How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Fart Less?

You can’t stop your French Bulldog from farting all the time, as you undoubtedly already know, because of the breed’s autonomy. However, you may help your dog fart less by providing your pup with high-quality dog food, purchasing a slow-feeding dog bowl or supplementing them with nutrients like prebiotics, peppermint oil, carminatives, dry activated charcoal or Imodium.

Continue reading to learn more about why your French Bulldog may be farting excessively and how you, as their owner, may lessen their flatulence for the sake of both you and your dog.

how do i get my french bulldog to fart less?

Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much?

You might be wondering why your French Bulldog farts so much? Due to their exceptionally sensitive stomachs, French bulldogs have far more flatulence than any other dog breed.

Farting in French Bulldogs is usually triggered by a change in food or something the dog ate that they didn’t like. The French Bulldog is classified as a brachycephalic breed. Simply expressed, this indicates that their faces are flat and smushed.

These dogs have a habit of swallowing a lot of air when they eat. Their flatulence can also worsen if they eat too rapidly, causing this air to become stuck in their intestines.

While a few farts here and there might be amusing, excessive gas can make being around your Frenchie difficult. Fortunately, because Frenchies are gassy, these rotten farts are typically nothing to be concerned about.

Your Frenchie’s Food May be Causing their Excessive Gas

Your French bulldog’s diet is the primary cause of their becoming a tiny gas engine. There are many different kinds of dog food on the market, but not all of them have the right components for your dog.

Excess carbs in processed and commercial meals are unhealthy for Frenchies. Carbohydrates, especially fermentable meals like beans and broccoli, include carbs and sugar that create intense flatulence.

Food allergies can develop in dogs, just like they can in humans. They can’t digest high-fibre cereals like wheat and create gas as a result. Furthermore, their lactose sensitivity to milk or cheese might produce flatulence and diarrhea.

Obesity and Lack of Exercise May Be Causing Your Frenchie’s Excess Gas

Walking your Frenchie is another great way to not only keep them in shape but reduce their smelly gas. Dogs stay healthy when they exercise and keep a consistent weight. Obesity, on the other hand, contributes to chronic gas.

Your Frenchie’s Excess Gas Could Be Caused by Table Scraps

Never give your French Bulldog table leftovers, despite their drooping hungry eyes. Human food contains carbohydrates, starches, sugars, and other substances that irritate a dog’s stomach. Table scraps will almost certainly convert your French Bulldog’s farts into stink bombs if fed to him.

What Can I Do to Help My French Bulldog Fart Less?

The French Bulldog is a well-known gasser. One of the most prevalent complaints among Frenchie Bulldog owners is farting. If you get a French Bulldog, you’ll quickly learn that they are prone to gas.

Keep track of your French Bulldog’s farts and change their food. However, consult your veterinarian before making any drastic changes to your pup’s diet.

A Change in Diet Can Help Lessen Your Frenchie’s Flatulence

One of the best things an owner can do to make their French bulldog’s fart less is to adjust its food. You should avoid giving it meals that are high in both fibre and fat. You should also restrict dairy products and avoid giving spicy meals to your dog because canines are not designed to eat these foods in the same way that humans are.

Furthermore, foods that are difficult to digest, such as beans and sweets, should be avoided by your Frenchie. These items will be difficult for your puppy’s stomach to handle, which will only result in excessive farting. Or, even worse, it might lead to other health problems.

When it comes to adjusting your dog’s food, do it cautiously. Give its stomach and intestines ample time to adjust. Use extreme caution while introducing your Frenchie to a new diet since it can result in both diarrhea and vomiting.

Remember to watch your French bulldog’s reaction to the new food. If the farting becomes more severe, you should swap foods until you discover one that works well.

Feeding Human Food to Your French Bulldog Should be Done with Caution

French bulldogs can eat human food. However, you must be highly cautious about what you feed your dog. Keep in mind that some table foods are safe for a Frenchie, while others may be harmful.

You should never feed your French bulldog table scraps. Treat it as though it were a person. It is preferable to purchase natural foods or create meals for your pup yourself.

Lean meat, fruits like apples, bananas, blueberries, and cantaloupes, as well as vegetables like cabbage, eggplants, and carrots, are all examples of human foods that you may feed to your Frenchie. Things like shrimp and salmon can also be served.

When purchasing foods for your French bulldog, choose readily digestible ones to avoid flatulence and unpleasant farts.

To Reduce Flatulence in Your Frenchie, Purchase a Slow-Feeding Doggie Bowl.

A slow-feeding dish for your dog can assist them in avoiding inhaling too much air while eating. This unique dish will encourage your dog to eat more slowly by requiring it to use its tongue to devour little chunks of food at a time.

Bloating is minimized when a French bulldog feeds at a slower pace. Your French bulldog’s digestive system will be able to correctly process the food, which will help avoid gastrointestinal problems.

If necessary, you may keep an eye on your dog as it eats to ensure that it is not speeding through the food in the doggy dish.

You can check our ultimate guide to slow-feeding dog bowls here.

Supplementing Your French Bulldog with Nutrients to Reduce Gas

Supplementing Peppermint Oil into Your Frenchie’s Meal

Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of peppermint oil in reducing flatulence in humans, so it may work for your Frenchie as well. Don’t worry, as peppermint oil is non-toxic and will not harm your dog.

By boiling fresh peppermint leaves, anyone can make their own peppermint oil. The water may then be added to your French bulldog’s diet. You may also buy peppermint essential oil and add a few drops to your dog’s food or drinking water if you like.

Supplementing Your French Bulldog’s Meal with Probiotics

Another fantastic gas cure for your French bulldog is to give them probiotics. Probiotics can help dogs’ digestive and immunological systems. Thus, they’re beneficial to all dogs.

Short-chain fatty acids are produced by living microorganisms, which inhibit the actions of harmful bacteria in a dog’s stomach and intestines. Probiotics, in a nutshell, help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Particular milk and dairy products contain natural probiotics, such as yogurt and cottage cheese. Sourdough bread and fermented veggies may also be beneficial to your French bulldog.

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Dietary Supplements for Your French Bulldog’s Diet

You can provide nutritional supplements containing zinc acetate to your Frenchie to help reduce the stench of the gas they’re passing. Although this will not truly lower the frequency of farting, it will assist to alleviate their unpleasant stench.

Dry activated charcoal, carminative, simethicone, and Imodium are some more drugs and supplements that can help with stinky farts.

However, check sure the dietary supplement is labeled for dogs before buying it. However, always consult your veterinarian to be safe.


So from my experience from owning a french bulldog and talking to other Frenchie owners, it seems that there a little bit more flatulent than other’s, which is something that you can get used to, it’s a good sign that your Frenchie is relaxed and healthy. I can definitely recommend using a slow-feeding dog bowl to help with digestion and the probiotic supplements are good for gut health and digestion.

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