Are French Bulldogs Good With Rabbits?

Rabbits and french bulldogs have been known to not get along very well- but is this always the case? Find out in this post! Are french bulldogs good with rabbits?

There are many people who have rabbits as pets, while there are also many who own french bulldogs. It might be a common misconception that these two animals cannot coexist peacefully with one another.

While it’s true that some of them may not get along, it does vary from dog to dog and rabbit to rabbit. There are certain ways you can ensure they will both be safe around each other and live happily ever after together.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Rabbits?

How can I introduce my rabbit to my french bulldog?

It’s always a good idea to introduce animals that are new to your home slowly and carefully. This is especially true if you’re introducing a rabbit to your French Bulldog for the first time.

Rabbits and dogs can make great companions for each other. They are both very intelligent animals, but their personalities vary greatly.

French bulldog owners often wonder how to introduce a rabbit to their dog. The following steps will help you do this safely:

1) Put the dog in another room while you put the bunny in one of your laps or on the floor where it feels safe and secure

2) Let your pet sniff at the rabbit from a distance before slowly getting closer until they are comfortable with each other’s presence

3) Once they have made contact, allow them to play together so that they get used to being around one another

Frenchies and bunnies can make great companions 

French bulldogs and bunnies are the perfect pair. They have a lot in common, they’re both small, fluffy, and love to be around people. It’s not uncommon for French bulldog owners to also own rabbits as well.

Do french bulldogs get along with other animals? 

Many people that are considering a french bulldog for their first pet might be hesitant to get one because they’re not sure how other animals will react. Frenchies can make great pets with cats, dogs, birds and other small animals.

French bulldogs have a reputation of being very good around children but often times the opposite is true when it comes to more common household pets like cats and dogs.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “fighting like cats and dogs” and wondered if there is any truth to it. The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no, but for some breeds of both animals, they can get along just fine. One such breed would be french bulldogs. 

French bulldogs and rabbits both like to play and can be very affectionate towards one another

Rabbits and French bulldogs are both very affectionate animals that enjoy playing. If you have a rabbit or french bulldog, it’s important to understand their needs and how they interact with each other. They’re quite different in size, so the best way to introduce them is by starting off slow – let your pet get used to one another before letting them be friends.

What are the best breeds of dogs for rabbits? 

The best breeds of dogs for rabbits are those that can be around them without any problems. They are gentle and calm, but also have enough energy to keep up with the rabbit’s antics. Some dog breeds that work well with rabbits include Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and German Shepherds.

Information on rabbits 

Rabbits are highly social creatures. They form complex social structures and they need company, which is why it’s important to find out the appropriate types of animals for rabbits with your pet rabbit living in a home environment, which could be a Frenchie.

Rabbits have a strange digestive system. Food is passed through their tummy and droppings, called caecotrophs, are produced.

Rabbits eat these caecotrophs, allowing the food to be re-ingested in order for it to pass again as waste! Ensure your rabbit’s digestive system stays healthy by providing a healthy diet so that they can continue passing along this edible material once more.

Rabbits also grow teeth at quite an astonishing rate! Don’t forget about them when you’re checking up on your bunny; top front teeth grow 3 millimeters each week – keep tabs with our advice including information about how rabbits’ health checks work best if done correctly.

Pet bunnies can be trained, and I think it would be a blast figuring out what they like.

Pet rabbits respond well with positive reinforcement training. This means that you need to reward them for doing something good in order for the behavior to continue or else the bunny will not know why he should do this thing again next time without being rewarded.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Rabbits?

Rabbits and french bulldogs

French bulldogs are not the best hunters, but they still retain their wolf-like predatory instincts. So, could this be a problem with having a pet rabbit? If your french has been slowly introduced with your bunny and you’ve taken the right steps then this shouldn’t be a problem also growing up from young together makes the process a lot easier.

However, there are a number of different breeds that can be more aggressive than Frenchies. Afghan Hounds, Beagles, and Border Terriers have all been known to be hunters who will harm other animals when they come across them while out on walkies and Frenchies do not pose this aggression.

Are older french bulldogs ok with rabbits?

The first time I heard that rabbits were a bad idea to have with my older french bulldog, I didn’t believe it. After all, she’s a sweet dog and not aggressive at all. But after talking to some other owners of different breeds of dogs, I realized they had the same experience.

And now with so many people having pets in their homes these days, this question about rabbits and older Frenchies is one that comes up often enough for me to want to address it.

French Bulldogs are known as a hyper-energetic breed when they’re young but they mellow out as they age. So in theory you would think that having them around smaller animals like rabbits wouldn’t be an issue since the rabbit could get away from them easier and really it depends on your Frenchie as they’re all different but just try introducing them slowly following the steps above.


French Bulldogs are usually excellent with other pets and, in most cases, they should be good around rabbits. However this is more likely to happen if the Frenchie has grown up from a young pup with their rabbit friend and the correct introducing period has taken place.

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