Why do French bulldogs rub themselves?

If you have a French Bulldog, you’ll know about their habit of rubbing themselves. You may get weirded out by this behavior if you are a new owner of a Frenchie, but this behavior is just natural with this breed.

Because of their anatomy, they have issues reaching parts of their body. Other dogs can reach some parts of their body when they try to clean themselves. Frenchies can’t reach some parts of their body to scratch it, let alone clean it. So they end up rubbing themselves.

So, what is the reason your Frenchie keeps on rubbing himself?

Why do French bulldogs rub themselves?

Rubbing their genitals

This may seem like your Frenchie is getting maniacal by rubbing himself regularly with his teddy, his pillow, and other cushions that his genital can reach.

You may even see him lying flat on the carpet trying to scratch his willy or her vagina, but this is just your Frenchie’s way of scratching their itch in that part of their body since it is impossible for them to reach it, this is the only way they get to scratch it.

One other reason is if a flea or tick is biting him on that part of his body, and you may not notice this immediately unless you check. Some ticks and fleas are hard to detect at first, but with careful inspection, you may find them clinging to that sensitive area of your Frenchie.

It can also be a sign of irritation or an infection that makes them highly uncomfortable, and they cannot control their frequent itching so they can get the relief they need.

If rashes are appearing on your Frenchie’s genitals or the skin surrounding the genital area is reddish in color, you should have this checked by the vet.

Frenchies, at the onset of puberty, may begin rubbing their genitals, and this goes with some humping behavior.

This is the dog’s way of pleasuring themselves that will start at a certain age.

Rubbing their Body

Even though French Bulldogs have difficulty cleaning themselves, rubbing their body is their attempt at self-cleaning. No matter how futile, at least they are trying.

  • Your Frenchie may be suffering from food allergies, and this is the reason they love to rub themselves on the appliances, or your furniture. They may even fit under the table and can rub their back on anything that protrudes to ease that impulse.

  • This may also mean they are marking their territory by leaving their scent on the door, wall, or furniture. When other dogs smell this scent, it will warn other dogs from going inside your dog’s territory.

  • Don’t be surprised when they use your legs to rub themselves as well, as this is also their way of marking you to signal that you are a member of his pack and the other reason they used to rub themselves on you is when there is nothing else to use to rub their body.

  • Just like pests located on their genitals, you can also find fleas and ticks clinging and hiding in their thin, short coats. This is another reason they will keep on rubbing themselves on any furniture over and over. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that their flea and tick treatments are up to date. Getting them checked by the vet is another option.

  • When your Frenchies have a skin infection, they will also try to ease the itchies and will keep on rubbing that part of the skin that may have issues. Check your Frenchie’s folds and see if a funky smell is emanating from the folds or if you detect any rashes on their skin, and discovery of moisture can mean a start of skin infection.

  • This is the same with their facial folds, paw, or even their ears. You will see them rubbing their ears, and it may be something you need to check out cause there are ear mites that can invade your dog’s ears, or dirt may be collecting in there, hence the frequent rubbing.

  • When they start rubbing their faces while making grunting noises, your Frenchie may be getting the comfort they seek from rubbing their face on any furniture available. This can be a sign of allergy that is too itchy and is causing them too much discomfort.

  • They will also rub their body by rolling on the grass or the floor so they can get the same scent as the thing they are rubbing on. You can also see this behavior after you bathe them as they will roll their body on the grass, trying to remove the scent of the shampoo or soap that you used on them. Even to the extent of rubbing themselves on the smelly area of the grass just to mask the scent.

French bulldog Rubbing their behind or their bum on the floor

This action is not just centered on Frenchies alone, but other dogs also have this tendency, but you can frequently see this with French bulldogs.

Frenchies, when they poop, can have some fecal matter getting stuck on their behind or they may not be able to pass everything out and this will cause them to scoot uncontrollably trying to get the pieces out. This can create a smelly behind, and they will require some help with cleaning.

Other reasons your Frenchie will keep scooting their bum on the floor can be one of these things.

  • Presence of parasites or worms. You need to ensure that your dog has the scheduled deworming done.

  • UTI infection can also cause them to scoot their behind besides rubbing their genitals.

  • Rectum protrusion or Rectal prolapse will need immediate attention of the vet. The vet may stitch the prolapse portion of the rectum and prevent another prolapse to happen.

  • Anal Gland or anal sac infection can cause the dog to keep on scooting on the floor. The anal sac may be full and needs to be expressed. This can cause high discomfort to your dog and may cause excessive itching.

  • The presence of wounds or injury on their behind is also possible, though this is not common, it can also be another cause of your dog’s excessive scooting.

  • Allergies may prompt your dog to rub their behind whenever possible. This is because of the excessive itch they may be feeling because of allergies. They will need to be checked by the vet and prescribed the required medicine for the allergy.

How to help your Frenchie with this behavior?

When you see your Frenchie rubbing their genitals, and after you checked and rule out rashes or allergies, then they may be pleasuring themselves. Vets suggested having them spayed or neutered to remove mentioned behavior. This will also stop future humping and bumping on things to give them the fulfillment they seek.

Best to get the advice of the vet, so you’ll know what is the thing to do next.

When your Frenchie won’t quit rubbing their body. You should rule out tick and fleas, allergy, skin irritation, ear, and skin infection. The next step is to ensure that they are clean and check their grooming requirements.

They have their grooming needs that must be met. Even simple brushing and combing will lessen the rubbing episode. Keeping their folds clean can also stop the behavior from happening frequently.

It is in preventing issues from arising that will assure you of a happier and more relaxed pooch.

When you bathe them, make sure that they will not run outside to roll on the grass and pick up whatever smell is in there. Use a clean towel to dry your dog after bathing, so it will not overwhelm them with the wet skin and the smell of soap and shampoo.

Why do French bulldogs rub themselves?

Seeing your Frenchie rubbing their behind.

Check their bum for any feces that may be blocking their anus or see if there is a fecal matter that is stuck on the fur from their behind. Trim the anal part for excess hair growth as this also causes feces to get stuck and will make your Frenchie scoot on the floor.

Examine if there are any swollen areas or spots on their anus and if there are, it could mean that there is an impacted anal sac that requires a vet check-up.

Rule out the presence of rashes or reddish skin on their behind. The key is in being observant and inspecting your Frenchie from time to time.

If the behavior did not stop, and you already ruled out the above, the culprit may be worms or parasites. They need to undergo a laboratory check-up with the help of the vet, so they will provide the proper deworming medicine.

Now you won’t get alarmed when you see your beloved Frenchie doing some loving..err.. rubbing on your furniture, floor, your wall, or even pillows.

As long as you are sure that they are being provided with everything they need, they have their vet check-up as required; you are cleaning them as needed, then their rubbing may be something that makes them happy, let them have that little happiness – they deserve it.

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