How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Becoming Obese

The connection between dogs and their owners is divine and has no bounds. These four-legged fluffy creatures are known for their loyalty and trust and are human’s best companions.

But however through their journey dogs also face many kinds of obstacles in the form of growth, health, and diet. There are several kinds of dog breeds present in the world but our attention is on the French Bulldogs.

You may know your bulldogs but after reading our article you may know a little better as it is highly focused on various aspects regarding the health and growth experienced throughout by a French Bulldog.

About French Bulldog

French bulldogs are basically crossbred dogs between British Toy Bulldogs and French Ratters. They derived their ancestry from the Molossians which are generally Greek tribe dogs.

They are commonly known as Frenchies and are highly domesticated with a friendly, soft mannered along with a calm attitude.

These dogs are significantly renowned in various nations.

How the health of a French bulldog can be defined?

The lifespan of a normal French bulldog is generally about 11-13 years and can be determined with gender and size.

The male Bulldog can easily weigh up to a minimum of 20 pounds and can reach up to a maximum of 28 pounds. On its counterpart, the female Bulldog can weigh a minimum of 16 pounds to a maximum of 24 pounds.

These statistics help you to properly understand the importance of keeping a check into the weight of bulldogs with a correct plan and strategy.

Measures to evaluate that your Bulldogs is healthy or obese

The above-mentioned statistics play a very important role in the evaluation of your Bulldog’s weight. Some of these include-

A) Common checks that should be done at home

1) Firstly, if you hint that your bulldog is looking overweight then quickly provide a press in the chest with minimal force.

2) After applying the chest press you should try to put fingers in the ribcage to detect any kind of bones. If you are unable to find any kind of bones then it is a probability that has underlying fat muscles.

3) The absence of bones leads to the conclusion that your dog already becomes overweight and needs attention to the earliest.

4) Lastly another fact that will be important to know that your bulldog should have a wider chest than it’s the abdomen. If this is not seen then it is also not good for your dog.

B) Important signs

I have already spoken about the size and weight of different French bulldogs with respect to gender and also about size. So strict monitoring of your dog should be done and it involves processes such as-

1) Noticing their spinal cord when they sleep or curl.

2) Top overview of your bulldog is highly advisable. The top view helps to figure out the parts that have gathered excess body fat.

3) It will be greatly suggested to notice the waistline for a further check on obesity.

4) Consulting a vet should also be done for proper guidance regarding their dog’s proper loss of weight.

C) Are they getting tired easily

The dynamism of dogs is very important as it is a part of their growth and development but however if your Frenchie is getting tired after a series of heavy work or activity.

Then there are signs that showcase that your dog might be suffering from obesity. The symptoms may also be experienced when a Frenchie develops panting, loss of breath even on a short walk, or climbing upwards through stairs.

Another major factor could also be hot weather or heavy humidity surroundings.

D) Unable to move freely

Movements form a very important part of dogs as they are known for their agility. Because of this, they are involved in various defense forces.

But however, if your bulldog faces any kind of problem regarding its movements such as running, licking, and even scratching their private parts or the parts that require cleaning.

A new gain of weight hampers the flexibility of your bulldog and make him/her obese.

Causes and problems due to obesity in French bulldog

There are various causes that raise the obesity level in your French bulldog. Some of these include

1) Diseases

a) Several factors are responsible for obesity that might not be your fault as your dog might be suffering from persistent diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism to name a few.

b) Neutering may be another reason as it reduces the energy level of your dog and makes them inactive.

c) The improper medication of your dog may also result in growing obesity.

d) The presence of parasites can cause changes in dietary habits

e) Bloating is also responsible due to illness.

2) The Age Factor

As I have already about the life span of your Frenchie. It is highly recommended that your favorite bulldog is aged and doesn’t want to be active in any way possible so it remains in a corner. The absence of any activity leads to the accumulation of weight and unnecessary fats.

3) Pregnancy possibility

If your dog suddenly gathers fats in a short duration of time. It is possible that Frenchie is pregnant and expecting newborns.

4) Irregular diet plan

The regulation of their diet is one of the major factors in the increase in the obesity levels in Frenchies. Because Frenchies are unable to control themselves and generally eat more than required.

5) Lack of Exercises

Involving your dog with physical activity is a very crucial procedure. It keeps the health and physique of your dog in check. But if there are no regular exercises your dog might develop obesity in due time.

Lastly, a proper diagnosis for the cause of the overweight should be done by a professional veterinary expert.

Things that should be done to reduce obesity and keep your Frenchie healthy

1) A proper diet regulation

The major cause for your Frenchie is the improper dietary measures that are adopted. It should be immediately stopped and a newly revised dietary plan should be introduced. This plan should include the choice of meals, proportions of the meal, and the timings that are involved.

2) The Choice of food

The dog food that is supplied after the knowledge of your dog’s weight condition should be light in nature so that your dog does not grow unnecessary body fats again.

The food should be full of a variety of nutrition and calories. The packaged food brought by the owner should be checked thoroughly for ingredients and substances used.

3) The proportion of food that should be given

The amount of food that should be the intake by your dog should be monetized properly by making a chart and following it.

The correct measure of food should be fed by following the appropriate guidelines set either by a vet or an expert pet care agency. You should not underfeed or overfed your dog that may hamper his health.

4) Unnecessary Treats

As an owner sometimes you tend to pamper your Frenchie as much you like. But the end results in a drastic change in the physique of your beloved Frenchie.

These treats contain high calories and make your dog fatter. So it is highly advised to you to come up with a plan or treat the distribution so that it keeps your dog’s calorie in check.

5) Weighing the Food

Above it is mentioned about the size and weight of your different Frenchies according to gender. The weighing machine will be a great help for the measurement of food.

The machine will help you to measure each and every meal before you serve your dog. With this methodology, you can keep track of its health and weight.

6) Take them to regular walks

Walking improves the health of both your dog and yourself. It assists your dog to adapt to the nearby surrounding and rejuvenates him. The freshness gives him new energy and makes your dog more active.

7) Usage of Toys

There are many fun games and activities that improve the mobility and energy levels of your bulldog. The most famous of them all is the woolen ball that keeps on rolling and motivates your dog to chase it.

Apart from this, there is another popular chasing game that is throwing the stick or bone. In this game you throw a stick or bone anywhere you want and your dog brings back to you. Frisbie is also another important game that may help to reduce the weight of your dog.


In order to give this article a perfect ending, not as a writer but also as an animal lover that we should take care of our dogs with our fullest potential. Frenchie Bulldogs are a special breed and need special care so that they do not obese and stay active with their friendliness.

This article was an attempt to bring much more awareness to all the readers both dog owners or not regarding the problems faced by Frenchies.

Dan James

Dan James is the founder and editor of FrenchBulldogio, a canine enthusiast who writes about what he's learned on the way of being a French Bulldog owner and sharing his advice, tips, and research.

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