French Bulldog Losing Hair Behind Ears

If you notice your French Bulldog losing hair behind ears or any other part of their body, there are a few potential causes. It’s not something to panic about rather, it’s best to locate the source of the hair loss and treat it right away. 

While French Bulldogs are friendly and loving dogs, they are prone to health problems and health conditions, so it’s important to monitor behavioral changes in your Frenchie as well as inspect their bodies occasionally to catch things before they get worse. 

french bulldog losing hair behind ears

Are French Bulldogs Prone To Hair Loss?

Your French Bulldog is not more prone to hair loss issues than other dogs. It is possible for them to have skin conditions that can cause hair loss, as their skin has a lot of folds. If they are not cleaning themselves properly, it can cause potential irritations that could lead to hair loss. 

However, there is such a thing as French Bulldog alopecia, which is common in some bulldogs. This isn’t a condition to be scared of; it just means they might be more prone to bald patches. 

Why Is My French Bulldog Losing Hair Behind Ears?

There could be a few causes leading to your French Bulldog losing hair behind ears, around the face, or other parts of their bodies. These are just some examples of potential causes. It’s always best to consult with your vet when you detect this hair loss to make sure your instincts are correct and learn the best possible methods for treating the underlying condition. 

If you think your french bulldog is suffering from mites, ticks, parasites, or mange we do recommend ANTIPARASITE SHAMPOO which helps to heal and soothe the affected area.

Mites Or Ticks

One of the areas that you might first notice hair loss due to mites or ticks is behind your French Bulldog’s ears. You will want to check their fur for any bugs or signs of bites. If you see them, call your vet right away to make a treatment plan. 


There are different types of dermatitis that might be affecting your Frenchie, causing them to lose hair behind their ears and other areas. Dermatitis can be caused by irritation due to moisture exposure. While it’s not common for dermatitis to impact the ears, and instead often falls around a Frenchie’s mouth or neck, it’s not impossible. 

If you suspect that your Frenchie has dermatitis, you will want to bring them to the vet to get advice on treatment and potential causes of dermatitis. 


We often don’t think about dogs having allergies, but it happens. If your French Bulldog is allergic to something you are feeding them, one of the ways this might manifest is through hair loss due to scratching and nibbling. 

It’s also possible that your French Bulldog is allergic to something they are coming in contact with, as opposed to something they’re eating. For instance, it could be the cleaning chemicals you use or even plants you have in the home. 

It might take some watchful eyes to determine what exactly they are being exposed to that is causing an allergic reaction, but once you are able to determine the cause, it’s best to remove that item from the home. 


Mange is unfortunately something that can be passed between pooches quite easily. If your French Bulldog interacts with other dogs often, it’s possible that they could have contracted mange from one of their buddies. 

Thankfully, mange is very treatable. Signs of mange to look out for include hair loss, scabs, frequent scratching, and rashes or redness on the skin. 


Believe it or not, stress manifests in a French Bulldog’s body just as it does for humans. Stress can wreak havoc on the body inside and out. Often, French Bulldogs will self soothe through excessive licking or grooming, which can cause hair loss and bald patches all over their body. 

Some potential causes for Frenchie stress could be leaving them home alone often, changing their environment, illness, or nervousness due to other animals in the home or strangers in the home. You might have to make some changes to help de-stress your Frenchie. 


Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for your French Bulldog to catch an infection, especially if they interact with other animals. Thankfully, the most common infections passed between dogs are very easy to treat. 

For example, ringworm is highly contagious, but antibiotics can help make it go away. If it’s another type of bacterial or fungal infection, you might just need some special shampoo or cream to treat the area. Don’t try any over-the-counter treatments before speaking with your vet. 

Other Health Problems

While it’s probably unlikely, the source of your Frenchie’s hair loss could potentially be a sign of another more pressing health issue. It’s possible that their hormones are out of whack, causing a thyroid issue, which can be treated with medication. It is also possible that it’s more serious. 

If you notice other symptoms in your Frenchie such as poor appetite, behavioral changes, a change in their coat texture or skin color, or a change in how they smell, it might be worth telling your vet about these symptoms in case they want to perform additional testing. 

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

It might seem unlikely, given that a French Bulldog’s fur is so short, but they do actually shed. Thus, noticing some little pieces of hair on your hand while giving them pets is no cause for concern. 

Instead, when you notice patches of fur missing, it’s time to take a closer look at your Frenchie to see if there are health issues at play.  

Even though your French Bulldog has short hair, they actually have a couple of layers of fur. They typically shed some of their fur when the seasons change, so you might notice a little bit more fur coming off their bodies when the seasons are shifting. 

How Can I Prevent My French Bulldog From Losing Hair?

There are simple things you can do for your French Bulldog to help them maintain healthy fur. You should also ensure you are taking care of their skin, as skin conditions can lead to hair loss as well. 


You might not think your French Bulldog needs to be brushed because their fur is short, but it’s important to do so. Brushing can help get debris off their skin and out of their fur. There are also natural oils on your Frenchie’s skin, much like we have on our scalps, that can help protect and moisturize the fur by brushing them through the follicles. 


If your Frenchie’s skin gets too dry, it could get irritated and lead to hair loss or bald patches. A humidifier can add moisture to the air to help keep their skin hydrated. 

Final Thoughts

Your French Bulldog deserves the utmost care, and while it can be scary to notice your French bulldog losing hair behind ears and other areas of their body, try not to be too alarmed at first. You don’t want to add any further stress to your Frenchie’s environment. 

When in doubt, a trip to the vet is always warranted just to be on the safe side. While Frenchies are not immune to potential health issues, most of them can be remedied when you detect them early and get them the proper treatment.

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