How To Know If Your French Bulldog Is Purebred?

I’m often asked how you can identify a purebred French Bulldog and how to distinguish a French bulldog from other similar dog breeds by just looking at them. If you’ve ever had second thoughts on if a french bulldog is purebred then here is a list of how to know if your french bulldog is purebred.

The first thing you need to understand is their overall appearance, their temperament, and distinguishing features that will give you and clear understanding of whether they are true French bulldogs.

How To Know If Your French Bulldog Is Purebred?

Identifying a French Bulldog by their Body

#1 Their size

Typically French bulldogs weigh under 30lbs and they are less than 13 inches in height, making them are pretty small dog breed

#2 Their ears

Purebred French bulldogs have clearly recognizable ears that are bat-like. If a dog you’re looking at doesn’t have ears that have wide bases and rounded tips that are clearly perky, it may not be a Frenchie. Also, this year it should not be very close together and should rest on top of their head purebred French bulldogs will certainly have clearly identifiable bat-like ears.

#3 Their eyes

The vast majority of purebred French bulldogs have especially dark, nearly black eyes. These are the most desirable eye colors among Frenchies, but it’s not uncommon for them to have a slightly lighter browner eye.

#4 They should be short tailed

Purebred French bulldogs are known for their short tails these Tails can either be screwed or straight but they’re always short. It’s also not uncommon for them to hang low below the dog’s back.

#5  overall build

French bulldogs have a very distinguishing build more often than not they have stocky short and well-rounded bodies they are usually pretty muscular and they could describe their gate as unrestrained and vigorous

Identifying a Frenchie by their coat

#1 Frenchies have short fur

Trademark French bulldog coats are smooth and short. The dog’s skin should be soft and loose and regularly forms in a wrinkle, especially around their shoulders or head.

#2 Coat color

The vast majority of purebred French bulldogs are identifiable by their light-colored coats. Most are cream or white, but it’s not uncommon to see a combination of these colors.

#3 Specific coat patterns

Although most Frenchies will have cream or white coats as a base color, you will regularly see their colors forms in specific patterns.

 Some of the most common patterns you see among Frenchies include White markings, black shading, black marks, and brindle.

Brindle is becoming increasingly popular and this pattern can range from an extremely high concentration where the base color is almost unidentifiable are a sparse concentration where you can clearly see me in the underlying color.

Identifying a Frenchie by their temperament

#1 Frenchies are affectionate

part of the popularity of the Frenchie is the fact that they are highly affectionate dog and find it very difficult to hide their affection for their owners and their families

#2 Level of alertness

Although French Bulldogs are one for being overly energetic, they’re usually very alert and attentive.

#3 High levels of patience

Another community distinguishing feature of a French bulldog is that unlike many small dog breeds, Frenchies have an abundance of patience. From a very young age, they are easy to train and remain calm when most dogs around them are jumping, biting, and barking.

#4 Very sociable

Another common trait among Frenchies is the fact that they are highly sociable animals. Whether they’re interacting with other dogs are new animals or people, they usually remain very well behaved, and they’re very adaptable to new environments.

#5 Laid back attitude

Similar to their social attitude, Frenchies are a very easy going breed of dog they rarely get over excited and take great pleasure in remaining calm and protecting their energy levels. Don’t mistake this for being lazy.

How To Know If Your French Bulldog Is Purebred?

How to distinguish a French Bulldog for similar breeds :

Bulldogs are increasingly popular pets, and because of this, there are several dog breeds that could easily be mistaken for French bulldogs. Rounding up the article, I will help you distinguish between a Frenchie and some comparable breeds.

English Bulldogs vs French Bulldogs

Both types of bulldogs share some similar characteristics, and it’s important to spot the difference between the two. Both have short fur, are muscular, and have a tendency to wrinkle. However, there’s an obvious difference in size as English bulldogs are much bigger weighing up to 23 kg. It’s also important to note that their ears are different they’re not that like they have a tendency to flop our fold down.

Boston Terrier vs French Bulldogs

One of the easiest breeds to confuse with a Frenchie as a Boston terrier. They are striking a similarity in some aspects of the Europeans however they do have some apparent differences. A purebred Boston terrier will stand taller than a Frenchie at up to 17 inches in height but French bulldogs are stockier and heavier. Also, Boston terriers are darker in color, either black seal or even brindle where is French bulldogs have a tendency towards cream fallen or white.

Pugs vs French Bulldogs

Both French bulldogs and pugs are wrinkly. They are toy dogs rather than working dogs, and they’re pretty small in stature. However, that’s where the similarities end. Frenchies are far bigger than pugs I probably will stand as roughly 10 to 12 in high and have folded ears they also have longer curly tails rather than short ones.

Pitbulls vs French Bulldogs

There are some clear distinguishing features between French bulldogs and American football terriers. People terriers can weigh up to 35kg, making them far and larger than a French bulldog. But both breeds have fine coats and I have a tendency to be a light gray-white or tan color.

I hope this article will prove helpful when you’re trying to learn how to identify a French bulldog

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