Your Guide to Treating French Bulldog Bumps under Fur

French bulldog bumps under fur

If you are worried about your French Bulldog contracting a bunch of bumps or similar skin issues, you’re not alone. Dozens of dog-owners face a similar plight and are left wondering for the right solution. In this article, we aim to address some of these common doubts and questions about French bulldog bumps under fur. We’ve also listed some potential solutions to make things easier for you.

So, if you’re looking to keep your furry friend healthy and happy, here’s everything you need to know.

Why Does My French BullDog Have Pimples?

Even before we try to figure out the right solutions for addressing these skin rashes, it’s first important to understand why they happened in the first place.

One of the biggest causes here may be environmental reasons. Perhaps your Frenchie is allergic to dust or any other pollutant. Maybe they contracted the pollutant while on a walk or playing outside.

Other probable causes may be related to their overall hygiene. Frenchies hate taking baths and this major hygiene issue often leaves them with skin problems like pimples under their fur. Deficiencies in food intake can be yet another problem.

While feeding your pet, make sure the meal is nutritious and balanced. If you are unsure about something consult your vet to check if the meal is indeed ideal for your furry buddy.

You should also refrain from using cosmetic items on your dog because it is yet another cause of skin issues like rashes and pimples. Other causes include bacterial problems and imbalance in their hormonal systems.

As Frenchie grows up, they experience a similar plight as humans: pimples. Many Frenchies get pimples and acne during the formative years of their lives. You can easily identify them as white, red, and black bumps.

If you cannot spot the pimple but still find your bulldog rubbing their head or any other portion of their face on the carpet or the mat, it may be indicative of a skin problem. Do not ignore such behavior and consult a vet immediately. Unless you get proper and timely treatment, these small pimples can take a bigger shape causing a lot of pain and inflammation.

Tips to Solve My Frenchie’s Pimple Problem

As a concerned pet, treating your French Bulldog’s pimple issue is probably the first thing on your mind. So, in this following section, we will share a bunch of tips that will help you get started in this regard:

Conduct a Hormonal Test

In case your bulldog has fairly oily skin, one of the first things to do is assess their hormones carefully. Very often, bumps are the first stage of a bigger problem and are often followed by complex skin issues and dandruff. That is why your first action item would be to invest in a quality medical shampoo.

Make sure this shampoo treats fungal infections relating to Malassezia. For the initiated, this is one of the biggest contributors to dermatitis and other skin infections in dogs.

Invest in a Quality Shampoo

As previously stated, one of your best solutions would be to get quality shampoo. Try to get something with plenty of herbs designed to treat itches, inflammation, among the many other forms of skin issues. Make sure your shampoo has tea tree oil/aloe vera or both. The soothing properties of these ingredients will help heal the inflammation, keeping your dog comfortable and soothed.

In case you cannot find such shampoos, try to go for a product with coconut oil. This is yet another affordable and effective option, specially designed to treat acne and other skin problems.

Finally, if you think the issue is graver than it appears, consider getting an antibiotic shampoo. These shampoos are extremely effective in decimating bacteria, thereby eliminating your problem in the long run.

Check Their Hygiene

Just like humans, proper hygiene is imperative for dogs. So, as a foundational step to address this problem, try to improve and enhance their current lifestyle. If you find large amounts of sebum from your pup’s skin, immediately consult a vet for specialized plans of treatment. You may also need to arrange an extended shampoo bath periodically.

Clean Their Folds

French bulldogs come with multiple folds. But although they look cute, as your pup’s parent, it’s crucial to check and clean those folds from time to time. That is because the folds are one of the biggest breeding areas of germs as they keep tapping in excess dirt, crumbs from food, and several other dirty elements.

To make sure your pump is clean, always try to treat their folds gently with a soft cold cotton cloth or a baby wipe. Once you’re done, add cornstarch or pup-friendly powder to dry out the extra moisture.

Blood Panel Tests

At times, your pup needs to undergo allergy panel tests. These tests are designed to identify the root cause of the skin inflammation problem. You may also be recommended to add new proteins to your pup’s diet including (but not limited to) duck meat or other forms of raw meals.

Acne Creams

Depending on the intensity of the pimple problem, you might want to consider Acne creams for your pumps. There are plenty of dog-friendly acne solutions that are geared to treat red and white bumps. Their working mechanism is almost similar to acne creams for us humans.

Once you apply the solution, they will gradually dry the pimple and speed up the healing process. Avoid getting creams with high zinc content as they may be lethal for your French bulldog. Although zinc-based acne creams are excellent for humans, in dogs, they end up damaging the red blood cells, eventually resulting in a cellular explosion.

Bottom Line

French bulldogs are the nicest pets if you give them what they need: care and attention. Do not ignore skin issues on your dog and if you spot bumps, try to report the same immediately. Since we have already listed some of the best solutions to address this issue, we hope you have an easier time treating these skin issues. Until then, take care of your dog, and don’t forget to vaccinate them at the right time!

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