When Do Frenchie Ears Stand Up?

Frenchie puppies are known for their adorably big, floppy ears. As they get older, their ears usually stand up straight. If you’ve recently adopted a Frenchie, you might be wondering; when do Frenchie ears stand up?

Frenchie ears, on average, will stand up by the time they are 15 weeks old, or about three months old. Every Frenchie pup is different, so their ears might stand up sooner, or may stand up one at a time. If your Frenchie’s ears haven’t started standing up by 15 weeks, it’s not necessarily cause for concern. 

In the case that you’re worried about why your Frenchie’s ears aren’t standing up yet, it’s best to talk to your vet so they can get a sense of any underlying conditions, or can determine whether or not your Frenchie is just unique. 

when do frenchie ear stand up?

The Science Of A Frenchie’s Ears

Those big Frenchie ears aren’t erect right away because the cartilage that helps them to stand up hasn’t developed yet. Typically, during the age that a Frenchie is teething, the cartilage is becoming strong enough to hold those big, floppy ears up. This is just a part of a Frenchie’s genetic makeup. 

Every Frenchie, just like other dogs and even people, will vary a little bit in their development. This isn’t anything you can really control; you just have to embrace your unique pup and learn and grow along with them. 

When Frenchies are born, their ears are typically already quite big, but they’ll sit along the sides of their face. It’s truly one of the many endearing qualities about these cute dogs. Their ears are not strong enough to stand up on their own because they cannot grow properly before they’re born. 

How Teething Impacts A Frenchie’s Ears

It may seem strange that your Frenchie’s teething is correlated to their ears, but it’s true. Typically when a Frenchie is between 5 and 10 weeks old, they will begin teething. In order for their little teeth to develop properly, the calcium they have stored in their body needs to help the process. Thus, that calcium cannot reach the ears to help that cartilage develop. 

If you happen to bring home a Frenchie puppy that is still going through their teething phase, you might notice that one or both of their ears will stand up occasionally. They may even droop back down after they’ve been standing up. This is because the calcium they need is still moving around the body. 

Can Feeding Frenchies Dairy Help Their Ears Stand Up?

Some Frenchie parents will give their Frenchies a little bit of plain yogurt to make sure they have enough calcium to grow nice and strong. They might also give them some treats of cheese or layout a small dish of milk for their puppy.

Even though the logic behind this practice makes sense, there is no scientific data that would suggest this helps a Frenchie’s ears stand up. There are many Frenchie parents who have tried this, and they have seen what they believe is success. 

The Ups And Downs Of Frenchie Ears

Even when you’ve seen both of your Frenchie’s ears stand up straight, they might end up flopping down again. You may also see one stay standing up, and the other drooping back down. You don’t need to be alarmed; as your Frenchie pup is growing, their ears will sometimes go from standing to flopping from time to time. 

Some Frenchies will also have erect ears that may slightly dip to one side, or the corners of the ears may flop down slightly. This is a completely normal part of a Frenchie’s development. They don’t always just stay up once they’ve risen for the first time. 

Sadly, some people who breed Frenchies have attempted to breed them in a way that their ears don’t end up standing up. This is usually done for aesthetic purposes and is called rose ears. 

Why Do Some Frenchie Parents Tape Their Ears Up?

There is a method that’s practiced to help encourage a Frenchie puppy’s ears to stand up. Essentially, this practice involves using masking tape to force the ears to stand upright. This method is usually only used by breeders. Their ears are usually left like this for five days. 

This method will not normally hurt your Frenchie if it’s done carefully. However, unless you are trained to raise animals, it’s best not to try this on your own. You should speak with a vet or a Frenchie expert in your area before trying this. 

What Else Can Be Done To Get My Frenchie’s Ears To Stand Up?

If you are worried about your Frenchie’s ears, your vet may recommend a few things that could potentially help them stand up. Any of their recommendations should not be attempted on your own. Your vet is going to know what’s best for your Frenchie. 

Some vets might simply suggest a change in their diet. This may involve switching their food to one that has a more adequate distribution of nutrients and minerals. They might also suggest a calcium supplement of some form that is safe for Frenchies to ingest. Any over-the-counter calcium supplement is not suitable for your pup.

If your Frenchie is having trouble navigating their teething process, some chew toys could be of great benefit to them. Teething can be uncomfortable and even painful for your Frenchie, and these chew toys help relieve some of that stress on their tender gums. 

What If My Frenchie’s Ears Never Stand Up?

Even though it’s uncommon to see a grown Frenchie with floppy ears, it’s not unheard of. It’s also not always because of a developmental issue, or any issue whatsoever with your Frenchie. As mentioned, if you’re concerned, consult a vet to see if there are any valid reasons you should be worried about your Frenchie’s development. 

Among Frenchie parents and experts, a Frenchie’s ears will usually rest into their final state around the eight-month mark as the teething process is complete for most Frenchie pups at this point. If one or both ears are still flopping about, this is usually the point that they’ll talk to the vet just to make sure nothing is causing their ears to stay floppy. 

At this point, there isn’t much known about if a Frenchie having permanently floppy ears is an issue. Floppy ears aren’t known to be a determinant of bad health, so long as they are kept clean regardless of whether or not they stand up. Your Frenchie may just be a rare find. 

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has ever known a Frenchie can attest to the fact that these dogs are one-of-a-kind, adorable bundles of joy that fulfill their pet parents with an endless amount of love and laughs. This is true for their personalities, as well as their appearance. Therefore, your concern about when do Frenchies ears stand up doesn’t need to be a concern every puppy is different. 

While it’s normal for most Frenchie puppies to have standing ears by three months, some puppies haven’t had their ears stand up until five or 10 months old. As long as your vet is happy with the way your sweet Frenchie is growing, you should be as well.

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