Grooming French Bulldogs Tips and Guide

Grooming French Bulldogs

Many people buy French Bulldogs as they think they need a minimum level or no grooming. Unfortunately, while true when compared to many other breeds of dog, doesn’t mean you can just neglect them. Here are some grooming french bulldogs tips and guide.

That they have shorter fur than most other breeds means they avoid some complications attached to long hair breeds. But French Bulldogs have their own needs, and there are a series of things you need to take into consideration.

In this article, we will cover some techniques and grooming tips that will help owners keep their French bulldogs healthy, happy, and well groomed.

Cleaning and bathing French bulldogs who have skin issues.

If you’re Frenchie has skin issues, this is nothing to be alarmed about as these are common among their breed. Allergies and sensitive skin are common among French bulldogs.

Food allergies in particular regularly result in skin problems such as lesions, yeast infections, and rashes that can cause your bulldog scratching and causing additional problems.

A regular bathing regime using a hypoallergenic shampoo will help relieve your dog of many of these symptoms. If you’re really concerned it’s advisable to consult your veterinarian to see whether your dog may benefit from using a prescription shampoo.

Outside of that, the market has many alternatives that do a superb job. You’ll find on Amazon a product from Rocco and Roxy that’s effective at soothing dry, itchy skin, it’s called their Soothe Oatmeal Shampoo.

Using specific rinses and conditioners can be a very useful way to moisturize and soothe irritation to your Frenchies skin. You can use a specific conditioner to help prevent your dog’s coat from becoming too dry, especially if you intend to bathe them frequently.

If your dog is perfectly healthy, you may need to only bathe them three or four times a year. But if they have specific problems with allergies or other special needs baiting them monthly or is some case weekly may become a necessity.

Use a rubber bath mat.

As you’re probably aware, your French Bulldog has a square, sturdy frame which makes them one of the most stable breeds on their feet. However when you’re bathing them the surface of the tub can easily become very slick adding a rubber mat will help them comfortably stand in place and prevent them sliding around.

It’s also important to consider the temperature of the water before you bathe. Your dog has different Frenchies and will have different preferences with regard to their own comfort.

If you’re struggling with an uncooperative dog hitting them with steaming scorching water or ice cold water will not make your task any easier. Until they become comfortable with the whole idea of being bathed, you may need to use a firm hand to keep them in place.

Before applying any shampoo, make sure you soak their skin and fur in advance, this will allow you to work it comfortably into their coat.

Add a massage to the bathing regime

French bulldogs quickly learn to love both the benefits and the extra attention of a massage. On top of increasing blood flow to their skin and helping it speed up the healing process, it also ensures that the shampoo comes into contact with more of the skin than applying to the fur.

Remember, if you’re working with a prescription shampoo it doesn’t have the built-in lathering capabilities of many commercial shampoos, and this is not something that you need to worry about.

Sometimes if you work too hard to try to create the froth you’re used to from your shampoo, you’ll only stress you and your dog out and maybe increase their irritation. The most important part of using a medicated shampoo is that you allow it to sit on your Frenchies skin for the complete prescribed amount of time.

Contact is one of the most important parts of the healing process when you’re using medicated shampoos to deal with skin infections and allergies. It’s also vital that you throw the wrench all the shampoo from your dog’s skin to avoid this, causing additional skin irritation. Be ready to dodge the body shake that comes with every bath or shower.

Brushing is a vital part of the grooming process

Don’t allow the short fur to fool yourself that all French bulldogs are famous for, regular bushing will be as beneficial for them as it will for any breed of dog.

Thankfully, you will never have to be to worry about maths that can play long-haired breeds. Here are the key benefits of brushing and how they will help your friendship.

  • Quickly removes any dead skin cells
  • Cleans the hair dead skin, removes debris and dirt
  • Hopes to stimulate blood flow to the skin and accelerate healing
  • Provides sensory pleasure by awakening the nerve endings in the skin
  • Helps spread your dog’s natural oils throughout its coat

How often should you brush your french bulldog’s coat?

Brushing a french bulldogs coat

As French bulldogs coats are short, try to brush them at least once a day as it doesn’t take a lot of time. But at least twice a week at minimum. Frenchies are a thoroughly sociable dog and love the attention they get from their owners.

Grooming and brushing allows you to build a stronger bond with your dog, but it also affords you the ideal opportunity to examine your dog’s skin to examiners for any skin irritations.

Despite their short hair, they have a moderate level of shedding. Brushing your dog regularly will prevent this dead hair from accumulating on every surface in your home.

A grooming brush that has rubber bristles is more advisable for Frenchies as it helps quickly remove light dirt and the extra flexibility is gentle on their sensitive skin

If your bulldog has developed skin sores using this more flexible and gentle brush such as the ZoomGroom can make the process far more straightforward and allow you to groom them irritating no existing skin sores

Benefits of regular grooming

#1 Prevent ear infections

Regularly clean out your Frenchies ear canal using warm water and a damp cloth to prevent the buildup of bacteria and yeast.

#2 Clean tear tracts.

if you notice any redness or discharge around the eyes, clean out your dog’s tear tryouts

#3 Prevent yeast infections are bacterial growth

If you clean out your Frenchies facial folds and wrinkles regularly, it will prevent the buildup of different infections it can do this with an antibacterial solution and some dry tissue.

#4 Cleanse their scent organs

it’s not uncomfortable for a French bulldogs to have issues emptying their anal glands expressing them yourself are taking them to your veterinarian will quickly leave any problems

#5 Help them walk more comfortably

Regularly clipping your Frenchie’s toenails at least every six to eight weeks will make walking easier for them. It’s vital that we do any such procedures in a stress-free manner as possible. And listing the help of a veterinarian can help you remain conscious of your dog’s breathing challenges and ensure that they don’t suffer from any unnecessary respiratory distress.

#6 Keep their teeth and gums healthy

Brushing your dog’s teeth twice a week is excellent for their overall oral hygiene you can also buy them dental sticks when they’re younger to help them chew on and clean their teeth themselves

#7 Cleaning their rear

Cleaning the tail and under the tail using sanitary wipes will ensure it keeps the area sterile, as this is a prime area for infection.

#8 Moisturize your dog’s elbows

French bulldogs have a tendency to develop dry scaly skin on their elbows. Rubbing some olive oil or other specialized product into the area will prevent it from stabbing.

Some products worthy of consideration

Best Shampoo to buy for french bulldog

using a hypoallergenic shampoo well not always necessary for a dog who doesn’t have any skin issues will do no harm as it will help prevent dermatitis dryness and energies we recommend the product we mentioned earlier from Rocco and Roxy designed to specifically work with dry, itchy skin it’s called Soothe Oatmeal Shampoo

Best brush to buy for a french bulldog

as French bulldogs I have notoriously sensitive skin if you want to buy a brush that will help with the grooming process, we highly recommend the zoom groom brush and this is a firm favorite for many Frenchie owners.

Choosing a suitable wet wipe

They’re a wide variety of wipes that you can use on your Frenchies body and poles to help remove any dirt or allergens without ever needing to bathe them regularly we recommend using baby wipes, preferably ones that are fragments free

Fish oils for French Bulldogs

Omega-3 oils provide a wide variety of nutritional benefits for your French bulldog and being great for their health they can be a tasty addition to their diet helping them maintain a healthier glossier skin and coat.


Don’t get me wrong, French bulldogs, while occasionally prone to skin conditions, are very low maintenance dogs, especially in the grooming department, largely because there’s no need to fluff or clip them. Following the tips given above will help deal with most of their idiosyncrasies and help you maintain a healthier, happier dog.

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