is how safe they are.

 You want something that will keep them away from any harm, and you don’t want it to be too expensive because after all, these dogs have already exceeded their budget on dog food! 

Benefits of  a Dog Playpen

Did you know that dog pens are a great way to keep your pup safe and entertained when they need it?

 They provide safety for them, room for playtime with their friends, or alone time.

 A sense of freedom is offered by the pen as well because they can see everyone from inside – no more feeling lonely!

 There’s also plenty of styles available so there will be one perfect just right to match any home décor. And if you’re concerned about moving around these large pieces all the time, don’t worry: most models fold up easy-peasy (just like origami!) making transport easier than ever before.

 You’ll come back every day wondering how we got on without this simple but effective solution in our lives…

What to look for in a dog playpen

Dog playpens are a great way to keep your pet from running all around the house and messing things up. They also help you avoid having them ruin anything upstairs, like in bathrooms or bedrooms.

 The best thing about dog pens is that they move with you! With an indoor pen for dogs or puppies, it’s possible to take them wherever- even outside at times (assuming it’s not too hot).! You’ll want one that has some sort of flooring if accidents happen, is made of quality materials, is easy to transport, and fold away.

Editors Choice
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise...
Dog Playpen Heavy Duty Foldable...
Amazon Basics Foldable Metal...
IRIS USA 24" Exercise 4-Panel Pet...
Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Foldable...
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise...
Dog Playpen Heavy Duty Foldable...
Amazon Basics Foldable Metal...
IRIS USA 24" Exercise 4-Panel Pet...
Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Foldable...
Editors Choice
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise...
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise...
Dog Playpen Heavy Duty Foldable...
Dog Playpen Heavy Duty Foldable...
Amazon Basics Foldable Metal...
Amazon Basics Foldable Metal...
IRIS USA 24" Exercise 4-Panel Pet...
IRIS USA 24" Exercise 4-Panel Pet...
Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Foldable...
Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Foldable...

How to choose the best Playpen for your dog

Dogs are known to chew and even tear through things, including their own toys. A puppy playpen is designed for safe confinement of your dog when they’re not done with playing or you need a break from them!

 Depending on the size of the pup, it can be easy to contain them in such an area – but as they grow bigger and stronger (and more determined), this might become difficult without a sturdy design that withstands some chewing.

 The best part about these pens? They typically come equipped with doors so you don’t have to lift up your furry friend every time he needs to go out!

The primary purpose of a puppy playpen is keeping puppies contained during times where humans cannot supervise properly; depending on how small the pup maybe.

Puppies love playpens. Not only can they be used to keep your puppy from doing certain things, but also as a place for napping or playing with toys and friends! 

Here are some important features when choosing the perfect pup pen:

  • Durable materials  e.g.: strong metal wire mesh that’s chew-resistant 
  •  lightweight enough not to make it too hard on you when transporting it between places;
  •  canvas panels in case something gets ripped up by teeth
  • Appropriate size and height  e.g.: tall enough so little pups can’t climb out (yet low enough so big dogs don’t get stuck)
  • plenty of space inside both for running around wildly AND curling up comfy like–it should fit

Tips on using and caring for your new french bulldog pen

General tips:  Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions – When figuring out how to assemble your new dog playpen, take a moment to read over the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

 Their diagrams will show you how everything fits together and most manufacturers offer additional assembly recommendations.

 It can be helpful to have two people on hand for assembling or disassembling the pen as well so that one can hold the panels while another screws them together.

Maintain your playpen by periodically spraying down the frame with an all-purpose cleaner and warm water–then rinse well; scrub the bars on both sides at least once per month using a brush  (wire brushes should never be used as these can damage Materials)

Top-rated playpens for French Bulldogs

MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen

MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen is the ultimate in pet parenting. The tall metal dog playpen provides ample floor space and plenty of privacy for a peaceful nap or playtime.

 Thoughtful features make these pens perfect for caging off little pets, protecting from outdoor elements, and even preventing indoor escapees! With one step-through door access per panel, an exercise pen setup is fast and easy with no tools required. 

The permanently attached side panels eliminate gaps inside so you know your dogs are safely secured wherever they’re roaming around. Added stability is added with 4 thumb snaps on each end as well as 8 corner rod stabilizers to ensure that this heavy-duty product won’t be collapsing under its own weight when in motion.

What we like 

  • extremely easy to assemble and set up
  • very easy to fold and transport
  • can be flexibly assembled 
  • reasonably priced

What we don’t like

  • might move around inside on hard floors with larger or stronger dogs.
  • problems with door latches and supplied hooks 
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise...
  • Secure double latch step-through door access, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient storage
  • Each panel measures 24"W x 24"H, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen provides 16 square feet of enclosed area (1.5 meters)
  • Includes 8 ground anchors for outdoor use, 8 corner staballizers and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly
  • Durable black e-coat finish on the Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen provides long lasting protection against rust and outdoor elements
  • Easy set-up & no tools required for assembly. Exercise Pen includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Artmelle Dog Playpen Large Puppy Pen Folding

Keep your pets contained and happy with this dog playpen. This portable fence is easy to assemble, take down, and store away for the next pet emergency.

 With a secure heavy metal frame that won’t break or bend like cheaper models, you’ll never have to rely on a flimsy chain-link one again! Very suitable for traveling and camping.

The foldable 8-panel puppy playpen can change the shape (round, square, rectangle), and size according to the size of the place. 

This foldable dog pen is made with high-quality materials – a strong steel frame that does not wobble or collapse when being used by a large dog. The frame has a high load-bearing capacity while being lightweight so it can be assembled without any power tools and are easy to carry around for use on your trips.

This product’s unique design makes it perfect for stronger dogs who enjoy playing rough games because there is no need to worry about your pet breaking through the panels that surround them. Its gates offer durability and doorways have a lock.

What we like

  • easy to assemble
  • Heavy metal construction
  • Very durable
  • Easy to  maneuver
  • Good to take camping

What we don’t like

  •  Not so good with corners, or curve easy
  • Abit loud if your dog is banging around in there 
Dog Playpen Heavy Duty Foldable...
  • 【STURDY AND DURABLE DOG FENCE】: The heavy metal dog fence is made of high-quality materials, rust-proof, and each tube is thickened. This playpen is both durable and long-lasting; It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is lightweight but sturdy.
  • 【MULTIPLE USES PUPPY FENCE】: This 8 individual panels indoor outdoor dog pet fence can you can shape this playpen into a rectangle, square, or octagon,for playing, exercising, training equipment to protect the safety of pets. The portable pet playpen is also especially suitable for camping.Doors feature latch panels,simply stop your pets from escaping.
  • 【SAFE & SECURE】This pet playpen is designed with round edges and smooth steel wires to protect your pets from hurting accidentally themselves; stays steady; No need to worry about your pet treating this playpen like its favorite ragdoll
  • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND FOLD UP】: Our portable puppy pen is easy to set up and does not require any tools. And facilitate storage and carrying. Our indoor dog pen is foldable design, very suitable for traveling and camping
  • 【PLAYPEN DIMENSIONS】:Dimension of each panel: 31" W * 24" H, providing a very spacious space. ; Perfect as a playpen for your dogs and cats; Also suitable as a chicken coop, hen house, or shelter for other animals; This pen will work for puppies or smaller dogs who don’t jump but isn’t necessarily suitable for larger breeds

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

You make the decision as to when and where you want to let your dog run around. Keep them contained indoors for playtime or outside for a run!

 This sturdy exercise pen is made from durable iron metal with a rust-proof black finish and folds flat for easy storage.

 It sets up in seconds–just unfold, shape, and connect! The included ground anchors keep it in place outdoors so you can be at ease letting your pet explore while waiting inside.

What we like

  • it comes already attached together so all you have to do is unfold it.
  • It has stakes so you can stake it down if you use it outside.
  • can be set up in different shapes to accommodate whatever area in the room you are using or whatever decorating mood you happen to be in. Square., rectangular
  • Gate latches are very strong
  • Easy to clean

What we don’t like

  • Door opening is a bit narrow
  • It can move slightly if the stakes are not in place (all depends how much your dog is playing)
Amazon Basics Foldable Metal...
  • Indoor/outdoor portable pet pen (no door) creates a 16-square-foot enclosure for playtime and exercise
  • Includes a play pen with 8 connected panels, thumb clips for connecting the ends together, and 8 ground anchors for outdoor use
  • Durable wire construction made of iron with a rustproof black finish
  • Sets up in seconds; simply unfold, shape, and connect (no tools required)
  • Suitable for dogs up to 16 inches tall; recommended for extra-small and small sized breeds

IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen and Panels for Dog

The IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen and Panels for Dog is a portable dog play area that provides pets with 8 square feet of indoor or outdoor space. The IRIS 4 panel exercise dog pen with the door can be used as a play yard, gate, small dog fence, or anything your pet needs it to be! Made in the USA out of durable molded plastic this product will last you through all the many hours of running around and playing because they need to keep up those strenuous levels after all! Stay fit while being contained with this great model for your next trip outdoors.

What we like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can move around easy
  • Good fit and size
  • Good door and latch 
  • Rubber feet

What we don’t like

  • May jump out depending on what size you get ( can buy a cover/roof as an addon)
  • Possible movement if you have a strong pup.
IRIS USA 24" Exercise 4-Panel Pet...
  • The IRIS 24'' 4-panel dog exercise playpen with door can be used in dog play yards and as a play gate, small dog fence, and more
  • The IRIS playpen is portable and provides 8 square feet of play space for dogs, cats, and other pets
  • Pet playpen with door is made of durable molded plastic
  • Purchase IRIS add-on panels to create an even larger pet playpen. The IRIS dog exercise pen with door is made in the USA.
  • Dimensions: 35.13 L x 35.13 W x 23.75 H inches

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

A travel essential for those with pets, the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen is lightweight and durable making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. No assembly or installation is needed! Comes in a convenient carrying case with a free 16oz collapsible water bowl included.

We know you’ll love our portable pet playpen since there are no installation problems or difficulties involved with the setup. This ensures that your furry friend will be comfortable both at home and on the go. 

What we like

  • Easy to set up
  • Great for travelleling
  • Lightweight
  • Well made
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel bag
  • Free bowl inculded

What we don’t like

  • The bottom is not so waterproof ( A pet pad might be a good idea)
Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Foldable...
  • ★ Available in 3 Sizes Medium (29x29x17 inches Dogs up To 10LBS) Large (36x36x23 inches Dogs Up To 25 Lbs ) Extra Large (48x48x23.5 inches Dogs 50+ LBS
  • ★ BONUS INCLUDED! The Portable Pet Play Pen comes along with a convenient carry case and a collapsible 16 oz. food bowl. Ideal for Travel.
  • ★ SUPERIOR DESIGN Roomy 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners. Made from durable water-resistant materials. Removable zippered top can be removed easily removed for indoor use & closed for outdoor use to provide shade. Zippered door provides easy in/out access for your pet. Close the door to keep your pet safely inside.
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We’ve got your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues with your pet grooming accessories and we’ll do all we can to make it right. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your kit completely risk-free!


Dogs are great pets to have in your home, but they can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. One issue that many people face is keeping their dog contained when you’re not around or if the pet needs some time out from being overstimulated by kids and visitors.

 We recommend getting them their own playpen so they feel safe while you’re at work or running errands for the day! A French bulldog-specific one will also fit with any decorating theme because it comes in different colors and styles.

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