Why you shouldn’t buy a French bulldog?

why you shouldn't buy a French bulldog?

When deciding about getting any breed of dog, you must take into consideration what type of dog breed will fit your family and possibly why you shouldn’t buy a french bulldog?

You cannot get an energetic dog that requires a lot of daily exercise if you are not enthusiastic about such activity and if your only known exercise is going near the fridge and opening its doors.

Getting a dog is an enormous responsibility that requires dedication and work. You must be willing and ready to handle being an owner of a dog – of whatever breed.

Now, if you are planning on getting a dog that is a small breed, there are a lot of dogs you can consider such as Beagle, a Chihuahua is another, then there is the Yorkshire Terrier, another breed that is also popular is the English Cocker Spaniel, Maltese, and even a Pinscher.

One breed that you must not consider buying is a French Bulldog, is this believable? Just humor us for saying so and find out as we further discuss the reasons.

They can be a stubborn breed.

So you are planning on getting a French Bulldog, but you are not sure what to expect with this dog breed. Be aware that Frenchies can be hard-headed and can be likened to a kid who wouldn’t listen.

It is just like telling a kid not to do something, only to find out that they will do it, anyway.

You think that they don’t understand what you are saying, but they are a very clever dog breed.

Training them at an early age is the key, so they will learn basic commands early on.

An owner requires a lot of patience and persistence to train this dog, and if you cannot handle them, there is always a professional trainer who can help you.

Some owners may find this characteristic adorable and funny, but for someone who doesn’t understand this dog breed, you may be in for surprises.

Don’t buy a French Bulldog, find one to adopt instead.

This dog breed is expensive. If you are not ready to shell out that much money, then better to find one from the shelter who needs some rescuing.

Be ready to scout some rescue centers until you find one that has a Frenchie that is up for adoption.

French Bulldogs are being brought to shelters that may need a new owner, and it may even surprise you to find out how loving shelter dogs are.

But, if you do have money to spend then you can find the best breeder there is that can give you a Frenchie that is just perfect for you.

Frenchies are an expensive breed.

Owning one requires you to shell out anywhere between a thousand to nine thousand dollars or more.

Maintenance is another, cause you need to spend more on vaccination, dog supplies, food, grooming, and veterinary check-up.

When you own a Frenchie, be ready and set aside a budget for them every month. French Bulldogs have health issues that require you to be ready for anything that may happen.

They won’t leave you alone.

Whether you are having some private time in the bathroom, you will see them taking a peek, and when you want to spend some alone time in front of the TV, this will not be possible when you have a Frenchie cause they will find your lap to cuddle on.

If they don’t see you for a few hours and you walk inside the room, you think that your Frenchie has gone crazy just seeing you are back as if you’ve been gone for an entire week. Well, that’s just them being their sweet and happy Frenchie self.

Don’t think that you will have the privacy you expect again unless you lock them outside the house. (Which is not something you wouldn’t do, of course.)

You may not have the time to exercise that much – again.

If you have a French Bulldog and you are thinking of getting them to exercise with you every day and have a run around the community, you may need to think twice about that.

Frenchies should not be exercised for a long time cause they tend to quickly overheat since they cannot regulate their body temperature like other dogs.

You should consider their small legs, and a half-hour to a full hour a day of exercise is enough for them.

Take note as well that when the weather is warm, they will tire quickly. If they began showing signs of tiredness or exhaustion, even if it is less than the time you take them out for exercise, let them rest and help them cool off.

Take note of the leash and collar that you will use on them cause they need to have something that will not weigh too much or anything that will make them uncomfortable and cause them to tire faster than usual.

They require company

Frenchies don’t want to be left alone for a long time. They tend to show separation anxiety if their owners are always out for the rest of the day, although there are other dogs with the same characteristic, Frenchies require your attention and a lot of love.

As long as there is someone with them staying in the house while you are away, they can tolerate not seeing you for most hours, but they will be happier if it is you they are with.

Frenchies will match an owner who works outside just for a few hours and stays most of the time at home, so this is a serious commitment for you.

It is believed that Frenchies love to have the companion of another dog, whether it is of the same breed or not, so this is something to consider when you are out a lot.

why you shouldn't buy a French bulldog?

They are not meant to be guard dogs.

If you are looking for a dog breed that will always be on the scout for anything that moves inside and outside your house, then this dog breed is not for you.

They will surely be on the lookout for anything that you are chewing, anything that you are cooking, or any item that smells good for them. So, you better be ready to give them something to chew on as well.

They are not skilled swimmers.

So, you are someone who loves the outdoors and one who loves swimming. You better get a dog that also knows how to stay afloat cause Frenchies just don’t have that ability.

Yes, they can stay afloat for a few seconds, and that’s it. Just don’t expect too much from this breed and especially them, swimming and floating just like you for long periods.

Some of them may show you some enthusiasm and can seize a few strokes, but be ready to catch them underwater when they start to sink.

Frenchies are a cute breed, but they are also helpless in bodies of water and require supervision.

They have their health issues.

Well, that is no news cause other breeds also have their health issues. But with this breed, the issue is with their flat-face and short snout characteristic, which makes them prone to breathing difficulty when they are doing strenuous activity.

They cannot cool themselves quickly enough compared to other dog breeds.

Other health issues include cherry eye, juvenile cataracts, and some autoimmune disorders.

They are also prone to allergies that may arise because of incorrect feeding, so they need specific dog foods.

It is always important to have them checked and get them vaccinated, so you can prevent some health issues before they arise.

If you are looking for an active breed of dog, a Frenchie is not the one for you.

French Bulldogs love to sleep, and they love to do this a lot. This may not be the dog you are looking for if you want a dog companion that will always bark or a dog that will always be alert.

You may find them playing with your kids one moment, and you can hear them snoring next, which is one of their comic traits.

When he is awake, that is the best time for you to bond with him, and so do your kids. Your Frenchie will surely follow you wherever you go – while he’s awake, that is. But otherwise, he will be in la-la land most of the day.

Your kids will surely be your Frenchie’s best friend fast.

You won’t have a problem with a French Bulldog if you have kids cause Frenchies can easily adapt to kids as they have the same traits of being playful, spirited, and lively.

They are a funny breed that tolerates boisterous laughter from kids, since this breed also has some funny moments up their sleeves – err – paws.

Frenchies can make kids and adults laugh because they have a quirky expression and traits, that make them an absolute clown. You and your kids will never have a dull moment anymore with a Frenchie around.

French bulldogs are not just adaptable dogs.

Frenchies are not just an adaptable dog, but also cool ones. French bulldogs are known to adapt to their family’s lifestyle and can be exceptional when they are outdoors too.

When you and your family bring him to enjoy fresh adventures, this dog will not be something you have to worry about.

They will sleep most of the time you are traveling and will not be a nuisance while you are on your trip.

If you are bringing them on a hike, make sure that you have the right gear for them and note the resting periods they require.

There is an issue with breeding this dog.

The reason this dog breed is expensive is that it is costly to breed them. Frenchies have difficulty with natural reproduction since the female Frenchies have a small and narrow hip, the male may have a hard time mounting them so it will take artificial insemination for the reproduction to happen.

Difficulty in giving birth will also arise, and your dog will require the help of a vet for a cesarian section. This will be costly for you, and you may need to be ready for further expenses.

Another thing that you need to be ready for is the hours of work to make sure that the puppies are well fed, and they are safe.

They can be messy

If you want an immaculate sofa and furniture, then don’t get a Frenchie. This dog breed tends to drool a lot and may accidentally dribble on your sofa.

This is also true when their body temperature is high, and their loose lip also causes frequent drooling to happen.

When this happens on your couch, it will need immediate cleaning cause you don’t want any drool drying up, especially on your fabric couch.

Frenchies also shed a lot of hair, contrary to what others believe that they don’t. You will deal with a lot of hair, especially during their shedding phase.

Just be ready to clean and brush away the dog hair from your furniture, so it will not be a normal design for your movables.

They are not a bit of an adorable breed- they are just simply lovable!

For Frenchie breed lovers, this will be an understatement. This breed will give you loyalty and love despite their small size, and you will have an amazing time for all the years you will have them.

There will be no sad moments when you are with them because from the time you see their goofy face in the morning, you will be happy the rest of the day.

They may have their health issues, and you might face some difficulties, but it will be a pleasant journey for the years you are together.

Frenchies will love their owners unconditionally and will bring forth their wonderful personality so they can make their owner’s lives amazing.

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