Are French bulldogs high maintenance?

are french bulldogs high maintenance?

You’ve probably heard divided opinions if French bulldogs are high maintenance?

In my experience, you find that by following a simple grooming routine your Frenchie won’t require anymore TLC than and the other breed.

You won’t have to spend large amounts of money to keep them happy and healthy.

The entire process starts by choosing to purchase a puppy from a recognized breeder.

By doing this, be able to avoid a dog that may have underlying predispositions to specific health problems.

After that, you just have to purchase a basic grooming kit for a daily grooming routine, take them for regular veterinary visits, and occasionally get them professionally groomed.

The basics of French bulldog maintenance

We’ve had French bulldogs in our family for decades.

We’ve learned a thorough process of trial and error some basic maintenance tips that will help you keep your Frenchie healthy.

Grooming your Frenchie

Thankfully, one thing you can be grateful for when you purchase a French bulldog is that they’re considered pretty moderate shedders.

Grooming them once a week using a high-quality brush or a silicone grooming glove helps me reach all the parts of my Frenchies body that need to be groomed while remaining gentle on their skin.

Tips to help groom your Frenchie

  • One of the first things you should add to your grooming kit is a high-quality glove or brush. It’s important to purchase one that’s been designed to be used on short hair dogs.

  • Despite what you might think your Frenchie can benefit from being groomed daily and this should happen from a young age

  • Daily grooming helps spread natural oils, helps them relax by awakening their nerve endings, stimulates blood flow and circulation to their skin and removes any debris dirt or dead hair and dead skin cells

Bathing your Frenchie

How often your Frenchie will need a bath will depend on their lifestyle.

If your darling is anything like mine and they love nothing more than getting dirty and puddles of mud are simply dog nip, obviously they will need to let you bathe them more frequently.

One of the most important things you can do when bathing your dog is to find the most suitable French bulldog shampoo.

There are some French bulldogs dry cleaning foams on the market that you can also use between bathing that will help you keep your bulldogs coast clean.

Tips for bathing your Frenchie

  • I like to use an organic, allergen-free doggie shampoo, one that is specifically designed for my Frenchies sensitive skin. The one I use helps remove drool and tear stains too.
  • One thing I learned early on is that French bulldogs have very sensitive skin and because of this it’s important to keep a close eye on the water temperature you use when bathing them.

  • If the temperature is too high, you can easily scald their pads, belly, nose, and ears. Never risk being more aggressive than lukewarm water.

  • Bathing your frenchie regularly will help

  • Bathing eases issues they may have with allergies

  • Reduces their level of shedding.

  • When they’re young, it will help you bond with your dog

  • But more than anything else it will help remove any odors or dirt
are french bulldogs high maintenance?

French Bulldogs and their nails

I have yet to encounter a dog who enjoys the sight of a nail trimmer in their owner’s hands and your friend will be no different.

When you try to trim their nails, it’s vital that you do so carefully and purchase a nail trimmer that has been specifically designed to reduce any discomfort or pain.

Having treats on hand and using soft comforting words, and maybe even giving them a cuddle will make the act of nail trimming easier.

The newer nail trimmers are extremely efficient and safe to use they will leave your Frenchies nails smooth and neatly rounded you can also avoid much of the mess caused by cheaper nail clippers.

Tips for trimming your Frenchies nails

  • One of the most important steps to successfully trimming any dog’s nails is to keep them distracted.

  • If you frequently hold their phones and touch their legs cheerfully and gently from a very young age, then they’ll get used to their feet being handled and make nail trimming much more straightforward.

  • I have found that a bribe works really well during the Netherland process my friend she is a particular fan of peanut butter and I give him a dollop on a spoon just to make the nail trimming process easier

Keeping your Frenchies folds clean

Skin folds and wrinkles are a cute feature of French bulldogs .

However, it’s important to understand that unless you maintain and safely clean these folds regularly, they will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dirt and moisture can easily collect, and the easiest way to clean them is to use a sanitized damp cloth or even baby wipes.

Tips for cleaning your bulldogs folds

  • if you clean your bulldog’s wrinkles when they’re a puppy they get used to the process and will rarely complain as they get older.

  • If you notice any irritation or foul odor in the wrinkles, immediately bring them to a veterinarian as it may be a sign of dermatitis.

Cleaning your French bulldogs tail pocket

Having to deal with tail pocket problems is not something any dog owner looks forward to.

Unfortunately with your Frenchies if not kept clean it can quickly become irritated, sore, and red. This irritation can lead to a severe infection if left unattended.

Tips to help avoid tail pocket issues

  • The easiest way to avoid problems with your Frenchy’s tail market is to always keep it dry and clean.

  • Having a mild unscented wet wipe and some paper towel handy will make your life easier.

  • It’s important to remember that your Frenchy’s rear has hardly any natural protection, so it shouldn’t be left out in the sun. To avoid it getting sunburned, taking it out in the early evening or morning is advisable.

Cleaning your French Bulldogs ears

Like any breed of dog that has wide-open ears, you must check them regularly.

Years ago, following a severe ear infection in one of my dogs.

I began inspecting their ears every time they came into the house.

It will amaze you with what they can collect if left unsupervised. I also keep a solution on hand to help clean my dog’s ears.

Tips to help maintain your Frenchies ears

  • If your dog reacts to you trying to clean their ears. It may be a sign of an infection, and take them to the vet immediately.

As you will see, French bulldogs are not any higher maintenance than most of their breeds, they require less maintenance. Once you give them a little TLC regularly, you will notice :

  • They’re cool and will consistently feel soft and smell great. For me, this is important because my dogs occasionally sleep in my bed. Prevents me from having to change my bedclothes every night.

  • they will eventually enjoy the process, especially if you’re taking them to a professional groomer

  • Quickly find that your home is cleaner and will be fewer hair tumbleweeds to deal with if you get them used to a regular community routine.

  • I advise to get your dog used the professional groomed regularly, as groomers have the right tools and training needed to do an excellent job for your Frenchie.

  • one of the most unexpected benefits of regular grooming has been that my dog spent far less time with the vet than I would have expected.

  • Bathing them regularly and keeping their nails trimmed can help reduce issues like arthritis inflammation, joint pain, and even posture issues.

  • Frenchies can be prone to skin problems such as hot spots and dermatitis. Grooming regularly is the easiest solution.

  • Taking them for a professional grooming visit can also allow them to get a regular medicated path.

These are just some benefits of regular grooming.

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