15 Reasons Why French Bulldogs are the Best

Different dog breeds reach the height of their popularity at different times. It seems that now, French Bulldogs are all the rage. Even though the breed came about as early as the 19th century, they are becoming only more popular with each passing year.

However, you might not see the appeal of a French Bulldog at first. If those batlike ears and soppy, imploring eyes aren’t enough to make you adore this breed already, don’t worry! We have fifteen facts that are sure to make you fall in love with French Bulldogs.

why french bulldogs are the best

1. They Have a Colorful History

Despite its name, the French Bulldog doesn’t actually have its origins in France. At first, they were popular lap dogs of English lacemakers in Nottingham. When the Industrial Revolution automized their business, however, the lacemakers had to move elsewhere to find work.

They emigrated to France, and of course, they just had to take their wonderful companions with them. There, the breed became instantly adored, and it was selectively bred until it gained both its name and the distinctive qualities it is known for today.

2. They were a Symbol of Personality

After the French Bulldog became extremely popular in France, it seemed as though everyone had to own one. They soon became a symbol of people who enjoyed sophisticated socialization and luxury.

Despite their grumpy face, something about this dog captured the hearts of artists, as well. The famous painter Toulouse-Lautrec found them so endearing that he included French Bulldogs in a few of his paintings.

3. They Make Good Watchdogs

While the French Bulldog temperament doesn’t exactly scream “watchdog” at a first glance, they can actually make fairly decent dogs. Maybe a French Bulldog wouldn’t be considered as successful at being a watchdog as, say, a Rottweiler.

Still, they’re surprisingly protective of their owners as well as their territory. While they don’t bark often, if they feel that their territory is being threatened, a French Bulldog won’t be afraid to let out a few deep, throaty barks. If you do happen to hear your Frenchie barking, it’s usually a good sign that something is wrong.

4. They Make Excellent City Pets

Large dogs like Huskies require a lot of room to stretch those long legs. French Bulldogs, however, are perfectly suited to urban life; especially in apartments.

Strenuous exercise can be dangerous for French Bulldogs, due to their flattened faces, so they make excellent pets to keep in the city. Don’t believe us? The French Bulldog has been ranked the number one dog breed in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles!

5. They’re a Little Gross (In a Cute Way!)

French Bulldogs are notorious for snoring. Who knew such a little body could make such a loud sound? On top of that, if they are fed wheat products, some French Bulldogs can produce quite a bit of flatulence.

While this might gross some owners out, most die-hard Frenchie lovers think it’s all part of their charm.

6. They’re Communicative

A French Bulldog will always let you know what’s on its mind, even if you can’t understand it. While they aren’t known for barking very often, they certainly don’t mind grunting, snorting, and making all sorts of weird little sounds throughout the day.

7. They’re Adorably Stubborn

While not as stubborn as some dog breeds, French Bulldogs certainly have a hard-headed streak of their own. Something about that cute face is just so hard to give into, which can make training a French Bulldog a bit difficult at times.

Training a French Bulldog takes a lot of time and dedication (plus plenty of treats). While you might be tempted to give up, finally teaching your French Bulldog its first trick is an extremely rewarding experience. If you can get past their stubbornness, the intelligent nature of a French Bulldog will always win!

8. They’re Surprisingly Energetic (Sometimes)

Most days, you’ll probably find your French Bulldog lounging around in various positions all over the furniture.

However, sometimes your French Bulldog will find a random burst of energy, which it will then channel into what many owners lovingly refer to as the “Frenchie 500.” Similar to the “zoomies” of cats, a French Bulldog will run circles around your tables or jump on and off various furniture items, resulting in some adorable entertainment.

9. They’re Popular Among Celebrities

Mysterious though it may be, something about French Bulldogs seems to attract them to the limelight. Many celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, and John Mulaney all have their own French Bulldogs, and these celebrities love to gush about their pups all day long.

10. They’re Sensitive

Despite the stubborn streak we mentioned earlier on, French Bulldogs can also be quite sensitive. A firm scolding will be enough to make your poor Frenchie hang its head and mope around for the rest of the afternoon!

11. They Play Dead

If your French Bulldog isn’t in the mood to go on a walk, it won’t hesitate to let you know! Even though they’re pretty small, they’ll go completely limp if you’re trying to pull them on a leash.

Their stubborn streak will make it pretty difficult to drag them out for a walk if your French Bulldog isn’t in the mood- especially if you have a large French Bulldog.

12. They’re Entertaining

Their mischievous side can make them a bit hard to handle at times, but overall, living with a French Bulldog is extremely entertaining. They love getting into any sort of trouble that their stubby little legs will allow!

13. They Love Kids

French Bulldogs are both sturdy and patient. So long as you teach your child how to properly handle a dog, a French Bulldog will tolerate dress-up and all sorts of play. Don’t let that grumpy face fool you; deep down inside, all French Bulldogs are big softies!

14. They’re a Little Destructive

As adorable as they are, French Bulldogs are the worst at being kind to their toy; they have a penchant for ripping apart anything stuffed! Be careful that the toys you provide don’t have any choking hazards.

So long as your dog toys are completely safe, your French Bulldog will have a great time destroying them!

15. They Have Big Personalities

No matter how small a French Bulldog seems to be, they have tons of personality in their tiny bodies. They are smart, loyal, and a little bit mischievous, and all of these things together make French Bulldogs the best breed you could hope for!

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