Why is my French bulldog shaking and panting?

Panting and shaking are two of the most common symptoms for dogs with anxiety. It can be difficult to tell if your dog is having a panic attack, or just hot from summer heat. There are some key signs that might help you figure out Why is my French bulldog shaking and panting?

Possible reasons why my Frenchie is shaking

There are a variety of reasons why French Bulldogs might shake or tremble. The most common reason is that they’re too cold, but there’s also the possibility that he/she is nervous, fearful, suffering from anxiety, or over-excited which can lead to shaking and trembling as well.

This could be caused by something else entirely like an illness such as Addison’s disease in dogs who suffer from certain illnesses, old age when their bodies start to shut down because it doesn’t have enough progesterone.

The weather and temperature

It might sound like a simple thing to do, but it can be the difference between your dog being miserable or not! If you take your French Bulldog for an evening walk on one of these cold days and notice him shaking from head to tail – invest in a coat. 

The fur they have is very short and doesn’t provide much insulation at all, so even if it’s just their body that’s exposed outside – don’t let them get too chilled up there either with some extra coverage beneath.

Why is my French bulldog shaking and panting?

The temperature of your house

Yes, we need to talk about this. The majority of the time your Frenchie is probably shaking and shivering because it’s too cold! I get you, dog people, that’s a really cute look but don’t worry there are some things we can do.

 Turn on or turn up your heating system if possible so they’re not left freezing for any longer than necessary and make sure to cover them in blankets as well, remember Frenchies have thin coats so even just partially covering their body will help out immensely with warming them back up again when needed — at least until summer comes around here then all bets are off!

Another easy way tell whether or not our four-legged friend needs more warmth is by gently touching the insides of their legs.

If you’re trying to keep your Frenchie warm, make sure they have a cozy bed or create an inviting space for them with blankets. They won’t take too long before warming up! If they start shaking as the result of being cold, give it time and its temperature will rise on its own – just check in every hour using the ear technique until then.

Being scared or nervous 

Your pup could be feeling frazzled, because there are many things that can make them nervous or scared. From a car ride to the vet or loud noises, this type of shaking usually only lasts for as long as what caused it.

Loud bangs and fireworks.

One of the best things you can do to keep your dog calm when fireworks are going off is not to make a fuss. You have to be careful, though if there’s lots of noise and bangs then it’ll only upset them more!

Make sure that you’re staying calm yourself (otherwise they might think something is wrong with their owner) and try distracting them by playing with toys or petting them. If one person stays at home while everyone else goes out celebrating this may work too as long as they know how other dogs in general react.

Thunder and lightning 

Thunderstorms are almost always scary. You should try to keep your pooch calm by remaining calm as well and distracting them when they grow anxious or shakey. One way is with touch – petting their head or rubbing behind their ears can be comforting for both of you.

Negative or horrible person

Dogs can be scared of some people, such as if they’ve been yelled at or hurt before. If your dog shakes when a particular person enters the room, make sure you know that this person has never frightened or upset your dog in any way – and keep an eye on them around other dogs too.

Of course, not everyone who makes our pup shake is guilty of hurting him/her, but just to play safe we need to watch out for anyone left alone with them.

Feelings of anxiety

The French Bulldog is a very delicate breed. They can shake from anxiety, or even just as general feeling! If you suspect your dog is shaking because it’s anxious, speak to the vet.

It could also be caused by a particular event – for example, if they are being aggressive and territorial around strangers in their own home. When examining them carefully (being cautious not to make them more agitated) lookout for signs of discomfort like panting- this might indicate that they’re stressed but there may be something else wrong too such as an injury which will need attention at the vets.

Other symptoms include refusing food and water when hungry or thirsty; drooling saliva constantly regardless of whether he has eaten recently, whining incessantly without stopping.

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Is my French Bulldog excited?

What if your French Bulldog gets too excited and starts shaking? It’s important to know that this might happen when they get really happy. They may shake after a walk, or while playing with you – but it can also happen at other times.

If their tail is wagging uncontrollably and they start acting like there’s nobody else around them – don’t be alarmed! This usually happens when the dog anticipates something fun happening soon.

Just sit down next to them until they calm down again, make sure not to move much yourself as then the puppy will tend just stay still waiting for whatever was making him so agitated in the first place.

Is My Frenchie in pain?

If your Frenchie is shaking and its none of the reasons above and you haven’t noticed anything that seems out of the ordinary, then they might be in pain so they need to see their vet sooner rather than later! Contact them and tell them what’s going on with your dog so they can help figure things out.


A Frenchie may be shaking and panting because they are ill and sick, There are a few different ways to work this out.

A pet thermometer

When you suspect that your French Bulldog is feeling unwell, it’s a good idea to get an accurate temperature reading. You can do this by using a pet thermometer! Follow the instructions carefully so as not to injure your pup and be sure to keep them hydrated and report to a vet if their temperature is too high.

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Other signs of illness

If your Frenchie doesn’t have a temperature check, it is drinking and eating but still shaking. If they are not doing either of those things then call the vet!

Dogs don’t always show symptoms that might be alarming to us because we can tell when there’s something wrong with them- sometimes just by looking at their general behavior or appearance.

French Bulldogs in particular may need some help regulating its body temperature if you notice any signs like being lethargic, panting heavily even after short walks outside on mild days, unusual licking around their mouth etc

Why is my French bulldog shaking and panting?


Poisoning can cause shaking, If you think your dog has been poisoned, don’t delay and get to the vet straight away. Symptoms can vary depending on what poison they have ingested so it is important not to wait for symptoms like vomiting or drooling. Signs of poisoning may also include breathing difficulties which could be fatal if left untreated.

Chocolate is a deadly toxin to our furry friends! If you suspect your Frenchie may have had chocolate then get to the vets asap.

Addison’s disease 

Many dogs have allergies to food or pollen, but the cause of Addison’s disease in these cases is unclear. It may be related to an autoimmune problem where a dog’s immune system attacks its own body for unknown reasons. 

There are many symptoms that can occur including shaking, depression, lethargy and lack of appetite as well as diarrhea and vomiting which happen when there is too much water loss through urination or defecation – low temperature also often occurs due to shock from dehydration caused by not drinking enough fluids like pre-made canned foods with chicken broth added.

These symptoms should make you go visit your vet if you’re worried about it just because they could mean different things!

My french bulldog is shaking, Could it be old age?

Sometimes it happens when we get old and it can also happen to a dog. As dogs get old, they will have problems that manifest as physical shaking.

One of the most common symptoms is joint pain which could result in an increased likelihood for your pet’s body to shake or tremble while walking on hard surfaces such as pavement.

However, don’t assume all instances are related solely due to age! If you’re constantly exercising them by taking walks too often then this may be causing more harm than good because after certain ages their joints cannot handle strenuous exercise and need time off from long-distance trips outside just like us humans do.


There are many reasons why French Bulldogs shake and shiver, most of which have innocent causes. You can usually tell if the cause is just a bit naughty with some clever canine behavior – but make sure you’re aware of all the common-but-dangerous symptoms to ensure that your Frenchie doesn’t needlessly suffer any more than they already do.

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