French Bulldogs temperament and characteristics

Do not be fooled by this breed’s cuteness because there is more to them than that. French bulldogs temperament and characteristics are fantastic not only do they have a very docile and kind manner to them they also can act like comedians and have you in tears of laughter because of their entertaining personality.

French Bulldogs temperament and characteristics

French Bulldogs and their Characteristics

Frenchies are clever dogs because they can adapt to their environment, and just because they look goofy, you would think that they are less intelligent, but this breed will surprise you.

They are a compact breed with such a big personality that can change the lives of their owners.

Although some of them differ in their personalities, just like humans do. Some Frenchies are happy to be beside their owners on the couch “Chillin” the whole day, while others would rather jump up and down the couch in a maniacal pattern.

Some would just be following their owners around all day or playing with the kids.

Just like with any other dog breeds, Frenchies must also undergo early training, although they are challenging to train, they will eventually learn what you taught them.

They tend to be stubborn, as well, while in training, but they will respond well with food motivation and treats.

The one to train them must be patient and persistent, so there will be a good outcome for this breed. Once they remember what you taught them, it will be smooth sailing throughout.

Remember that as a puppy, they will be as energetic as the next dog breed and will probably want a taste of the side table or the sofa, so they should have some chew toys around.

Once they entered adulthood, you will find their energy decreasing, and they are no longer the puppy that bounces and runs around the house.

They will be pleased to sit on their owner’s lap and want to be petted by anyone from the household.

What will never change for this dog breed is their thirst for attention because they love to be the center of it.

They will sometimes play and do something mischievous, just to get your attention. But that is nothing to worry about and you will surely laugh at their mischievousness when it happens.

There is never a dull moments when you are with Frenchie because they are full of charm and know their way around their owner’s heart.

You should beware, as well, that puppyhood is the most important time for their training, so you will have a dog with a proper upbringing.

Living with them

This breed does not require a large yard or a sizeable space to run around, they can be happy in a small apartment set up and will still be contented.

They will walk around the house and can even go on zoomies every day just so they can use up their energy.

With their small built, they will not take up much space, and you will not even notice that they are around most especially, when they are sleeping. They will, however, follow endlessly as you move around the apartment, just because they love you and they want to spend every minute with you every time you are home.

Also, your next-door neighbor will not find your dog a nuisance because Frenchies will not just bark incessantly, just because they want to, but they will if there is someone at the door or if anyone is taking a peek from the window.

Male or female French Bulldog, Which characteristics and temperament would suit you best?

A male Frenchie is more energetic compared to a female one. They are highly assertive and will play roughly, especially with other dogs.

They are also more prone to doing zoomies, and you would think that your dog must have taken a pill or something for him to be running around, even toppling some chairs while he’s at it. This is just them using up their energy and is nothing to worry about.

Male Frenchies can also take a rough play from kids, but as long as your Frenchie was trained early on and you taught your kids not to do some rough pulling, they can play peacefully.

One other thing about male Frenchies is that you need more patience when potty training them because it will take a while for them to learn the ropes, and you must be doubly patient with them during the training.

Female Frenchies are more affectionate and would most like to sit on their owner’s lap. They also have some mood where they show quick aggression, but that is just during an early age, and again this temper can be curbed, with proper training.

What is their Temperament?

Owners of this breed will only have good words for them. Although there are comments about them being stubborn and that training them takes some time, Frenchies more than make up for it with their well-tempered and unaggressive character.

They also do not have any issue being with other dogs because they can adapt, so you can mix them with other dog breeds too.

Frenchies will also crave affection and would most likely look for their owner and become anxious if they are away for a long time.

They can become dependent on their owners and their attention, so separation anxiety sometimes can happen.

 An owner who is always away may not be a suitable match for this breed, however, if your Frenchie has some companion at home, then separation anxiety may not be that serious.

This also causes them to chew on things when they are bored and left for a long time, so they should be trained to stop their destructiveness the soonest time you noticed it.

One other thing that must be tackled with the French Bulldog is their stubbornness, where owners cannot make them follow the rules when it is already a learned practice.

This may be something that should be solved early on before it eventually became a problem.

French Bulldogs temperament and characteristics

French Bulldogs and how to raise them properly for the best temperament and characteristics

Having a French Bulldog requires patience because you need to train them while they are young so that you will enjoy your life together. Not training your dog at an early age will surely be a headache for you, eventually.

Keep in mind that because of their stubborn streak, you must be ready to make them follow you and the best way to make them do so is to have a treat ready as they are easily motivated with food and of course praise.

Crate training should be your priority because it will establish good behavior early. This will also give your frenchie the feeling of having there own space , where they can also be safe, especially when  they might be alone at home.

This is also to ensure that they will do nothing damaging to your home, such as chewing on your furniture and even some of your appliances.

Crate training your Frenchie will also take some time, but as long as you are there guiding them and being patient , they will surely pick up on your training.

Socializing them is important, and they need to be exposed to different people and pets at an early age. Do not wait until your Frenchie is a year older before you let him meet your friends and your neighbor’s pet.

This is also the time to train them and get them socialized with kids so your Frenchie will not be disturbed and uncomfortable playing either with big or small kids. Get them used to be around kids, so they will know that this is something that is just a normal occurrence.

Be aware of your Frenchie’s sudden preference for your valuables or any item he can reach and stop them immediately by giving them something else to chew on so he will know that the items he prefers chewing on are off-limits.

Potty Training them should be done the earliest time, or as soon as the first day you get them inside your door, start the training.

As a puppy, your Frenchie cannot hold their pee in, so it is up to you to be attentive to their need to go potty. Do not let your Frenchie slip and continue with their “accident” on your floor cause this will make the training harder and longer.

Ensuring a regular feeding time will make it easier for you to gauge when your Frenchie will need to potty. You must have a specific place for him to do his business, otherwise, he will just be soiling any area he likes.

Be ready with your treats so that once he’s done with his business, you have something to give him for doing a good job.

Training is the magic word when it comes to dogs of any breeds, and the French Bulldog is not an exception. You should do this at the earliest age cause this is also to your advantage, as your dog will surely pick the good habits fast.

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