Why are French Bulldogs so Hard to Potty Train?

Every pet owner tries to teach their dog to poo outside. The great news regarding the French bulldog kind is that it is super smart and simple to train. Even though they might be obstinate in some circumstances, potty training Frenchies isn’t hard if you’re using the correct motivator tool. So, Why are French Bulldogs so Hard to Potty Train?

Each French bulldog is different, if the owner has the correct understanding and awareness, and so does your Frenchie then that will make things a lot easier. A good training routine and positive reinforcement are the way to go.

Why are French Bulldogs so Hard to Potty Train

Even though taking a dog home is the same as having a child, educating your dog on the precise lessons may be easier than training children. So, let’s see how to educate a Frenchie to defecate outside.

If you bring your furry buddy home during the wintertime, I recommend starting potty training inside the home. Portable potty rugs can be used and must be kept in a silent area of your home. Because you don’t want to bother the pet when he uses the toilet, keep the disposable towel in the restroom or in a quiet location where it will do it quietly.

If the Frenchie simply went inside to urinate, I suggest you not replace the rug. Since the rug will absorb his odor, he’ll associate this with the potty instruction the next time dog needs to empty his bladder.

Don’t hesitate to thank the pet with goodies and compliments once he’s completed ‘the job.’ This is how he’ll realize it’s something he has to do again to obtain treats.

Not only will the dog appreciate the prospect of receiving treats, but he’ll love the game. Meals can be thrown fairly far from the shoot location, so develop the pets’ abilities.

Make a Schedule for french bulldog potty training

To properly educate a dog to go poo, I recommend that you do that at the same time every day. Although your dogs do not have a watch, they have learned to memorize the time whenever they have to go to the bathroom. As a result, you should avoid confusing the French bulldog by taking him out at different times of the day.

How Do I Know When it is Time for my french bulldog to Poop?

Dogs, like people, might become apprehensive whenever they have to go to the bathroom. As a result, you should pay attention to the dog’s body posture to determine the optimal moment to take him outside. Barking, anxiously wandering from gate to gate, and watching the owner are all possible indications.

Avoid Negative Reinforcement

Nothing is more infuriating than scolding a dog for doing his job within the home. Although it is obvious that you have had your fill of cleaning up after the dog, punishing is not permitted. You’ll have a negative influence, and the Frenchie may become stubborn as a result. On the other side, your dog may develop a fear of you, which is the last item you would like to occur.

Potty Training with French Bulldogs

Make Use of Dog Pee Pads

There will always be an incident during the training time, no matter how good of a dog you got or how good of a coach you are. Don’t be upset if you plan ahead of time. Make use of dog pee pads. Those pads will provide a spot for your dog to pee if they have to do so at a time that is not on their typical routine. The urine pads capture the urine, preventing it from staining the carpets and flooring. This makes cleaning a breeze and keeps the odor from spreading throughout your home!

Remember that Frenchie pups urinate a lot, therefore you may want to invest in reusable pads to avoid running to the shops.

Introduce the Phrase Go Potty

Because teaching a pet a new word can be hard, you should begin teaching the go poop phrase as soon as feasible. Tell your French Bulldog to go poop. Whenever they start obeying your command, reward them. The idea is to link the activity to the phrase so they can carry out the task whenever you say it.

When Must My French Bulldog Pup Begin Potty Training?

You can start training your dog when it is 12 to 16 weeks old, specialists advise that you begin training the bulldog pup. Puppies are capable of controlling their urine at this time.

Your puppy will be capable of holding it in and would be able to control a bowel motion if necessary. It’s possible that after twelve weeks but it’ll be a little late. Also, home training may take much longer. There are many methods to toilet teach an old dog. The great news is that the dog will give you some indications that it needs to �go.’

Frequent Bulldog Toilet Training Issues and Solutions

The pastime of bull-baiting inspired the development of French bulldogs. Potty-training pups can be hampered by the breed’s heritage.

Bulldog pups can be obstinate, and you can’t force them to do anything they don’t like to do.

Here are some strategies for overcoming these obstacles:

  • Consistency is key. The bulldog puppies will almost certainly be potty trained at some point
  • Puppies have a lot of accidents in the first year or so. Mistakes can be caused by changes in the climate, anxiety, health difficulties, and insufficient toilet training
  • Continue to train, treat, and admire the pet whenever it empties and where you like them to
  • If something odd occurs, contact a veterinarian

What Things You Must Avoid While Toilet Training Your French Bulldog?

Even though you believe it’s a wonderful potty-training strategy for your French bulldog, do not use it as a kind of punishment by rubbing the dog’s nose with their excrement.

If they make mistakes, kindly don’t yell at them. It can make dogs more anxious, resulting in even more chaos.

It may be difficult, but resist the urge to scream at them – why would you with this face? Such actions will frighten the dog and harm their bond with you. They will obstruct the potty-training routine and make them angry against you.

You should stay away from any products that have an ammonia aroma. Pee contains a considerable amount of ammonia, which is highly acidic. If the puppy detects this odor, they can choose this region of the home to relieve themselves.


While it may be difficult to train a French Bulldog, the good news is that they are fairly easy to housebreak. You just need patience and understanding of their breed traits. We hope these tips have helped you understand how to potty train your Frenchie more easily!

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