When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through the Night? tips on sleeping

Did you get a French Bulldog and underestimate how much sleep you would lose? Me too, my friend, me too…  But there is light at the end of the tunnel. We just need to get there. So When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through the Night? French Bulldogs usually start sleeping through the night around 16 weeks (4 months) old, depending on the puppy.

This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about your Frenchie’s beauty sleep and how you can get your beauty sleep back.

Facts about French Bulldogs

How much sleep does your French Bulldog need?

French bulldogs require quite a bit of sleep. So, you shouldn’t be concerned unless their sleeping pattern changes drastically.

  • Puppies tend to need 18-19 hours a day.
  • Adults require 12-14 hours a day.
  • Senior Frenchie’s usually sleep around 15-18 days per day.

I know the numbers of hours they sleep seem high, but my eight-month-old puppy is constantly sleeping. Yet somehow I still feel like I’m not getting enough sleep. 

When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through the Night?

If you do find your Frenchie not sleeping so well we do recommend MIXJOY ORTHOPEDIC BED for the best and most comfortable sleep for your pup.

Does your Frenchie snore a lot? Don’t be concerned.

Because the French Bulldog’s snout is so short, it will cause your dog to have some breathing issues. This includes snoring while sleeping. If the snoring becomes abnormal, you should check for an obstruction or see your veterinarian.

My Frenchie snores so loud. And the deeper the sleep the louder it gets. I honestly don’t know how she doesn’t wake herself up.

How long will it take your new French Bulldog puppy to acclimate to your home?

The AKC says it takes a new puppy about three weeks to become settled in their new environment. By three weeks, they understand the lay of the land and who is in their new family.

Our puppy seemed comfortable and had picked her favorite (my daughter) after the first week in our home. But she was still spooked by seeing a random item down the hall or around the corner until about three weeks in.

However, it will take closer to three months to learn their new routines and feel completely comfortable. After about three months, they will understand that “The kids go to bed at 9:00 pm, then Mom and I get to watch TV for about an hour, then I go to bed around 10.”

This girl of mine took a little longer than three months because we had daylight savings happen as we were training her on her routines. So, in her defense, she wasn’t the only one thrown off for a little but

Why is your French Bulldog crying at night?

There could be many reasons for your dog crying in the middle of the night.

  • It needs to go potty
  • It may be in physical pain
  • It has separation anxiety
  • A recent move
  • A new pet has entered the home

We did have crying outbursts when dex was a pup so we tried the Furhaven and this was an absolute game-changer, so relaxed and comfortable.

How long can your dog wait to potty?

There is a standard rule of thumb for how often you should let your French bulldog out. They can generally hold it for the same about of hours as months they are old.  So, if your puppy is 3 months old and is whining after about 3-4 hours since the last time they went outside, they may need to potty.

I always kept a pee bad next to the sliding glass door just in case my pup couldn’t wait.  So worth the money.

Is your dog in pain?

French Bulldogs are bred to be lap dogs that hang out with you on the couch. So, if they have a day where you took them on an especially long walk or the kids you had overplayed with your Frenchie a lot, then your dog may be pretty sore that night making it difficult for them to sleep.

You can check for the pain by rubbing and touching their body to see if they wince or yelp. Also, check for stiffness or muscles that feel especially hard.

I like to give our girl a little massage to help her muscles not hurt as much later. She loves her little rubs, it is a great bonding session for her and me, and it helps ensure ill be able to sleep that night.

Do French Bulldogs get separation anxiety?

A common trait in Frenchie’s is they suffer from separation anxiety. Your dog may be distressed from being alone. They also get extreme anxiety when first brought to your home and leaving everything they knew behind.

My poor girl suffers quite a bit from separation anxiety. She always wants to be around someone, or she is extremely uncomfortable.

Here are some of the best crates for separation anxiety.

Will moving into a new home effect your French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs like to have consistency. When you move to a new home your dog may suffer from anxiety. This may keep your dog up at night if they don’t feel comfortable.

I have not personally moved with my pups, but I did rearrange my room and she didn’t go in there for four days.  She really hates change and I imagine she will have anxiety if we move.

You just got a new pet or had a baby and now your Frenchie won’t sleep at night.

The addition of a new pet or baby into your house will most likely stress out your French Bulldog.  The uneasiness your dog is feeling could possibly affect their ability to sleep.

When we brought home our new baby, our Frenchie was so bad. It was like we betrayed her, and she was going to get us back for it. And you had better believe that sleep was out of the question, completely off the table until she became comfortable again.

How can I help your French Bulldog sleep through the night?

Play with them right before bedtime

Since your French Bulldog sleeps so much during the day, it may disrupt their sleep at night. Play with your dog for 10-20 minutes before bedtime to wear them out.

If we play 10 minutes of tug o’ war with our pup will sleep like she ran a marathon. It really works!

Crate train your French Bulldog

Kennel training your dog will give them a comfortable space that is their own for them to feel protected. Your Frenchie will appreciate having their own room to go to.

I believe so heavily in kennel training your dogs. I know people think it’s a cage, but it’s your dog’s room.  It is a place where they feel safe, secure, and have their stuff. Dog’s are instinctively denning animals so it, by nature, is what they want and need.

Give them a comfortable place to lay

Your French Bulldog, just like you or I, wants a comfortable place to lay. If you give them a comfortable bed filled with cotton or memory foam, your Frenchie will be stoked.

My Frenchie acts so bougie, it’s ridiculous.  I went through three beds before we found the one she loves. Now, she prefers her bed over any other place to lay down, even the couch.

Let them sleep with you

If your Frenchie seems like they are suffering from anxiety, you should let them sleep with you for the night. Your French Bulldogs sometimes just need the comfort of their human being next to them.

I have to keep this to a minimum because if you give our Frenchie an inch, and she’ll take 3 miles and your lunch. But as a person who also suffers from anxiety, it breaks my heart when she is going through it. If she needs cuddles to make her feel better, then she’s getting cuddles in bed with me.

Make sure Your Frenchie is on a schedule

Your dog, just like kids, needs a sleeping schedule to help regulate their internal clock. This will help them get a good night’s rest.

I cannot emphasize having a schedule in your dog’s life. Knowing what time everything is supposed to happen will help their anxiety and depression greatly.

Give them a comfort toy

French Bulldogs can grow attached to an object, just like their attachment to you. If you give them their favorite stuffed animal or blanket when they sleep, it will help them be comfortable and assist with their anxiety.

Our French Bulldog has a Stich from the Disney movie Lilo and Stich stuffed animal that she sleeps with. It is totally his security toy and there is nothing cuter than a French bulldog next to a Stich stuffy 

Final Thoughts

Getting your French Bulldog should not be a super difficult task for you to manage, but it will take some time, training, and dedication from both you and your dog.  If your French Bulldog is like mine, they may believe you are her servant. So, I suggest using treats as a positive reinforcement to get your dog to follow your direction to ensure they will start sleeping through the night.

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