Why Is My Purebred French Bulldog So Big?

Not many love to raise a big dog. Big dogs take a lot of living space, eat a lot, need more exercise, and might risk stranger to injuries. But, the ultimate reason is living with big dogs inside the house might be difficult especially if the interior isn’t so spacious.

Purebred French bulldogs are popular as pets because owners can raise them anywhere; inside a caravan, in an apartment ( which allows pets), a house, and other places where people usually live. People like these furballs because they’re quirky, affectionate, smart, and – above all else – small.

Though usually small, French bulldogs get big – too big for their own good and their owner’s good sometimes. So why is my purebred french bulldog so big? Let’s talk about some of the reasons here.

Why Is My Purebred French Bulldog So Big?

If you do find your Frenchie on the large size this could be down to genetics, diet or digestion. We do recommend ALLER IMMUNE BITES to help with digestion and overall health.

What Is The Standard Size of Purebred French Bulldogs?

Purebred french bulldogs don’t grow larger than 11 or 12 inches. Males weigh 20 – 28 pounds when fully grown, and females weigh 16 – 24 pounds.

Allow us to share the characteristics of ideal top-of-the-line purebred french bulldogs, which AKC set :

  • Head – has a square shape and is broader than the shoulders
  • Eyes – dark, faded dark, or gray in color. Also, sit on the frontal part of the skull and 1 – 2 inches below the forehead and the ears. Eyes must be apart by 2 – 3 inches
  • Ears – resemble’s that of a bat. In simpler terms, the ears have a narrow top and broad base. Must not fold or drop even if left untouched.
  • Muzzle – broad and laid back. Doesn’t have folds or cause folds which cause problems in eating and breathing
  • Flews – black, broad, and hangs meeting with the lower lip to cover the teeth
  • Body – Short and robust. The neck is well arched, thick, and laid back. The belly is slightly bulging. Chest and shoulders broad but not broader than the head.

Watch out for the above characteristics when buying or adopting a French bulldog. Also, remember that this breed doesn’t reach 30 pounds when in healthy condition. Let’s cut to the chase and discuss why your french bulldog is big.

High-Calorie Diet

No matter which breed, obesity makes dogs gain weight and in effect, bulk up. Of course, nothing is more notorious at causing obesity than a high-calorie diet comprising of treats like bacon, eggs, fries, sausages, sweet treats like cookies and biscuits, milk, and tripe.

If your french bulldog unusually bulked up all of a sudden and gained an additional 10 or 15 pounds within a month, think about the meals that you provided recently and see if they make use of foods high in calories.

Obesity is very problematic if it’s what makes your purebred french furbaby very big. Diabetes, hip dysplasia, skin disease, constipation, hypertension, overheating, degeneration of joints, and urinary bladder stones are some of the health problems that it might have to face.

Foods That Help French Bulldogs Lose Weight

Give 10 slices of baby carrots, which you have boiled to perfection. Baby carrots contain a lot of fiber. With it as part of the diet, your french bulldog can satiate its hunger quickly even it doesn’t eat too much. Don’t worry, baby carrots are sweet and savory, so your french bulldog won’t have trouble eating it.

Green beans are as great as baby carrots. You can give them as doggie treats in place of crackers, which are often full of sugars and eventually cause weight gain. Though good for weight loss, remember that you shouldn’t rely on green beans alone as it lacks some essential nutrients for dogs.

Dogs can’t leave on veggies alone. Meats are part of the diet too. Options that reduce the weight and size of your purebred french bulldog are tuna, livestock muscle meats, and livestock organ meats.

Your French Bulldog Isn’t… Purebred (Ouch)

There’s only one in a million chance for a purebred french bulldog to be bigger than usual. So, the big french bulldog might not be purebred if it’s unusually big than its peers. Please don’t get angry at us, bark on the breeder where you bought it instead.

Many breeders tell clients that a particular dog is purebred even though it isn’t. This is a modus that many had fallen to before. In the case of french bulldogs and other dogs breeds, the only way to know if it’s purebred or not is to research how purebred dogs should look like. If not, then that’s money down the drain.

If you don’t want breeders to foo you next time into buying an “alleged” purebred french bulldog next time, here are some things that you can do:

  • ask for papers showing the pedigree or lineage of the french bulldog in the last 5 years.
  • only buy from AKC or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certified dog breeders.

Your Purebred French Bulldog Is Born To Be Big

Earlier, we said that there is only one in a million chance for a purebred french bulldog to be unusually big. The case is, your french bulldog might be that “one” in a million. Simply put, its genes might have anomalies. With that said, being big is your french bulldog’s innate characteristic and there’s nothing left to do about it.

Puppies Are Coming

Is your french bulldog a female and is it pregnant? During pregnancy, french bulldogs gain 15% – 20% more weight. Therefore, if your french bulldog is expecting puppies, it becoming big is perfectly fine.


Purebred French bulldogs aren’t big. However, if the one that you’re owning right now suddenly bulks up, the first thing to do is adjust its diet.

Assume that your french bulldog is a mongrel if dieting doesn’t work. If you’re sure that it’s purebred, then genetic anomalies are another probable assumption.

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