Why are my French Bulldog’s ears curling?

French Bulldogs have outstanding features, including their most prominent bat-ears that make them look awesome. This is one character of a Frenchie that makes them charming and loveable. There is just one thing that new owners notices about their Frenchie’s ears that sometimes they curl backward’s when usually they should be erect and upright. So Why are my French Bulldog’s ears curling?

The truth is, your Frenchie’s ears will curl backward as their body forwards the calcium to their mouth when they are teething. You need not worry about this because, after the teething process, your dog’s ears will stop curling backward but will straighten out on their own.

Why are my French Bulldog's ears curling?

Do you need to worry if your Frenchie’s ears curl backward?

For first-time dog owners of this breed, they may get alarmed if they see their Frenchie’s ears, not growing as they should, that instead of upright and straight ears, it shows backward curling ears. This is not something for you to worry about because, in time, your dog’s ears will start growing upright.

what causes a French bulldog’s ears to curl?

It is a part of your dog’s growth and development and should not be something that you call the veterinarian for. Their ears will curl, at the time they are teething, and there will be a slight change in the appearance of their ears. If you are expecting your dog’s ears to develop and straighten, at the same time your dog is growing, you may get disappointed. You should set your expectation about this phase in their development.

What to do instead?

When your pup is teething, they will feel discomfort and will be in a bit of pain, so you should expect them to bite on things around the house. For you to stop this from happening, provide your pup with teething rings and gels to ease their discomfort and their urge to nip things, such as your shoes, the remote control, even the furniture.

Don’t focus on their ear growth during these times, but help your pup get through this period. A Frenchie will have 28 baby teeth at the start, and then this will be replaced starting when they are around three months old. Expect them to be fussy and restless until they have all their 42 adult teeth out.

You will also notice your dog’s ear looking odd as it curls backward, but this should not bother you at all as this period will only take a few months. The usual appearance of your Frenchie’s ears will come out after.

When will a French Bulldogs ears straighten out?

The Frenchie’s ears will straighten out between 4 to 5 months, some even take after 6-months before their ears will stand tall. The big, bat-ear shape you are expecting will appear.

Do I need to do anything for my Frenchie’s ears to straighten out?

This should not be something that you should worry about and let it develop naturally. There is nothing better but to let it run its course and wait for the bat-like ears to appear.

It will not help at all if you worry about the way your dog looks instead of worrying about his teething progression. Do not also follow whatever you read about how to manipulate their ear growth, cause if you are an owner who values your dog’s health more than how they look then you will patiently wait it out.

Frenchie’s ear health and its maintenance

Instead of waiting out for their ears to become erect and to stand out, read about their ear’s maintenance, and how to clean it. Their ears are exposed to environmental allergens, dust, dirt, among others. Since they have erect ears that are all standing up, so it is all open and vulnerable. You can help them by knowing how to take care of their ears, though it may be hard sometimes to keep them still since they don’t like this part of their hygiene that much.

It will not take too much of your time and may last for a minute or two. You only need to relax and calm your pooch, and you can do so by giving treats and being gentle while you are doing the task.

How do you clean a Frenchie’s ears?

Cotton balls or gauze is the best cleaning material since it can wipe the dirt and oil inside your dog’s ears easily. You can soak it in a solution of sodium chloride, or if you are not keen on using this solution, you can also use wet wipes.

Gently wipe the outer layer of your dog’s ears, then carefully open their ear canal so you can get the rest of the dirt that is clinging inside. Be careful not to scrub the layer of their ears as it can also get irritated with too much scrubbing or rubbing. There is an ear-cleaning solution that you can get from the vet, and this is used after every cleaning as it protects the inner layer of your dog’s ear further.

Before finishing the task, let your puppy have his treat and pat him on the head while praising him. This will remind him that ear-cleaning is a pleasant activity, and he will look forward to it next time and will not get wary of it.

Why are my French Bulldog's ears curling?

What else do I need to remember with my Frenchie’s ears?

Your pooch’s ears are prone to infection, and you should regularly check their ears for any discharge, blockage, or swelling. Anything that smells off should be something that you should investigate. When you notice them frequently shaking their head and if there is any redness in their ears, it is something that you should get a vet to check.

Although this is an important activity, it is also not advisable to clean your Frenchie’s ears too much cause there should be a healthy dose of ear wax present in his ears, so it can protect him from environmental allergens. You can clean their ears once a month, or if they frequently run outside and rub their head and body in the grass, you can check for small pieces of material left in their ears.

An ear infection is not uncommon with this breed, and you will notice a strong smell emitting from their ears and this is to be treated with antifungal medicine plus an ear cleaning solution that the vet may advise. This is not to be taken lightly cause ear yeast infection in Frenchie can make them uncomfortable. You don’t want your pooch acting crazy and shaking his head most of the day.

Should I worry if it is already six months and my Frenchie’s ears haven’t straightened out?

It is not uncommon for a Frenchie to still have curled ears after 6 months. There is no absolute time frame for the Frenchie’s straight ear growth. Sometimes their ears can straighten out in as fast as 4-months, while others don’t stand out until after 6-months.

However, if it is past a year of their ears still curling backward, this may mean poor development, or your pooch may lack calcium. What can you do?

Talk to the Breeder

By doing so, you will know whether there is a hereditary issue with your dog. If his parents have curled ears, then you may have a problem with your pooch’s ears as well. You can also rule out concerns with your dog’s parents, and you can take the next step instead.

Consult a Vet

It is wise to talk to your dog’s vet and let him check up on your pooch. He can give you a proper diet for your dog or advise you to change your dog’s diet. If your vet found out the issue or for any calcium deficiency, he may advise a calcium injection or food rich in calcium. Cottage cheese is low in salt but high in calcium, it can be given as a treat to your pup in small portions. Yogurt, milk, and fish are also some of the selections that may be advised, provided your dog is not allergic to any foods mentioned.

Some dog owners research online, and they follow what they read on social media instead of going to the vet for a proper diagnosis.

Don’t give them calcium supplements without the vet’s advice.

Yes, you only want your dog to look like a French Bulldog and not a dog with droopy ears on one side and one ear standing straight on the other. But you will just be causing your dog harm by giving them calcium supplements without the vet’s approval. There is a danger of giving them too much calcium, which can lead to further problems such as arthritis, joint problems, and bone spurts in your pup.


With your Frenchie’s ears, it is not something you should worry about cause there is a time that their ears will curl backward, and you cannot stop it from doing so. All you can do is wait until your pup is over with the teething process and for their ears to erect by themselves in due time. This is a natural process of French Bulldog’s ears, and they will require their owner’s understanding, patience, support, and awareness.

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