How to Take Care of Newborn French Bulldog Puppies

Maybe you have a French Bulldog who is ready to give birth, or you are looking into getting a French Bulldog puppy for the first time – either way, you need to know how to take care of newborn French Bulldog puppies. Well, you have come to the right place, as our handy guide will tell you everything you need to know to prepare for your new furry friend!

Frenchies are one of the most popular breeds and for good reason! These tiny toy dogs make loveable companions as they are energetic, playful, and affectionate.

You need to keep your newborn French Bulldog puppy warm, feed them an appropriate puppy food mixed with water three times a day, make sure they have fresh water, and potty train them. Groom them regularly by brushing, bathing, and trimming their nails, paying special attention to keeping their skin folds, ears, and tail pocket clean and dry. Make sure they get enough exercise and train them early.

How to Take Care of Newborn French Bulldog Puppies

How to Take Care of Newborn French Bulldog Puppies

These are the most important things to do when taking care of your Frenchie puppy:

  1. Keep your puppy warm.
  2. Make sure your puppy is the right temperature and does not overheat.
  3. Keep your puppy well-fed and hydrated.
  4. Potty train them.
  5. Groom them regularly – brushing, bathing, trimming nails, cleaning ears, and cleaning the tail pocket.
  6. Give your puppy daily exercise.
  7. Train them when they are young.
  8. Don’t leave your puppy alone.
  9. Look out for common health issues.

Keep Your Puppy Warm

Newborn French Bulldog puppies won’t be able to regulate their own body temperature, so keep your newborn puppies warm with a heating pad or heat lamp at around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit, and monitor if their mom is keeping them warm.

Make Sure Your Puppy Doesn’t Overheat

As Frenchies have short snouts, or flat noses, they can have trouble breathing if they get too hot. If your puppy starts to pant or looks weak, get them into a cool area, give them some water to drink, and splash some water onto their fur. If it is a hot day don’t walk them in the direct sun but when it is cooler early or late.

Feed Your Puppy Well

When puppies are newborn they will drink their mom’s milk, and you should weigh them each day to make sure they are gaining weight. If they are not drinking properly from their mom you can give them puppy formula.

When the puppies are 3 or 4 weeks of age you can move them onto solid food. Get a SPECIAL PUPPY FOOD and mix the dry food with water.

Keep Your Puppy Hydrated

Your Frenchie will need access to fresh water, drinking around one-half ounce to one ounce of water per pound of their weight each day.

Help Your Puppy Go to the Potty

When they are first born puppies need to be stimulated by their mom to help them go to the toilet. You can help them by using a wet cotton ball and wiping it over them.

When your puppy reaches around 12 weeks old, they are ready to begin potty training. You could train them in a crate, using puppy pads, or encouraging them to go outside and become housetrained. Get your puppy on a schedule by training them to go to the toilet after meals, when they wake up, and before they go to bed.

Remember that puppies can only hold their bladder for around one hour for each month they are in age, but only for a few hours at most!

Groom Your Puppy Regularly

One of the reasons French Bulldogs make great pets is the fact that they don’t shed very much, so you won’t be finding their fur all over your house. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need regular grooming though! They should still be brushed each week to get rid of any dead hair, especially when they are shedding their winter coat.

Give Your Puppy Regular Baths

French Bulldogs usually have sensitive skin, so you should get a special shampoo and conditioner suitable for their coat. Bathing your puppy once a month is enough to keep their skin healthy, without causing skin irritation from too much bathing. Unless of course they have got dirty within that time such as on a muddy walk and need to be washed!

Trim Your Puppy’s Nails

If your puppy’s nails grow too long it can become difficult and painful for them to walk, and they could even get a nail infection. Trim their nails every 4-8 weeks with a special dog nail clipper, when you notice that they are getting too long.

Clean Your Puppy’s Skin Folds

French Bulldogs have adorable wrinkles, yet these skin folds can cause health issues such as infection if they are not cleaned properly. These folds become moist and dirty, as food, oils, and dust can get trapped in them. They should be cleaned out regularly by lifting the skin and wiping underneath with a damp towel or a wet wipe.

Once they are clean you should make sure they are completely dried, you can soak up any excess moisture by putting cornstarch into the folds.

Clean Your Puppy’s Tail Pocket

French Bulldogs have short tails like a pig, which look very cute but mean your puppy could be at risk of developing tail pocket, which is where the tail collects dirt. If this isn’t cleaned it can lead to infection. The tail should be cleaned each day with a baby wipe, to wipe away everything after they have been to the toilet.

Clean Your Puppy’s Ears

French Bulldogs have ears that stick up into a point and don’t flop, giving them that adorable bat-like appearance. Yet because their ears are open to the elements, dirt and dust can easily get inside and need to be cleaned out. Their ears should be cleaned once a month with a special ear cleaner or ointment and a cotton ball.

Make Sure Your Puppy Has Daily Exercise

Puppies are full of energy, so playing with them in the house and garden is a lot of fun but also keeps them active. When your puppy is around 12 weeks old, once they have had their vaccinations, they can start going on short walks, adding up to an hour of exercise each day.

Train Your Puppy Early

Starting your puppy’s training early will make the process much easier. Frenchies are independent and intelligent but can be trained well with positive reinforcement, treats, and recall training.

Keep Your Puppy Close to You

French Bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety, where they will hate to be away from you for long periods of time and will get upset, cry, and perhaps even destroy furniture or go to the toilet in the home.

Keep them with you when you can, and don’t leave them alone all day if you can help it. If you will be out of the house such as at the office all day, this won’t be the ideal situation for your Frenchie.

Look Out for Health Issues

French Bulldogs have an average life expectancy of 10-12 years, but they do suffer from some common health problems. These include:

  • Ear infections – as their bat-like ears stand up and are open, dirt can get inside.

  • Eye infections – as they have a flat face, Frenchies eyes stand out further on their faces and are more exposed to dirt or debris.

  • Skin problems – such as dermatitis or infections in the skin folds.

  • Breathing problems – as French Bulldogs have a flat face and short snout, the tissues at the back of the nose and throat can be squashed. This makes it harder for them to breathe, and you should be careful on hot days as they cannot pant as well to cool themselves down.

  • Mobility issues – French Bulldogs are more likely to have neck or back issues as they are bred with short legs, meaning they may get back pain or a slipped disc.

Give Your Puppy Lots of Love

And lastly, make sure you give your French Bulldog puppy lots of love and attention!

With all of these tips taken into account, you should know everything you need to take care of newborn French Bulldog puppies, and be ready to welcome your new four-legged friend into your home.

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