Why Are My French Bulldog’s Nipples So Big?

You need not worry if you notice your Frenchie has large nipples than usual. Although it is more common in female Frenchie, your male Frenchie may sometimes have this experience. so Why Are My French Bulldog’s Nipples So Big?

Female Frenchies usually have this phase where their nipples become enlarged because of their heat cycle, they may be having puppies, or it can even be an allergic reaction to something they ate or something they chew on inside the house.

Why Are My French Bulldog's Nipples So Big?

They may even have allergies to the grass outside your home, causing their skin or abdominal area to flare. In particular, the nipples.

But it is always ideal to have some knowledge of why this happens, so you’ll know when you have to be suspicious and get your Frenchie checked by the vet.

First few days before and after your Frenchie’s heat cycle

Assuming that your dog is not spayed, it is just normal for her to have her heat cycle, and you will see some indications that your dog is also ready to get pregnant and eventually have puppies.

One physical change you will notice includes swollen nipples. This you will see before and after the heat cycle. Some dogs will have their nipples, returning to normal after their heat cycle, but some have enlarged nipples for a longer period.

Having enlarged nipples in the dog after her heat cycle is not a sign that she is pregnant, it may just be taking some time before her body adjusts to the changes in her body. However, if you notice something else with your dog and she seems sleeping most of the time, and her belly is getting rounder than usual, it may not be the extra snack you’ve given her, after all.

Swollen nipples when your Frenchie is pregnant

When your Frenchie suddenly becomes pregnant, and you haven’t seen her having her heat cycle, it must be a silent heat, in dogs. You may have noticed your female Frenchie getting chummy with your other male Frenchie.

But since there are no indications of your female dog having her heat cycle, and since you leave them alone most of the time, this must be the reason your female dog is now pregnant, and her nipples are showing all the signs.

There is also a false pregnancy (Pseudopregnancy or pseudocyesis) in French bulldogs, were signs of being pregnant manifest after her heat cycle. This happens to intact dogs and will suddenly show signs between six to eight weeks after their heat phase and can last for 2 to 3 weeks.

Your dog will manifest loss of appetite, lethargy, behavioral changes such as depression, swollen belly, and enlarged nipples.

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Swollen nipples because of bumps and impacts while playing.

Let’s face it, this is a possibility in Frenchies because of their giddiness and bouncy character. They love to jump and chase one another to the point of getting some bumps and hits to their body.

They can get off-balance and become too uncontrollable, and this may cause some injury or accident, including impact on the abdominal area where the nipples are located.

If you are suspecting this, you should inspect the area if there is any redness or presence of a wound.

Mammary gland infection in dogs

The mammary glands in dogs can get inflamed, and we also know this as mastitis. A bacterial infection is causing the nipples and the area around the nipples to swell.

There are various reasons this happens, such as inflammation caused by puppies (for the new dam) tugging on the nipples causing it to get irritated, itch, swell and get infected.

The nipples do not only swell, but it has pus discharge, and you will notice your Frenchie scratching and licking the infected part often.

Mastitis can be brought about by trauma, or even a dirty environment where your Frenchie frequent, can be the culprit.

Bacteria can enter the mammary gland of your Frenchie, and you should know the signs so you can help your Frenchie as early as possible.

Swollen nipples because of allergy

If we are to list the things that can be a cause of vet admission for your Frenchie, we will read that list for hours. One reason for vet admission is allergy.

Allergies are another reason for swollen nipples in your dog. It can be allergies from cleaning products that have harsh chemicals, the food that they eat, fleas and ticks, dust mites, mold spores, and even some medication.

It is also not impossible for your Frenchie to have an allergy to the new dog bed you purchased, and this may cause contact dermatitis. Some materials may cause their allergy flare, which drives them to itch and bite their nipples. You will also see them rubbing that part of their anatomy on the furniture, appliances, and rugs.

The more itching and scratching they do can lead to bleeding nipples, and this is a problem that you need to solve immediately. You can have them checked by the vet, so allergy meds will be provided, and some changes to the diet will be advised.

It is not wise to just wait out till the allergy disappears cause more often than not, the dog’s symptoms get severe.

Serious health conditions such as tumors or cysts

If you have ruled out everything that is written here, this is the next clue that you need to confirm. Lumps appearing on your Frenchie’s nipples may tell you something, and it needs immediate check-up by the vet.

However, there is a big chance that lumps appearing on your dog’s nipples may be benign and may not be something that you should cry about, but then again, it is best to rule out these issues.

Mammary tumors also commonly appear in dogs who are obese and those that are not spayed. When tumors are confirmed, the next step that your vet will advise is to have these tumors removed. It is not just one nipple they will remove, but most of the nipples depending on the scale of the tumor growth.

The above occurrence applies not only to female Frenchies, but male Frenchie also has issues of nipple enlargement. You don’t have to worry though, cause it is not because they are pregnant, so get that off your lists. Let us focus on some possibilities of why their nipples swell and become enlarged.

There is Hair Loss

You may not be aware that your Frenchie’s nipples may appear bigger, especially if you have them groomed and get that part of their anatomy more visible, if they don’t have lots of hair in that area, their nipples will appear larger. Hair loss can contribute to the appearance of larger nipples in your Frenchie.

Underlying health issues

Just like in female Frenchies, males can also have cancer, cysts, and tumors in the nipple area. You will notice the symptoms of reddening, palpation of lumps, and mass that you need to get checked by the vet. Your male Frenchie will start licking and scratching the nipple area. Pain, nipple discoloration, and pus discharge are not uncommon.

Wounds and Injuries to the nipple area

If your female Frenchies will run wild, at times, and seems to run in circles like crazy with the gang, imagine how a male Frenchie gets too happy and may get into an accident with his other dog companions. Frenchies get too excited, and they can sometimes get injured in the nipple area.

You will easily catch some changes in your Frenchie if they suddenly become lethargic, and when you pet them, they will get wary when you touch that area. Immediately inspect if there is any presence of wounds.

Why Are My French Bulldog's Nipples So Big?

Nipple inflammation and infection

Mastitis can also happen in male dogs and not just in female dogs who are nursing their pups. Same symptoms may occur, such as swollen nipples, pain, inflammation, plus the development of sores is not unlikely.

Your male dog will also show signs of lethargy and may not have an appetite for food and will not be interested to do his daily activities.

Once you have your Frenchie checked by his vet, he will begin his treatment and will be required to take antibiotics. The most common strain of bacteria that infects the breast and causes swollen glands in dogs is the Staph bacteria, but there are many dog medicine that can easily overcome this problem.

Observation is the key as well when you suspect any issues with your dog. Another thing that will help you gauge for anything wrong with your Frenchie is by petting them, plus rubbing their back and tummy (this is their favorite part of the day).

If your male dog or your female dog suddenly loses interest in their daily pursuits and when they don’t have time to chew on that tasty treat, something must be up.

If they suddenly growl when another dog gets near them, and they want to be left alone, it is time for you to worry as this may not be just a normal occurrence but something more serious.

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