Why French Bulldogs are the best?

French bulldogs or “Frenches” are a compact and sturdy breed known for their bat-like ears, short snouts and oversized heads. This breed has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years because of their playful, lovable and lively nature.

Most Frenchie owners will tell you that this affectionate and cute dog makes the perfect pet for a wide variety of families.

If you live in a smaller home, you may look for a small, sturdy, average sized dog. One that is friendly with strangers, other animals, and children, as well as being an intelligent and loyal breed.

My family has owned French bulldogs for decades so you could accuse us of being biased(you wouldn’t be wrong). But you cannot accuse us of just recently jumping on the Frenchie bandwagon.

We have many close friends and other family members who are huge fans of this dog. So instead of you having to take my word for it, I asked other friends and owners why they think this breed is among the best in the world. Here are some of the most common answers that they gave.

#1 They don’t care about the weather

Frenchies are naturally active and curious dogs, so no matter what the weather, your French bulldog will be perfectly fine with you taking them for their daily walk. Whether it’s the height of the summer or the middle of the winter, Frenchies don’t care that despite their short coats they’re happy to go out in any temperature. Having said that, you might want to buy them an extra protective layer just to be safe.

#2 They love to play with other dogs

French bulldogs are initially bred to be perfect companions, making them an excellent and affectionate addition to any household. If you already have a dog on site, you don’t have to worry as they will get along with nearly every breed. You will quickly see your dogs clowning around at the earliest opportunity.

#3 Prone to unexpected outbursts

One of my best friends bought a French bulldog puppy on my recommendation and couldn’t be happier with a roly-poly bundle of energy. The reason she gave for French bulldogs being one of the best breeds in the world is that her Frenchie constantly surprises her by bursting into the room close on the tail of his favorite football.

He keeps himself constantly entertained chasing footballs and tennis balls around the house. It has even played the occasional game of one-on-one in the backyard with kids.

#4 No two days are the same

My uncle also has a French bulldog, we bought him one when his wife passed unexpectedly. His buddy (the dog’s name too) is constantly looking for attention by skittering across the tiles in the kitchen and rolling around the rug in front of the fire.

One thing’s for sure: when this one little bundle of energy starts squeaking, garbling, and yipping at you trying to express their opinion on a variety of different topics, we can guarantee you that life will never boring again.

Are french bulldogs good pets?

#5 Perfectly happy in more confined spaces

Many of my friends were forced to live in smaller apartments when they were younger. Being dog lovers, they’re nervous about forcing pets to live in more confined spaces. They quickly found that Frenchies are among the best breeds for anyone living in a smaller apartment.

They’re totally happy to operate with that space, and some even prefer their own corner for extra security or safety. Frenchies can make perfect companions for any singleton, regardless of their age. This breed of dog is adaptable and has a tendency to fit themselves to the characteristics of their owners.

#6 Worlds best couch companion

As your Frenchie gets older, they will have a tendency to become more relaxed and dignified and happy to go days without lots of exercise. If you’re looking for the perfect companion to snuggle up next to on the couch, but one may not need a walk every day.

A Frenchie could be the perfect addition to your household. One of my friends describes them as the world’s best couch potato, as they love nothing more than snoozing and snuggling with you as you sit back, relax and watch your favorite TV show.

#7 Add a comic edge to your household

That they are low maintenance makes French bulldogs very popular, however Frenchies will occasionally need a bath. This is one of the best opportunities you’ll get to see these Goofy dogs let loose some of their most comical antics. You quickly learn that they are pretty indignant about being bathed and aren’t shy about protesting vocally.

#8 They love attention

One of the greatest fears people have when buying new dogs is how they will interact with their family and friends. French bulldogs adore attention and because of this they actively seek anyone who comes into your home looking for a playful pat or a scratch behind the ear.

Because they have very sensitive hearing, they can react negatively to loud noises or shouting. If you’re trying to get your message across, it’s best to use positive reinforcement rather than any loud vocal criticism.

If you are not convinced as yet, Why French bulldogs are the best? Here are some interesting facts about the breeds that will surely convert you to one of their increasingly loyal fan base.

They aren’t French

Probably one of the most interesting facts about French bulldogs that most people are completely unaware of is that they aren’t French. The breed originated in the North Linden in Nottingham.

They were bright as loyal companions for lacemakers during the period of the Industrial Revolution as mechanization threatened the least making industry Nottingham many lace makers were forced to move to France. because they took their loyal companions with them the popularity of the breed exploded when they were introduced to the French public too quickly adopted them as their own.

Known as great watchdogs

Despite their diminished size, Frenchies make an effective watchdog. They’re fiercely territorial, but they’re typically not excessive barkers. If your Frenchie barks, it’s advisable that you pay attention as they have sensed a stranger nearby.

One of the USA most popular city dogs

In a survey conducted in three of the largest cities in the US San Francisco Los Angeles and New York city residents ranked French bulldogs and their most popular breed

Famous flatulent snorers

Some people may find this trait endearing on others may not but according to the French bulldog club of America Frenchies are notoriously flatulent and heavy snorers. Meaning if you have a potion for either purchasing one of these dogs will give you someone else to blame next time.

Possess a library of distinct noises

Frenchy’s can never be accused of being the quietest breed of dog capable of making the strangest noises outside of snorting they have a series of grunts and snorts that they can apply to a variety of different situations

Be prepared for their stubborn streak

Unless you can get a handle on your Frenchy’s training from a young age, you could easily end up with one of the most hard-headed and stubborn dogs you’ll ever encounter.

If you ever want to win this battle of wills you’re going to have to use consistent patient and positive training that includes treats from a very young age.

However, despite your best efforts trying to get them to behave or learn certain tricks, they will inevitably come up with their own interpretation of them.

Be prepared for what’s known as the Frenchie 500

As we mentioned previously that Frenchies are known for exuberance so if you find it circling your coffee table 500 times hopping out on and off furniture as it goes don’t be surprised.

Have a series of famous fans

French bulldogs have several a-list celebrity fans including Hugh Jackman, Hilary Duff, Zach Braff, Lady Gaga and even Martha Stewart the name a few.

Some are known to sulk

Despite their slightly erratic behavior, your friendship will have a tendency to be sensitive and not take well to being scolded. Don’t be surprised if they wander off the sulk in a corner anytime they’ve been reprimanded for their behavior.

They will play dead

If your French bulldog doesn’t want to do something, expect them to play dead. They will just plonk their 25lb bodies down and refuse to move.

They have an interesting history

Referred to as the Bouledouge Francis’ French bulldogs quickly became favorites among the artists and ladies associated with how he was in that life. Even to the stage where they regularly became centerpieces of paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec, a famous French artist on the period.

A great temperament

French bulldogs have an affectionate, playful loyal adaptability and more than anything else tolerant nature. It’s important to teach your children to treat all dogs with respect and be gentle with them.

Notoriously rough on toys

We also know our French bulldogs as the toy terminators, they will have no respect for anything you buy them and can rip the stuffing and squeakers out of any toy.

I hope this article has convinced you to welcome one of these amazing dogs into your home and heart. Trust me, it’s something you will never regret.

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