Are French Bulldogs Jealous?

Any French bulldog parent knows that choosing one of these dogs means choosing a dog who needs a lot of attention. Should you have other dogs, young kids, or a somewhat busy life, you might be concerned about whether or not a Frenchie can handle that. For instance, are French bulldogs jealous?

A French bulldog can absolutely be jealous, and can become sassy if their needs aren’t being met. That said, they are not prone to aggressive behavior that could potentially be harmful. You shouldn’t just ignore these tendencies though. You don’t want to inadvertently teach your Frenchie that acting out gets them what they want, and that it’s okay to be jealous. 

Before adopting a French bulldog, you need to consider whether or not you have the time and attention to give them. These dogs are definitely going to need it, and it’s not fair to adopt one only to expect them to be alone all the time, knowing they won’t be happy this way. 

Are French Bulldogs Jealous?

It’s not uncommon for French bulldogs to display jealous behavior. You’ll notice that a lot of these tendencies are going to revolve around you. These dogs are known for becoming quite dependent on their owners, which can be unhealthy as much as it’s endearing. It can be confusing for them to see you pay attention to others, when you are always their primary focus. 

French bulldogs are known to be susceptible to anxiety, especially when it comes to being separated from their pet parents. Not only is this sad, but it is detrimental to their health and overall wellness. A little bit of anxiety when you first adopt your French Bulldog is normal, but it should subside once they get used to their new environment. 

Above and beyond the anxiety, Frenchies are the definition of companion animals. This very loyal breed thrives on physical affection, playful interaction, and walking through life alongside humans. If they had it their way, there wouldn’t be a moment of time that you two were apart. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, so ensuring your Frenchie learns healthy ways to be independent is crucial. 

How French Bulldogs Show Their Jealousy 

By nature, a French bulldog is relatively calm and doesn’t tend to lash out in scary or threatening ways. If they are trying to divert your attention away from something or someone else, however, you are going to know it. Frenchies are patient in that they will keep going after what they want until they get it. 

They will likely make noises at you, such as whining, howling, and pretty much any other noise they can come up with to make you stop what you’re doing and give them attention instead. They might also pace around in an effort to get you to look at them. 

They might also end up growling at you or barking, especially if you are paying attention to another animal. Afterwards, they will probably follow you around in an effort to soak up some affection. Frenchies tend to like to follow their human parents around regardless, as these dogs are bonders. 

When your French Bulldog shows this kind of behavior, you might be tempted to just give in and shower them with love. Instead, they should be given a toy or asked to wait or sit down so you can do what you need to. Afterwards, give them some love. They shouldn’t be left to feel neglected, but they also shouldn’t learn to manipulate you either. 

Are French Bulldogs Jealous Of Other Dogs?

Your French bulldog could become jealous of other dogs if they perceive that they are taking up too much of your time. You need to be sure you have enough love and time to spread around before adopting multiple pets, especially if you don’t live with other people that can share in the responsibilities. 

When having another animal in the home with a French bulldog, each will need to be given adequate attention, affection, and dedicated time that is just for them and either you or another person in the home. Otherwise, each animal can get jealous, and they might take it out on each other. 

How To Introduce French Bulldogs To Other Dogs

You can try to avoid having them act territorial or possessive of you by having them socialize with other animals as part of their early training. This can be done by taking them on walks and to dog parks. Be sure to bring treats with you to reward them for interacting nicely with other animals. 

Until you know how your Frenchie reacts to other dogs, they should be kept on a leash at all times. This is especially important when they’re around dogs you aren’t familiar with, as you don’t know how other dogs will react to them. Frenchies tend to get along with other dogs pretty well, especially if they are still your number one. 

Are French Bulldogs Jealous?

How To Handle A Jealous French Bulldog 

Having a Frenchie learn that it’s normal for other animals and people to be around early will help them come around to the concept more easily. It’s important to reiterate that French bulldogs are a time commitment, and aren’t suitable for homes without human family members home for much of the day. 

Your French Bulldog should be given opportunities to entertain themselves and should be encouraged to do so. Providing them with toys that they can throw around on their own and interact with can help them find healthy outlets for their energy and keep them distracted when you need to be doing something else. 

When a French bulldog gets bored, they are more likely to act out. This is even more true when you are otherwise engaged. They can be persistent, which can become a nuisance. However, if you give in each time, they will learn that they can pester you until you ignore other responsibilities to serve them. 

Your Frenchie needs to be taught that there is enough love to go around, and that it’s not appropriate to act out towards other people or animals. If you have more than one person in the home, be sure each person has the opportunity to bond with your pup. This will let them know that if you’re busy, they can find others to dote on them. 

Final Thoughts 

So are French bulldogs jealous? They absolutely can be. While it’s endearing to have an animal companion that loves you so much, you don’t want them to form unhealthy attachments that make it hard for them to cope when you’re not right beside them at all times. This can breed massive bouts of anxiety which can be harmful for your Frenchie’s health. 

Finding a balance between meeting their needs and allowing them to develop a certain level of independence isn’t easy, but it’s possible with training, socialization, and ensuring your lifestyle is appropriate to make a French Bulldog a very happy dog. It’s going to take time, patience, and a few mistakes, but your Frenchie is adaptable to your needs when they know they’re loved. 

Regardless, these dogs need human parents that are around a lot. These dogs have a lot of love to give, and it’s a love that is way too hard to resist.

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