why is my french bulldog peeing in his bed?

why is my french bulldog peeing in his bed?

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a proud french bulldog owner? Well, your dog might pee in his bed. It happens more than you think but there are some reasons why is my french bulldog peeing in his bed? and what you can do about it.

Getting your dog to stop wetting the bed can be frustrating, especially if you panic and immediately resign yourself from taking care of their needs. In this article, I will go over some possible reasons for why they’re doing it, so that we may work together in solving our problem!

Why is my bulldog wetting his crate? Is he trying to get me mad at him or does he not like being confined there? Will putting an old rug down help with the smell? 

These are all questions that many people have when dealing with children who do things wrong on purpose (or even by accident). Before jumping straight into fixing any one issue though, let’s take a look around first and see what might cause them to act out.

Causes of why is my french bulldog peeing in his bed?

The Bulldog is a dignified creature, but sometimes these lovable pups act out in weird ways and pee on their beds. One of the most common reasons for this behavior is medical issues such as urinary tract infection; they have to drink more water which leaves them susceptible to accidents at night time.

 If your dog has developed old age incontinence you know what we’re talking about – it’s tough enough just getting up from bed let alone knowing when or how much urine will come out! Old dogs can’t control where they urinate either so expect some smelly surprises around the house during those golden years.

Some dogs mark their territory by peeing on the bed, door, or carpet. This can be a way for them to tell other animals that they are not allowed in this space and it also helps defend your home against intruders!

 Dogs do seem confident when marking these areas of your house as apparently, they feel more at ease doing so than if no one was around watching what they were up to.

 However, there is another type of dog who will only urinate outside his sleeping area while he’s awake-this typically happens during potty training sessions where you want him to go inside but outcomes all over the place instead despite being called back indoors multiple times with treats (yum)

Dogs that pee in the house are more likely to be insecure, anxious, and lack discipline. It is because they want to scare off intruders with their smell or show a sign of dominance by marking things you own like your bedsheets as well as other objects around your home such as furniture.

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 A dog who has an issue with thunderstorms most likely suffers from anxiety due to fear of something unknown while dogs without adequate housetraining skills may not have enough self-control when it comes time for them to go outside or inside.

We can’t blame Bulldog pups for their lack of house training. They just don’t know any better! 

That is why it’s important to provide early and ongoing education on how not to pee in the wrong place or potty train them so they get used to a routine that will help eliminate accidents from happening later down the line.

How to stop my french bulldog from peeing in his bed?

Moving from accidents to victory, let’s help your Bulldog stop peeing in his bed. If you think that he does this because of a lack of training and discipline, now is the perfect time for him to learn how it feels when an accident happens.

Start by taking him outside at regular intervals so that he can do his business before going back inside (and make sure not to praise or pet until after!). Once they’ve done their business outdoors give them treats as soon as possible afterwards! Punishment like snapping on leash will only lead towards more problems with housebreaking; use positive reinforcement instead!

You may be tempted to get angry with him or shout at him but refrain from doing so because this will only make your dog afraid of you and less likely to follow you.

 If he is too difficult for training, send them off to a school where they can learn how not peeing in the bed doesn’t just help save money on laundry detergent; it helps keep everyone happy during the day!

If his sudden act of urinating all over your sheets isn’t medical related, take him as soon as possible (to vet if needed) which might tell us what’s going wrong.

Other bedwetting triggers 

You are probably wondering how you can tell if your dog is bedwetting. The first thing to do is take a look around and see what has changed in the household recently, this could be something as simple as moving into a new house or someone else coming home from work with their own pet that may cause stress on our furry friend.

 Next up would need to make sure there have been no strange noises going off late at night because these things might trigger some anxiety for them which causes bedwetting!

If none of those seem like they’re the culprit then it’s time for the next steps: crate training- This method seems cruel but dogs usually grow fond of their crates once they warm up to them after spending enough time inside one.


 Like most canine behaviors, why is my french bulldog peeing in his bed? this one could be due to a few different reasons. The first thing you should do is take your pup to the vet for a check-up. 

Aside from that, there are some things you can try at home before taking any drastic measures like dog discipline.  If he’s going potty on his own bed when left alone too long, make sure to give him plenty of exercise and playtime each day so he doesn’t get bored.

It may also help if you change up what type of surface he sleeps on every once in a while – dogs often have preferences for certain textures which they find more appealing to pee on so maybe change their bedding materials. 

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