Do I Have To Wipe My French Bulldog’s Bum?

Dog owners would know how to take care of their dog’s bum hygiene cause dogs have episodes where you will suddenly see them sliding their bum on the floor like crazy only to find out that there is some left-over, little portion of poop clinging to their fur up there.

French bulldog’s bum is no different. They can be such an adorable breed, but they need some help to clean themselves, especially on the parts they cannot reach, including their ears, eyes, wrinkled folds of skin, genitals, and bum.

Do I Have To Wipe My French Bulldog's Bum?

They need help with such because of their physical feature. It is not just the little bodies, but the short neck and flat faces we speak of. They have a short snout, as compared to the other dog breeds that are not in the brachycephalic breed, hence the difficulty for them to reach out to some areas of their body.

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Your Frenchie’s bum

One area in particular that your Frenchie would like some help cleaning, would be his bum. Though some Frenchies can poop easily without making a mess and leaving some of it hanging on his bum, some are not so lucky.

The key here is in being observant and, always check your dog after pooping. When you see them acting weird and looking at their backside as if something is going to pop out of there anytime, there is a high probability that something is lurking there.

Inspect their bum and have a wet wipe ready as this can help you clean up that bum for him, or tissue will do as well.

If you don’t want to wait for any incidents where your Frenchie will sit beside you on the couch, and you suddenly smell something off, make sure that you wipe off his bum for him every time. Make this a frequent thing between you and your Frenchie.

Although Frenchies have short fur, you can also check their behind for any hair growth and keep this trimmed, so their bum is all neat and clear.

The hard to reach genitals

So after you bring your Frenchie outside to pee or to do his business, you can also double-check his genitals.

Some dribbles may still come out of their genitals, and this can also cause them to smell if left unclean. Not to mention that the dribbles can leave some spots on your wood or tile flooring.

The ever-dependable wet wipe or tissue should always be at arm’s length cause you will use this more than you think when you have a Frenchie.

It is better if you wipe their genitals from time to time, to keep them clean and fresh-smelling even if they did not pee. This is just ideal, so your Frenchie will not have any smell brought about by their genitals.

Don’t leave out their ears

Just like the Frenchie’s difficulty in cleaning some parts of their body, they will also need help with cleaning their ears. Although ear cleaning is not just particular to this breed, the Frenchie’s ears need cleaning cause there is also wax build-up inside that may lead to infection if left uncleaned.

This can also cause it to smell. What you can do is get a clean towel and soak it in water. Clean the back of the ears carefully and then check the inner ears.

Remove the wax and dirt you see, but be careful not to push it further inside the dog’s ears. Ensure that you dry the ears after cleaning. You may do this at least once a month.

Frenchie’s eyes require cleaning too

Frenchies will have folds near the eyes and other areas of the body, so it is highly important to keep this clean as much.

They require occasional wiping and washing cause of the presence of wrinkles; the eyes are also prone to yeast infection and will give your Frenchie such discomfort if this happens.

When you wash their eyes, it is also a must to keep them dry and does not use any harsh soap cause water can do the trick.

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Don’t leave out the tail pocket

This is the indentation or a part of your dog’s tail that has a small space that can collect dirt and debris. Sometimes this causes smell coming from your pooch.

This is sometimes left out when they are bathing, but this is also the part where dust and dirt mostly clings. It is not just the bum area you should be mindful of, but this area can get irritated and infected, plus the smell can also be awful.

Keep this area clean often, and you can also clean it, just like the other unreachable area of your Frenchie.

Inspect their folds and wrinkles

You may think that these folds and wrinkles make your Frenchie so charming and adorable, but wait till you smell their folds and wrinkles when you leave them dirty.

These folds and wrinkles are a breeding ground for bacteria, and with bacteria, a stinky smell will follow. Do not wait another day before you inspect and clean their wrinkles and fold cause your Frenchie will thank you for it.

These spaces in between can get some moisture at times, there is dirt, debris, and even food that can get stuck in there. You may have taken them outside for a short walk, or they may have rolled outside the garden bringing dirt trapped between the folds.

It is ideal to wipe it off with a wet wipe every after activity or use a clean cloth that is a bit wet and simply clean the spaces in between. Dry them off with another clean towel or use some talcum powder to aid in the drying process.

When you give them a bath, carefully wash these areas so there will be no leftover dirt and debris in between.

However, despite thorough cleaning, your Frenchie may still get a fungal infection that may cause them to scratch continuously or make them smell bad. You should schedule a visit with the vet immediately, so the necessary medication will be prescribed.

Do I Have To Wipe My French Bulldog's Bum?

Bathing your Frenchie

You can bathe your Frenchie as required, especially when they play around in the yard, run after animals, and stepped into some poop, or they may have rolled around the mud and other unnamed dirt

. This will require you to clean them, especially if you let them sit beside you on the couch and if they sleep with you on the bed.

When this is not the case, you need not bathe them cause bathing them too frequently can also dry out their coat’s essential oils.

Take the opportunity when bathing them to check for any bumps, swellings, or any skin issues as well.

Other important grooming requirements

Brushing their teeth

If you are a dog owner who notices your dog’s breath smelling funky, this may be because of his dental hygiene. Sometimes your dog may also suffer from dental problems, and they also require brushing.

There are available toothpaste for your pooch, and chew toys that can help too. This will at least help in controlling your dog’s dental issues.

Do not use human toothpaste for your French bulldog cause it contains toxic ingredients such as fluoride that can be harmful to them. There is affordable dog toothpaste in the market that you can choose from.

French Bulldog and Shedding

Frenchies, just like other dogs, have their share of hair shed. You can get rid of unwanted hair, though, by brushing their fur as often as possible so you can remove excess hair before they get to your couch or your carpet.

Their diet can also lead to excessive shedding, so best to ensure that you are feeding them a diet that is approved by the vet.

There is also extra shedding that happens twice a year, so be ready with your grooming glove and comb so you can control shedding.

Keep it short

Trimming their nails is also an important part of grooming for your French bulldog. You don’t want their nails getting too long, and untidy cause long nails can bore on their skin if left untrimmed for too long.

Keeping their nails trimmed every three weeks is ideal. This will prevent your dog from getting nicked or their nails scraping into anything around the house.

One last thing that you should be aware of with French bulldogs is their anal glands.

You will notice your dog scooting behind on the floor, and suddenly something reeks, and it does not smell of poop, but otherwise has an awful smell, this may be infected anal glands. When anal glands are infected, they can become full of smelly fluid, and these fluids are a mix of pus and blood.

The dog will feel such discomfort when this happens. Infected anal glands in dogs can be forced out when swollen and ready to burst. You can do it yourself if the dog allows you to, or you can have the vet do this themselves cause it is not easy, especially if you are not used to such a task.

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