Do French Bulldogs Drink a lot of Water?

You have a new Frenchie at home and it’s as adorable as they come. Everything this pooch does is cute, even down to the sloppy way it drinks water. But you may think the dog is consuming too much water. So, do french bulldogs drink a lot of water?

On average, they consume about a ½ cup ever two hours. But, they can drink more than that and it’s entirely fine. However, if your Frenchie drinks in excess that accompanies things like salivation or lethargy, it could be the result of an underlying health condition.

Having said that, in most instances, excessive water consumption by a French Bulldog isn’t a bad thing. More often than not, it’s probably just dehydrated. But keep reading to understand the ins and outs of how much water your Frenchie should drink and when you should have concern.

How Much Water Should French Bulldogs Drink Every Day?

Adult French Bulldogs should drink about three cups of water each day. This translates to about an ounce of water per pound of weight. Females generally weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 16 to 24 pounds and males are around 20 to 28 pounds.

Puppies should have more than adults, about ½ cup every few hours. But, elderly dogs will also consume more than the average adult too and this will vary according to things like general health, activity and etc.

When Is It Too Much Water for a French Bulldog?

If your Frenchie is downing bowl after bowl of water, this is a sure sign its consuming too much. However, there are many factors to consider in this regard. If it’s summertime, the pooch was just playing outside, you just came home from a rigorous training session or other similar condition, of course the dog will be thirsty.

But, just like people, you want to ensure your Frenchie starts drinking water slowly after such situations and gradually let them drink more. This will prevent stomach upset and vomiting from too much water all at once.

Do French Bulldogs Drink a lot of Water?

How Do You Monitor and Control Excessive Water Drinking in French Bulldogs?

The best way to control excessive water consumption in your Frenchie is by limiting how much water sits in the bowl at any given time. Only give a cup of water every four hours or so and, when you do, monitor the dog and watch how they consume it.

There may be an underlying medical condition if you notice signs of struggle or if your pup begs for more within 30 minutes. The only exception here is if you know the dog is overheated from the summer sun or just had a vigorous exercise session.

Can French Bulldogs Drink Too Little Water?

Yes, Frenchies are actually more prone to a lower water consumption rate than is acceptable. This is truer for puppies than for adults. It’s because French Bulldogs tend to be picky eaters and they can easily dissuade themselves from wanting to drink water. In this way, the dog will need some coaxing to get back on the saddle, as it were.

However, if your pooch isn’t drinking enough water, it’s probably dehydrated. This is especially true if they’re not consuming much soft food either. One of the biggest signs of dehydration is a cracked and dry nose. Their gums will also show signs of dehydration. If it isn’t a nice, healthy and soft pink color, this is a good indicator.

You can also try feeling on the gums. If it’s dry and sticky or if you press on it and it doesn’t turn from white to pink almost immediately, then it’s certain to be dehydration. Other symptoms include:

  • Heavy panting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Thick saliva
  • Sunken-looking, dry eyes
  • Lethargy

How Do You Treat Dehydration in French Bulldogs?

To get your Frenchie hydrated, you can do several things. However, you should first check its water bowl and look for signs of dirt, bacteria or any other kind of schmaltz. If you notice anything untoward, give it a good cleaning and rinse it well. Then, you can attempt any one of the suggestions below:

  1. Add a Couple Drops of Coconut Water: Before you fill up the water bowl, put a few drops of coconut water on the bottom and pour the water over it. Not only does it add a little flavor, but it’s full of electrolytes.
  2. Moisten the Food: When it’s feeding time, splash a little water over their food and mix it up well.
  3. Consider a Drinking Fountain: If you have a picky pooch, perhaps moving water will fix their lack of desire to drink it.
  4. DIY Doggie Recipes: There are a host of foods you can make special for your dog that will help keep it hydrated. Things like chicken broth, raw fruit, smoothies, yogurt ice pops and honey are excellent.

When Is there Cause for Concern about the Amount of Water My Frenchie Is Drinking?

In the event your precious French Bulldog constantly drinks water, regardless of activity or season, then you should pay attention to your dog for other clues. For instance, if the excessive water consumption accompanies frequent urination, it could have a diabetes, Cushing’s disease or kidney failure.

The following list is some potential problems your dear little dog is experiencing which are resulting in excess water consumption. Regardless, you should make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

  • Diabetes: If the dog has increased urination, lethargy, frequent urinary tract infections, weight loss, poor eyesight, changes in appetite and a sweet smell to their breath that accompanies excessive water consumption.
  • Cushing’s Disease: Not only will there be increased urination and thirst, but also sudden accidents in the house even though the dog is fully housebroken. This may accompany increased appetite, difficulty breathing, heavy panting, bloating, hair loss and lethargy along with weakness and bruising.
  • Kidney Failure and/or Disease: Diarrhea, increased urination, vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite, weight loss, blood in urine/feces, increased thirst and constipation.
  • Fever ; Infection: When the dog has a dry nose that feels hot along with warm ears, red eyes, lethargy, shivering, lack of appetite, vomiting or coughing.
  • Liver Disease: Loss of appetite, vomiting, increased thirst, increased urination, weight loss, diarrhea, an unsteady gait, dizziness, confusion, weakness, bloating; yellowing eyes or tongue, or blood in urine/feces.
  • Diarrhea: Along with loose stool, the dog may have other symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, drop in weight, vomiting and abdominal pain.
  • Cancer: Lumps under the skin, swelling and abnormal body odors are the most common symptoms. However, there may be a thick colored discharge and wounds may not heal quickly. Plus, the dog could experience problems breathing, general pain and lethargy.
  • General Water Infection: Urinary tract infections and cystitis will result in pain when your Frenchie urinates. This will accompany other things such as the presence of blood, a strange odor or cloudiness.


In most instances, you shouldn’t have to worry if your Frenchie is drinking too much water. Still, it’s advisable to monitor the dog for any other signs and symptoms. Lethargy and loss of appetite are the two most important ones. Remember, whenever in doubt, contact your vet right away.

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