Best Dog Harness for French Bulldogs (2021) Buyers guide

The saying walkies, All dog owners know it and the action that normally follows is a wagging tail with perked up ears. It’s my buster’s favorite ritual for sure but what can make this daily experience any better I would say a good quality dog harness. In this post, I’m going to go through the Best Dog Harness for French Bulldogs (2021) Buyers guide.

With the help of a top-quality dog harness, you can improve dog training and walking to maybe help your Frenchie walk more calmly beside you. A harness is a lot more comfortable than your traditional collar. 

If you do find yourself with a Frenchie that may pull and struggle then I would say a harness is the way to go as it will be an easier experience for you both while training and learning the ropes.

Reading this guide will give you a great insight and everything you need to know about harnesses for dogs.

rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet...
PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness and...
EAVSOW Dog Harness, No Pull Pet...
Editors choice
QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness...
rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet...
PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness and...
EAVSOW Dog Harness, No Pull Pet...
QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet...
rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet...
Amazon Prime
PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness and...
PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness and...
Amazon Prime
EAVSOW Dog Harness, No Pull Pet...
EAVSOW Dog Harness, No Pull Pet...
Editors choice
QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness...
QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness...
Amazon Prime

Top pick and the best overall is the QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness

QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness (Medium)

The QT pawz harness is a popular design and has been specially made to fit french bulldogs.

The design also comes with a pattern of french bulldogs on which looks great. There are 4 different sizes to choose from so measure up and check the size within in the size chart. This product is designed for french bulldog so it will be super comfy on those long walks.

The QT harness is easy to use and fully adjustable with 4 buckles to get that exact fit. This also helps with getting the harness on and off and makes it quick to disconnect.

What I also love about this harness is that it comes with a matching poop bag holder which comes in very handy to store your bags and also you can clip onto your dog lead handle.


  • Specially designed for french bulldogs.
  • Comfort and fitting.
  • Great design and colors.’
  • Comes with a free poop bag holder.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick fitting.


  • No reflective strips.
QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness...
Harness designed to fit French Bulldogs Comes with a Free Bag holder

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

A lot of dogs feel the need to pull or get excited when going for walks and meeting new four-legged friends. The rabbit got dog harness features a no-pull design so you can have better control when out for walks.

The no-pull design has a clip on the front so every time you pull your dog will move to the side and this will stop them in their tracks, distract them and help them concentrate more. This will soon help to stop your dog from pulling.

The rabbitgoo dog harness comes in a soft and breathable material which creates a snug and comfortable experience when going for a walk and training which will make walkies even more enjoyable.

You have the choice of two clips when going for a walk, the no-pull design which we mentioned above, and the back clip D ring for all occasions. The D ring is best for well-trained dogs and is ideal for walks, jogging, and hiking.

There are also multiple safety features which include a sturdy top handle to gain instant control if ever needed.

Bright reflective strips to offer good visibility when going out on night walks.

Two side buckles to make sure your dog is extra secure and safe in their harness.

The rabbitgoo is designed for all-day comfort which is made from a breathable mesh fabric that keeps your dog comfortable and cosy all day. 

It’s also made up of a resistant durable nylon that is weatherproof for all the seasons.


  • Two clip option The normal D ring position and the front no pull ring.
  • Reflective strips for added visibility when walking at night. 
  • Breathable material to keep your dog cool and comfortable.
  • Easy on and off with the two secure clips.
  • Affordable good quality.


  • Handle could be bigger.

The best harness for comfort for french bulldogs- WALKTOFINE Comfortable Harness

Going on walks with your french bulldog can become a daily habit and a good routine so it’s super important for Frenchie to be happy and comfortable each day.

With the walktofine harness, you will definitely achieve this from its easy to use adjustable straps you will find the best fit and overall comfort for your Frenchie. 

Not only will the two straps and the two chest straps help for comfort but the martial made of oxford nylon will give that durability and safety for those long walks.

On the subject of safety, the walktofine harness has the safety feature of super reflective straps which will help with visibility day and night.

The walktofine harness also has the option of the no-pull no choke feature with the extra ring attached to the front. This feature is very handy for training out pulling and overexcited furry friends.

Overall this is a great harness and with the extra strap adjustment, you can find that perfect fit for your Frenchie. 


  • Extra Strap adjustments for comfort and fit. 
  • Safety Handle.
  • Reflective strips.
  • Soft mesh lining.
  • Resistant material.
  • Sturdy and high quality.
  • Five color options.
  • Stylish design.


  • Dogs with a small frame may find this a bit bulky.

The Best harness for style and design- pupteck harness

If you’re looking to get heads turning and have your Frenchie looking fresh and sharp. Then we cannot recommend enough the pupteck harness. It comes in four different colors which are beige, dark red, light blue, and light pink. 

Not only do these color options look amazing but they all come in a really smart plaid design that actually makes the harness look very expensive. Fortunately, this harness is available at a very affordable price.

The pupteck harness also features an easy adjustable buckle, breathable mesh made of a cotton and polyester material.


  • Stylish design.
  • Color options.
  • Leash included.
  • Lightweight materials.


  • No reflective strips.

The best harness for a quick fit- Didog Harness

If you’re looking for a quick fit easy to attach harness then the didog is the one to go for, not only is it super quick to put on but it’s a great training harness with the extra d ring on the front to stop your Frenchie from pulling and train them when they’re going off route.

Why is the didog harness quick to attach?

The didog has a simple design of only one buckle which makes it super quick and easy to put on and off.

Also being a lightweight design makes it easier to handle which also helps with speed, don’t be put off by the lightweight design as it does not sacrifice any quality and strength as the material is made of quality nylon which is very durable and will last a long time.


  • Quick fit
  • Lightweight
  • D ring for no pull training
  • Comfort
  • Reflective straps for night walking


  • Color options
  • Handle slightly on the large size

The best breathable dog harness for a frenchie 

Explore with the eagloo harness, Another great harness if you’re tired of tug of war.

This harness is specially designed to distribute the pressure evenly and safely around your dog’s chest rather than their sensitive neck area.

It is designed not to rub on your dog’s sensitive skin in the armpit area so your dog is in a comfortable position on walks. The eagloo also boosts the no-pull D ring to help with training and stop constant pulling.

The two metal clips and sturdy handle are a dog walking game-changer which gives you more control and helps you train your dog to heel and stop their desire to pull.

This feature also is perfect for your dog to look at you during a walk which is important when training.

What makes the eagloo harness so breathable? Well its down to the professional quality control team that carefully selects the best materials for each product.

The eagloo harness is made of quality breathable mesh lining with a soft sponge padding plate which prevents dog injuries and adds that extra comfort and protection.


  • Quality breathable materials
  • No pull D ring
  • Comfort
  • No rub Design
  • Sturdy handle
  • Bright colorful designs


  • Reflector could be bigger for visibility at night.
Best Dog Harness for French Bulldogs (2021) Buyers guide

French Bulldog harness Buying guide 

A dog harness can be a fantastic addition to your pet supplies, but with so many options that can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put this guide together to understand why a harness can be helpful and to understand the factors to best suit your needs and your frenchies.

Why should you use a dog harness for your french bulldog?

If you fall into the category of having an over eager frenchie that likes to pull, then I would most definitely choose a harness over a collar. A harness is more superior and can help with training your dog to walk by your side and also will be more comfortable for your dog.

What to consider when buying a dog harness


A floppy flimsy harness is bad news not only will it put your dog at risk it could also cause accidents and possibly your dog becoming loose. With that in mind, you want to make sure your dog harness is made of strong materials and that will last the daily use and strain put on the harness. 

All the products above are made of good materials, this does not mean that they are all equally as strong. The harnesses that are made of nylon are stronger than the mesh option but that being said the mesh options are still strong enough and durable.

There are more benefits to nylon than just strength. It’s also a better option for longer walks as it tends to be more comfortable. If your Frenchie likes to walk in puddles or likes to get wet then nylon also is quick-drying which is very handy. 

Other materials to consider could be a leather harness. Leather harnesses are strong but are prone to stretching and can chafe and make sores. Also, you may pay more for Leather.

Harness strength

A factor that determines the strength and security of a harness is the number of layers of material that is used.

A harness is usually made of a single layer or a double layer of material, This is usually nylon webbing. If you want more strength then the double layer is the one to go for which is more durable than the single layer.

Apart from fabric and materials to consider you may want to think about the fixings and hardware. The aluminum clips and clasps are a good choice when it comes to strength as they do not corrode or rust. Also heavy duty plastic is a good option that is very strong and long lasting.

Fitting and size

The age, diet, exercise and genes etc of your dog comes into play when getting the right size and fit for your new dog harness.

Just because it fits someone else’s french bulldog this doesn’t mean it’s going to fit yours. Also, Frenchies come in all different shapes and sizes so this is super important to measure up.

If the harness is not the right size it could cause pain and discomfort, and possibly chest injuries. Most of the harnesses above come with a sizing chart which is very handy to follow.

Also if you find your Frenchie maybe a different shape or size then maybe look for the harnesses with the extra adjustable straps as this will give you more variation and a custom fit.

Features to consider on a Dog harness


Some harnesses come with padding and without. The harness that does have padding is usually made up of extra fleece, foam, neoprene lining, and mesh to add that extra comfort and to avoid chafing. 

However, a harness without padding that sometimes are just straps or leather strap could be uncomfortable for your pooch on a long walk and could contribute to chaffing.

If you go on long walks and will use a harness a lot I would look out for the extra padding.

D ring on a Harness

A great feature to consider is a D ring on a harness or added leash attachment, which is added to the front as well as having an attachment in the normal position located on your pooches back.

 What this feature is great for is helping with training your dog to walk better, If you have a Frenchie that is a bit of a puller or gets a bit excited on walks then this will definitely help as you have more control and you can correct your dog to the way you want them to heel and walk.

Reflective strips 

These can come in very handy if you’re an early walker or you go at night as this feature will help you be visible and show up to motorists and other dog walkers. The reflectors can make your presence be well visible.

Water resistance 

While not an essential feature you may consider if your daily walk is on a beach or somewhere wet, not only will a water resistance last longer and will be more durable, it will also dry quicker.


A handle can come in very useful even the most well-trained dogs cannot resist some temptations so you can control and get hold of them easier. A top handle can be very helpful to help your dog getting into the car, getting over high walk stiles or step areas which your Frenchie may struggle with.

Step in or buckle harness?

There are usually two types of dog harness step in where your dog has to put the front paws in first and step in and the other is a buckle in harness. 

With a step-in harness, they can sometimes be a pain, either your dog won’t take to them and in some cases will take that little bit extra time to get ready for your walk. There aren’t many flaws with a step in but are more aimed and designed for small breeds of dogs.

With a buckle on the harness, you will no longer have to place the harness over the dog’s head and this will make getting ready for walks a more straightforward quicker option.

Should I buy a no pull harness for my french bulldog?

Leash pulling can be a common problem and can also take the fun out of going for walks. It may seem to be a chore when really it should be a great exercise and good bonding between you and your pooch.

That’s why a no pull harness could be a great option if you have that problem, but it should not be replaced with no training as it’s something that should be worked on and become a daily habit to get that pain pulling behavior to stop.

Benefits of using a dog harness for french Bulldogs

Dog harnesses are becoming more and more popular with french bulldogs as owners are finding that there are a lot of good benefits to using a harness.

Reduces tension on the neck 

Collars and harnesses are both great for walks but if you find your Frenchie likes to pull then this over time can cause issues. Also, dogs aren’t meant to be dragged around by the neck.

A collar can restrict breathing and cause a choking noise if their tent to pull which is not good for your pooch and can cause damage to their throat.

With a frenchie they have restrictive breathing anyway so that’s why A harness is a safer and more comfortable option when going for walks.

Best Dog Harness for French Bulldogs (2021) Buyers guide

Can Discourage your frenchie from pulling 

If your Frenchie feels overpower when going for walks and is always pulling then a no-pull harness would be the one to go for.

With most harnesses, you will find that they come with a standard D ring on the back but with a no pull they will also come with one on the front.

So how does this help?

Well with the D ring placed on the front in the center of their chest this will make your dog face you when they pull so after a few attempts theft will realize not to pull and go in the wrong direction. 

This will give you more control and a more enjoyable walk for all involved but it should not be substituted for no training as this should be incorporated with a no pull harness.

More Control 

If you have a strong Frenchie that takes you for a walk more than you take them for a walk, then you will most definitely notice a difference changing from a collar to a harness.

With the front attachment it will give you more steering power which pulls the dog’s chest as it’s a lower center of gravity. As a result this will help your frenchie to walk by your side rather than in front.

Things to consider when buying a dog harness 

When you’re considering the switch from traditional collar to harness you want to make sure you are going for quality from a good brand, not fashion you want your pooch to be safe at all times.

Why do dogs pull on a leash?

Dogs usually pull on the leash because they’re super excited and can’t wait to sniff all those new smells and get the wind in their fur. Dogs love to be outside so if they’re stuck inside most of the day it’s a massive release.

Or it could be that they are desperate for the toilet. Most of the time it is exciting and because they usually move a lot faster than us that’s when the pulling happens.

Types of dog harness 

There are many types of different harnesses that can tailor to your dog’s behaviour and size. All of the benefits will depend on the one you choose.

The most common and standard type of harness is one with a ring on the back and loops around the neck and ribs. Usually, your dog will step into these. These standard ones are more of a basic harness and are not the best if your pooch is a puller.

Tightening harness

A tightening harness is designed for troublesome dogs that like to jump up and pull on walks that can be difficult to control. As the dog jumps or pulls it adds pressure to the harness which your dog will not like, they say that these tightening harnesses do not hurt or injure your dog.

Personally, I would not use one of these and it’s best to stay clear if your dog is timid or may have had a tricky past as the dog may associate this to punishment.

No pull harness

A no pull harness usually comes with a D ring on the front of the harness located on your dog’s chest and also a D ring on the top. With a no pull you have a lot more control which can help with training and getting your dog to walk by your side and not in front. 

They come in a lot of options and are good all round harnesses for comfort. You can also use both D rings for extra security and control.

Bib Harness

These are most definitely going to be the favorite for your dog as they’re super comfy and are more like wearing a piece of clothing. I think it’s more aimed at dogs that do not pull.


It can be quite annoying when your dog is pulling all the time or jumping up so a harness is definitely a step in the right direction that will make walking more enjoyable and safer for you and your pooch on your daily walk.

There are a lot of positives and benefits to using a harness which can also help with training and having a smooth walking dog.

Harnesses are becoming a more popular option as they are now looking more fashionable and are designed for comfort. 

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