Can My French Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?

If you have a pregnant French Bulldog, you need to be in full possession of the steps that come next. But her little body and physique are going to be a huge concern in this process. So, it begs the question, “Can my French Bulldog give birth naturally?”

French Bulldogs can give birth in a natural way, but it’s not advisable. Actually, it’s rare for them to do this. 80% of all French Bulldog births come as a result of a C-section. This is because of their narrow hips and the babies have large heads, which means they often get stuck in the birth canal.

Well, Can My French Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?

Understanding whether your French Bulldog can give birth naturally or not will come down to how she became pregnant in the first place. If a male was able to mount her without medical assistance, then chances are, she can birth her pups without surgery.

However, if you had her artificially inseminated due to her structure and build, then you will have to have her babies birthed with help from the vet. Having said all this, however, it’s not foolproof. Therefore, you will have to consult with your vet to ensure it will be okay for her to give birth without surgery.

can french bulldogs give birth naturally?

What Is It About French Bulldogs that Prevent a Natural Birth?

There are several factors affecting the natural birthing process in French Bulldogs. Most of this has to do with the breeding of how this dog came into being in the first place. Therefore, the genetics are the main culprit.

Per the Royal Veterinary College in the UK, French Bulldogs are 15.9 times more likely to have a rough pregnancy and a difficult delivery than other breeds. Also, these dogs are 2.4 times more likely to require a C-section birth as a result of owners opting to go au natural.

Additionally, their inherent propensity for other health issues will make their pregnancy even more difficult than it would be for other dogs. Their allergies, breathing problems, and other such conditions will exacerbate throughout the course of the pregnancy.

Narrow Hips ; Big-Headed Puppies

Not only do their narrow hips present difficulty for the old-fashioned way of getting pregnant, it also presents great dangers to the dog and the pups during birth. Because of this, it’s not unusual for a French Bulldog to require artificial insemination.

The narrow hips of the mother combined with the large heads of the pups mean they can get stuck in the birth canal, also called dystocia. This can end in the tragic death of both the mother and the pups.

How Can My French Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?

The only way to determine if your French Bulldog is healthy and viable enough for natural birth is to have a veterinarian look her over. They will be able to give you advice specific to your dog and its needs. Whatever you do, don’t allow your male and female to mate naturally without prior approval from the vet.

But, if you get the okay, then you’ll want to develop a pregnancy plan along with the budget. This will include scheduling regular checkups as well as booking a C-section. These kinds of surgeries can be pricey and there’s really no way around the cost.

It might also be a good idea to search through social media video sites for Frenchies that do give birth the natural way so you generally know what to expect.

What Signs Do French Bulldogs Exhibit When in Labor?

When the big day comes for your French Bulldog to give birth, she will exhibit clear signs. These will involve things like restlessness, pacing, digging, and nesting. So, it’s important you set up an area in the house to allow her enough room to do whatever it is she needs to without distraction or disturbance.

Also, her body temperature will begin to drop. When the temperature drops 1½ degrees from 101.3°F to 98.6°F (38.5°C to 37°C), it’s a huge indicator that the pups are coming soon. Therefore, in the week before the estimated due date, you should take the dog’s temperature a few times per day.

At the beginning of the labor process, your Frenchie will begin shaking, trembling, lying down, and beginning to push. If you see her pushing for 20 minutes and no pups are visible, call the vet ASAP!

How Long Does It Take French Bulldogs to Deliver Pups?

On average, French Bulldogs can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours to deliver their pups. However, all dogs are different and birthing times vary drastically. It’s very rare for them to complete their labor process in less than 30 minutes because of how difficult giving birth tends to be for these dogs.

Can I Do Anything to Ease My French Bulldog’s Difficult Pregnancy?

If you notice your Frenchie having a difficult pregnancy, it’s important to show plenty of love and patience. Make sure she’s comfortable and relaxed but also ensure she gets enough exercise. Also, make sure she’s eating the proper diet so she can have the right nourishment when it’s time to breastfeed.

What Happens after the French Bulldog Gives Birth?

Once the pups come into the world, you will have to help clean them off and tie umbilical cords. You will probably also have to clean up the birthing area. If the dog’s vaginal canal tears, rips and/or bleeds, you or a vet will have to sew her up. She might require pain and antibacterial medications as well.

If she ends up having a C-section, then she will need healing time while also having enough room to breastfeed her babies. This means you will have to monitor this for the first couple of weeks to ensure the puppies don’t affect her stitches and such. In some cases, you may need to feed formula to the pups until she’s healthy enough to feed them herself.

What Else Should I Consider in Regards to a Natural Birth for My French Bulldog?

The most important thing you can do for your dog is to consider the health and wellbeing of your dog and her potential pups. There are many dangers and she is likely to experience serious complications that can have tragic and disastrous ramifications.

This means don’t opt for natural birth because it’s less expensive. It also means that you shouldn’t force your dog to reproduce if the vet strongly warns against it. In other words, money should not factor into the equation at all.

Thoroughly educate yourself on what can happen with a Frenchie during pregnancy and labor. Then weigh the benefits against the risks. If the risks are too great, avoid impregnating your French Bulldog. But, if she ends up pregnant on accident, then take every measure to ensure her safety and comfort.

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While it is possible for a French Bulldog to give birth to her pups naturally, it isn’t advisable. More often than not, she will have to undergo a C-section. Ergo, it’s crucial to fully inform yourself on every aspect of the pregnancy; from insemination to birth and beyond. I hope this has helped out and answered your question Can My French Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?

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